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30 Minute Spin March 5, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

I’m not gonna lie, once we’re through a short warm up, it’s all business in this 30 minute-ish ride. I figure if that’s all we can get in then we better not waste a second, ya know. So I broke the ride into 2 sets to mentally make it reasonable. None of this stopping between songs business. You get one quick break… Use it wisely. The goal set early on is to see who can be the first one to break a SWEAT. So, let that be your challenge. Then keep it goin’ and flowin’. I think I started to feel that LIQUID AWESOME at minute 5. You? Comment below.

The music is pretty sick in this class btw. Motivating and mindful.

Dig Down Deep,


*Don’t forget to stretch!*

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