Carve it Up: Back & Chest

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Carve it Up - Back & Chest body sculpting exercises with free weights

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    Time to tackle some of the best Back Exercises and battle bra fat with this Chest Toning Workout. And, you’re going to love the results because this killer Back and Chest workout can seriously change the look of your upper body. How? Well, sculpting the back and chest make the biggest impact on your body’s north side because they’re the biggest muscle groups in your upper body!

    The format is simple with two 9 minute strength circuits and a short halftime “break”. Just push play now to Carve it Up!

    *Don’t forget to warm up! See below for warm-up options*

    Warm-Up Option #1
    Cat’s 12 Minute Warm Up Spin:

    Warm-Up Option #2
    20 Jumping jacks
    20 Bodyweight Squats
    20 Alternating forward lunges
    20 arm circles- 10 large / 10 small
    Repeat 2-4 times

    Warm-Up Option #3
    Set a timer for 30 seconds for 10 rounds
    1. Jog in Place
    2. Butt kickers
    3. Squats
    4. Mountain climbers
    5. Push ups
    Repeat twice for a total of 5 mins

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

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    Here's what people said about “Carve it Up: Back & Chest”

    User Photo 19599

    Wow that was a great class Brian…struggling to type this with jelly arms! Did Cat’s 12 minute warm up spin before your class and it made for a fab sweaty workout – thanks!

    I love these short and to the point lifting workouts! They’re perfect for busy days or to tack on to a longer cardio/lifting session. Bonus: I can involve the kids if I don’t get up early enough in the morning to work out alone! 🤪 Thanks, Brian!

    Loved this! Love targeting body parts really great format. Even liked the half time show, lol! And always your sense of humor and coaching!

    User Photo 20389

    SSNY 2018 ~ week 5 #5…. very tricky sneaking those burpees into the workout…. they were super “fun”.. Thanks for a good toner before I go on vacation!

    User Photo 326

    Whoot, Whoot!! Awesome class!! Love an arm focused class for when legs are fried. Great music, great workout. I paired this with AJ’s life spin this morning 🙂

    User Photo 35916

    SSNY2018w5#21 I went heavy this time, Brian, as you suggested! I’m gonna be sore tomorrow! Loving it! Thank you.

    User Photo 47

    Holy cow batman! My upper body is now jello. Love going heavy. Thanks for pushing us Brian and the extra push myself to go heavy. I tried and succeeded!

    User Photo 22713

    Hey Brian.. That was an excellent 20 minute workout buddy.. So tough but oh so worth it.. Thank Again.. for all that you do for us.!!