Stretch & Restore April 20, 2017

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    This stretch and restore includes familiar athletic stretches, and has an emphasis on deep breaths, long holds, and settling into position. This will ensure the full lengthening of the muscles, as well as the loosening of the joints to assist in relaxation and recovery.

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    Thanks for this stretch and restore Class Elli..for me it was the perfect length..and it really helped after a tough Rebecca spin/core..nice one thanks.

    Wow,thats exactly what I needed after 10 hrs sitting behind a desk all day, followed by one of Cat’s Spin classes!! Thank u!

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    Thanks for the stretch and restore classes! These are perfect after Spin and are the perfect time…not too long….so I will do them….I appreciate this addition…good class.

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    I was so sore from yesterdays killer spin/core with brian and today’s HIIT with Cat – the perfect remedy – stretching! That felt awesome……

    MM2017 Week 1 Stretch #1. I really needed that Eli! Thank you, I feel so much better after that Stretch. I do not do this enough.

    MM2017- Love these stretch and restore classes. I can’t believe what I have been missing. My husband who golfs all the time did this one with me and also really enjoyed it.

    MM2017 – I was really sore from my workouts yesterday, after taking a rest day today this stretch felt GREAT to loosen everything up!

    classes are wonderful but nothing plays all the way through, every class pauses or just plain stops playing very frustrating

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    Done. I’m back for more. The 45 second length is so good for relaxing into every stretch. Thank you Elli.

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    Drive to 25 #3. Love these stretches and the long holds. I can actually feel the muscles slightly loosening up with the long holds. Incredible playlist for this type of class. Thanks Elli!

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    Drive to 25 : #2 of 25! Thanks for the amazing stretching Ellie! Just what my legs needed! They’re definitely fatigued and I don’t give them enough love. You need to do another recorded stretch and restore class!

    Drive to 25 – I had to try out this class because my body is tight. I hope I can move a little easier now.

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    Drive to 25 – 19 – worked from 7:00 AM to 10 PM Thursday. Short breaks doing some yoga/stretch got me through. I forgot to comment due to the long day and I turned the page in my log. Elli’s calm voice got me through a rough day.

    Drive to 25. That felt so good. I’ve got IS joint issues and this is just what the dr ordered today. Thanks Elli!

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    “Drive to25” – # 80..Yay’s been a while since I did this Class..and I’m so glad I’s an amazing stretch & Restore Class that works the whole body..thanks again.!!

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    “Drive to25” – # 92..Thanks again Elli..this is fast becoming my go to stretch & restore’s the perfect length with lots of time in each stretch to really feel the benefits..thank you.

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    “Drive to 25” – # 113..Elli..I have to say this is my all time favorite stretch & restore..the moves for me are perfect
    .thank you so much.!!

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    Drive to 25 #25. A lovely way to tie up the challenge…with relaxing music and stretches that are held nice and long to reap the benefits. This is one of my favorite feel good classes! Thanks Ellie!

    SSNY2018 Week 2 #3 – been trying to get outside with this little bit of nice weather. Stretch is always a good addition though.

    Elli, Ive been doing this stretch & restore 4-5 x/wk, usually after a spin or spin/sculpt class and I love it. I can definitely see progress in my flexibility. And it seems to help me sleep better too. Thank u!!