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Strength & Stamina: Killer Travel Workout!

Equipment: Resistance Band

This killer workout can go anywhere you go because all you need is a resistance band & your body! Cat leads you through a circuit of 45 second strength drills and cardio bursts. The end result is massive fat burn and plenty of lean body mass! Awesome stretch at the end leaves you feeling… completely amazing!

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User Photo 22713

Hey Cat..I’m so glad this one came up in my was good to put my resistance band to some use..loved the sets and the format..nice one..cheers.!!

Did this one in a very small Paris apartment with a Resistance band a bear skinned rug! Love being able to workout when I’m away from home!
Heather W.

User Photo 1123

FFS #2 of the week..#11 for the program. Day 6 of my 8 day trip. Very happy these travel workouts are here and that I packed my band. This one was tough but really great total body workout Cat! Thanks:)

Did this in my small hotel room and loved being able to workout while traveling. The band work really did the trick and the cardio was killer! Love the options for when I’m away from my beloved bike.
Heather W

User Photo 766

Packed my resistance band and got it done on vacation. Nothing like getting your sweat on under a perfectly blue sky on Cape Cod. No excuses! Thanks for a great travel workout, Cat.

Woo hoo!!! Guess who’s back to torment you!! Ooops. I take that back. Forgot what your workouts are like. Luv yuh Cat. Have an awesome day!!

User Photo 8

I knew something was missing! Welcome back Phil. Filming a SpinSculpt tonight that I just wrote. Can’t wait! See ya on the bike!

For sure! I’ll be on it huffing and panting like the wolf in 3 little pigs. I’m so out of shape now it’s not funny. BTW I’ve got my TRX Force set up as well. Yippee!!

User Photo 227

That was a definite challenge!! Thank you for this type of workout! You hit it all and tuck jumps to boot – evil haha!

I was keen to do this since you posted on the vlog and as always not disappointed. Gave a shout on to MFP friends about this one like always as a few ask about my workouts and where they can get them. Spreading the SSOD love 🙂