TRX Cardio February 22, 2015 | Studio SWEAT onDemand

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TRX Cardio February 22, 2015

Equipment: TRX®

This one is gonna feel oh so good… when you’re done. Ha! Really though, every muscle you own will likely be sore! Each super-set has 3 exercises each done 3 times. Combine that with a 3 min cardio burst in between each super-set and you know what happens? One heck of a killer calorie burn, along with a SOLID BODY! The back gets a lot of love in this one… who doesn’t want a chiseled back??? But don’t worry, we give a little extra to the hamstrings and obliques too. Actually, really no muscle is forgotten in this hour of pure insanity. So go grab your TRX® strap and get it done!

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Love this class! Combining my fave TRX with some cardio – finish it feeling like you have worked every part of your body! Only grumble is we need more like this on the site to take!

Mere wowwowowowo that burns i mean burns! Outstanding, I’d call it more of a sculpt than a cardio even though first half was cardio second half more of a sculpt and what an amazing sculpt. Shoulder & back section I had to pause twice cuz my muscles were in such a fire they had to break. Tris fried and thank you very much plus hamstrings are finished. Calling it quits today after a little more stretching. I planned on doing another hour but I got some muscles that are done for the day. Luv ya girl!

Haven’t done this one since it first came out. I don’t know why, it is a masterpiece. Great workout. I’ll be coming back to this one for my trx weekly. Thanks Mere, you are top notch.

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Hey gif!!! Starting my week early with this amazing workout, and so happy because you know the hamstring work feels right!! My form is better than before and I feeling It in the right places!! You where so right!!! Thank you !!! Btw I loved the music. Have a great Sunday ?

Great class! Love Mere’s energy and enthusiasm! Second time around and still tough. Will have to try it again and see if the surfer move and atomic push-ups get any easier!

Fantastic class, Mere W! Loved every minute from warm-up to stretch and 4 hours later my muscles are still fatigued. This one’s going to hurt tomorrow, but that’s just the way I like it. Definitely adding this to my favorites!

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That was Amazing Mere!!! Loved every painful minut!!!! The core work is getting better but I need to work on the hamstring work agains my door!!! That is a treaky one!! Great music as always!!!! This goes straight to my favorite list!!! 🙂

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Thanks Silvia! Hope I explained the Pendulum theory well enough for you…..yeah the hamstring work is where you really see how much harder it is when the TRX is up against the door. But the good thing is….you will just get stronger each time you work on it! You’ll be doing more & more reps in perfect form in no time!

Mere, this was a really fun class. Loved the surfing type move. Still love your personality and the energy you bring to your classes. Thanks for a great workout. Music was great too.