Full Body TRX & Sculpt Workout! - March 13, 2016

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TRX Sculpt March 13, 2016

Equipment: TRX®

Keep your core engaged and feel the entire body firm up as you challenge your workout by combining TRX and weight training, along with timed interval sets. Guaranteed to keep your heart rate pumping, and you’ll be burning extra calories while you’re doing intense full body conditioning and toning. Plus you can’t help but love trainer Sharon’s southern accent guiding you through this killer full body workout. Have fun!

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I really enjoyed the slower pace of this, slow and controlled with plenty of time to transition without feeling rushed. the movements were fantastic, great balance of upper and lower work. Nice job Sharon! Strongly recommend for a long burn workout! It was definitely challenging and the sweat scale is spot on!

I love these oldie but goodie trx sculpt workouts but wondering why there havent been any new 1hr trx cardio or sculpt in quite a long time. More pls!

Drive to 25! Sharon, this is one of my favorites. I love how you lead the class and all the great reminders. This is number 6 or 7 of my second week!

Awesome class, I agree with others that especially for a TRX newbie I appreciated not too many complicated switches with the straps. Great simple strength/sculpt that let my muscles burning! Hope you film some more classes for us!!!!

That was my second attempt at a TRX class and this one I actually finished!!! It was perfect for a beginner! A perfect pace as it usually takes me a minute to get my positioning right and this allowed for that and the ability to still get in the reps. AWESOME!!

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I agree with Sharaya, I like that there wasn’t too much switching on the floor positions! Did this one last week and liked it so much, I did it again this week!

I really like that there wasnt too much switching positions on the floor TRX portion. It still takes me a while to get in and out lol Great class!!

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This class was a great way to close my BSP tough week! You have a lot of breaks and you work all muscles but you are not dying at the end! I think this could be a great option for those who are new to TRX or for the new bigginers workouts.. Nice to see a new face 😉

Loved it, Sharon! Great combos, kept the class moving along. Really liked the stretch at the end. I think you’re now one of my trainer favorites. Whooo hoo!