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TRX Cardio: Drive to 45!

Equipment: TRX®

Are you ready to Drive to 45 with the best TRX Total Body class Beast Mode Brian’s ever taught!? I mean it combines the body sculpting benefits of TRX with major calorie-torching cardio for a fun, full body meltdown!

We’ll focus on challenging every body part, with variations for most TRX exercises to increase or decrease the intensity level. That’s right, this is YOUR workout, and the beauty of TRX is that your body is your resistance tool. So crank that intensity up or down as wanted. Let’s do this.

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This is a great all-body TRX/cardio workout! Brian gives a lot of different options to make the exercises harder or easier. Yeah!

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Drive to 25 – #7 this is a favorite of mine and Brian I was visiting Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard so used this as a work out! Thought is was fitting since I was close Boston!

HW2019 #6 YEA, this is now my favorite TRX. The first time I looked at my watch I was already 29 minutes into it. thanks

14MDM this was a tough class for me today but I ended it feeling better than when I started. Thanks, Brian!!

This was my very first class w studio sweat on demand and Brian delivered! Awesome class – and thank you Brian for being so encouraging and inspirational! Loved every minute of it.

MM2019-Brian is one of my favorite trainers for sure. You are so real which makes me enjoy your class that much more!!

Loved this class!! I did swear at the burpees🤣🤣 I know they are so good for me, but I do not like them…..😩

Great workout! I don’t have a TRX, but I couldn’t pass up a new class from Brian, so I modified by following along using dumbbells and resistance bands. For the cardio bursts, I got on the bike. It was awesome!! I went heavier than I typically do….used 15s and 20s… a bit slower and more controlled. Will definitely be sore tomorrow. In a good way! Loved it!! Thanks Brian!! And I agree with everything you said about AJ!! 🙂

Yes, more TRX please!! Been doing it at home by myself and it’s so much better when someone else tells me what to do and picks the music! My daughter AJ (Abigail Joy, 5.5 months) was rolling around on the floor and joined in on the plank sets!!!

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Such a great workout. Burning muscles and lots of sweat. and as always such a fun attitude and plenty of laughs. Thanks for the shout out too!

Absolutely flew by which is my universal test of a good class… Great that we kept a lot of the cardio still on the straps as really helps me with quality plyo. Let’s keep the TRX sessions coming. Thx Brian for quality coaching throughout.

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Awesome as always! Great TRX class. I especially loved the roll out variation. You are so great Brian and so encouraging and I just love how you took the opportunity to boost AJ. She really is so awesome also!! Truly world class trainers at SSOD

Just watched this class to see what I might be getting myself into and I love it sitting and watching,,,,might not have so much love when I get it on,,,,Great work Brian and AJ was an extra bonus,,,Thanks!!!

Such a fabulous, fun and sweaty class. Love a new TRX addition to the library- the added cardio was such a bonus to keep the HR up. Brian is really a favorite trainer.
Heather W

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That was one of THE best TRX classes ever!!!! I also love that I was right there with AJ trying to keep up!!!! Love love love!!! Your stories and sense of humor are second to none!!! I always crack up at your big head stories!!! On a side note, we (my husband and myself) got our Super Bowl t-shirts…the slogan is “Still Here!!” Only when the Giants aren’t playing, my husband can bribe me to wear one for the Super Bowl party!!! Wearing it with pride!!! The guy walks his pitbull in a pet carrier during a snow storm!!!

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I must add one more thing…..we live to poke fun at our son!!! We’ve wrapped him up in shrink wrap around a pole and convinced him that it was his idea LOL!!!! The foundation joke was something we would do!!!

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That was awesome! Loved your comments and encouragement throughout, and especially in the stretch when you mentioned how bad the “pollens” were in the theatre when you saw A Star Is Born! Agreed!