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best 20 minute workout to burn fat Energy, Endurance, Efficiency

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20 Minute Cycle: Energy, Endurance, Efficiency.

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Want to know the best 20 minute workout to burn fat and build lean body mass? Well you’re looking at it right here, because in this just over 20 minute Spin class, it’s all about the 3 Es: Energy, Endurance, and Efficiency! We’ll start with a lighter resistance and a quick pace to get the blood circulating. After that, you’ll find yourself completely captivated by Miriam’s contagious attitude as she guides you through a series of cycling jumps, Tabata sprints, hill climbs, and more. We’ve got 20 minutes friends – let’s break a sweat.

*Don’t forget to stretch!*

Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

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