One of the Best TRX® HIIT Workouts Online: TRX® Effects

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best TRX HIIT workouts online TRX® Effects

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TRX Effects

Equipment: TRX®

This fast-paced full-body workout brings out two of our fave fit tools – TRX straps and our very own body. Why do we love ‘em? Both are easy to transport (bring your straps and this downloadable class to a tree in the forest if you like!), it is simple to adapt (based on your fitness level), and that TRX Effect – your whole body, especially that core, gets in on the work with every move. And this is one of the best TRX HIIT workouts online to really push yourself. You’ll get to work the straps from all angles and can really challenge yourself, knowing you’ll get an active-recovery bodyweight exercise in the line-up just when you need it most. So, hang up those straps and HIIT it!

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LOVE LOVE. More TRX please. Great work on planning the program and flow. Much appreciated the logic and not having to switch straps every exercise. Smart cues.

#SSODRUNTO21 I loved this class! Good news, you kicked my butt! Better news I hung in there! I did manage to laugh at your jokes too! Thank you! Until next time. 😊

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Rebecca! Where have you been?! Missed ya. Love love love this TRX! Loved how you never stopped loving and can’t wait for the next. Partnered it with some cardio after and feeling great!

User Photo 45

Can’t wait to take my TRX and this class to the woods this summer! For today, the basement did just fine. This is non-stop sweaty fun. Thanks Rebecca.

Yeah Rebecca! What a great all around workout. Tons of variety – really well thought through in terms of flow – 50% TRX 50% body weight alternating so you get to fully achieve every move. No rest! You have to be quick on some of the TRX adjustments but you can always pause. Really enjoyed it after a 30 min spin as well – fab workout, thank you!