TRX Sculpt June 30, 2013 | Studio SWEAT onDemand

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TRX Sculpt June 30, 2013

Equipment: Dumbbells / TRX®

TRX®Sculpt with intense intervals & quick cardio bursts. Your legs, buns & shoulders are gonna feel this one! Hate her now, but thank Trainer Brooke later! Finish with 8 minutes of Tabata style Atomic Push-ups/Mountain Climber combos, plus more core crushing abs. Pure craziness!

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User Photo 16734

Love this so much! Everything about it. The format was awesome. The variety was perfect! I’m sweating buckets!!! Great way to start the day!!!!

User Photo 45

My hammies are feeling it already. The first set of one legged squats, I thought, no way. But by the second, I was in the groove. Thanks Brooke!

Drive to 25
Luv this routine. I don’t own a trx so I make some adjustments. I like to solid leg exercises, high rep and the burn i have on the back of my shoulders & abs. Differently a favorite

User Photo 120

How did I miss this one!?

No excuses day today. 35 degrees C outside? Have to supervise some tweenies in the pool? No worries, jump in your bath suit and take that TRX outside and be the bossest Mom on the block :).

A few quick dips in the pool between sets and it is all good!