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    TRX Cardio: Tabata Time!

    Tabata style full body core driven strength, coupled with powerful plyometric cardio bursts are a perfect match to build a lean, sculpted body. If you can’t jump, no worries… Trainer Dustin gives modifications so that anyone with a TRX® strap can experience, what I would consider, one of the best TRX® workouts I’ve EVER seen! Go get it!

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    TRX Cardio April 4, 2013

    How does one workout that has TRX® Core Training, Cardio Blast Fat Frying Tabata sets, AND HIIT drills sound? Scary good, right! Well here it is so grab that TRX® strap (that’s all you’ll need) and conquer this powerful workout with Studio SWEAT trainer, Dustin, and crew! Finish the hour with good ol’ Burpees, but if you have time, you get to wrap it up with 10 minutes of ‘love that body’ stretching. Ahhh… So nice.

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    Bootcamp: Boot Camp Blast

    Compound movements? Check. Cardio blasts? Check. Full body torching? Check. Take it inside or to the great outdoors as Dustin wraps 2 minute cardio blasts around killer, diverse super sets boot camp style! You’ll get sweaty & a little dirty! Bring it!