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StraightUp Spin January 11, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Think about a ride sort of designed based on easing your way back into cycling. I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s not. I’m saying it’s a reintroduction to the basics, which we could all use sometimes. A softer warm-up than normal is followed by some shorter road rides. We kick it up a bit with some serious speed and move back into stronger flat road riding. Everything culminates with an incredible 8-minute climb complete with three standing-maximum assaults. If you slowly ramp your way up to this point and then stretch your limits, you’ll be amazed at how powerful and accomplished you’ll feel!

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Mike, I do this class every January to get me going. It is fantastic both in terms of the music and the way the class eases you in and gets you going for the new year. 2020 ‘Do not yield’.

Drive to 25…. For me, Mike’s music is the best. I always feel like I am riding outdoors with him. I absolutely love his music.

Just flew home from Paris on spring break- after sitting cramped up in coach for 8+ hours, what better to do than ride and sweat?! Thanks for helping me feel human again.
Heather W

User Photo 22830

Awesome combined with Bethany’s weight session. Great way to conclude the weekend and gear up for the first April week!

User Photo 22713

Hey Mike that was a masterclass in cadence and it ..especially that last 8 minute climb..ouch..that builds endurance for sure..nice one Mike .loved it!!

Going back through the old classes. Good one. Mike, your classes and music seem to have a rhythm that works for me. Mark

Just done this class again to kick start 2017. This is the best class to get you moving again and by the time you’re hitting the 8 minute hill at the end you will be flying. Thanks Mike for this all time classic class. Do not yield ! Happy 2017.

Zen Master Mike: Everyone who rides the road knows that an even tempo, whether flat ride or mountain climb, is so appreciated. When you built in the four minute flat, I thought of roads I ride where the terrain allows that enjoyment. It is the inner tranquility that comes from sport. Thanks again for a great spin.

Great ride!! Loved the music and stories!! I had to chuckle when you said we are finishing with an 8-minute climb and the young lady in grey gave an expression of disbelief. I felt that way as well, lol!! Thanks Mike for a fantastic class!!

Mike, I’ve been doing this class all year due to the music and also the Coldplay 8 min climb. I hope you are going to do a similar 2016 get up and go class that will kick start me into next year. ‘do not yield!’

Yes! Another winner from Mike that I discovered in the library. First time on this one but definitely not the last. Great climbing work, tough tempo rides, awesome music and instruction. First SSOD workout of the week for Jingle Bell Challenge done.
Heather W

User Photo 1388

I feel a little silly being 3 comments in a row but this ride is wonderful! This time I physically challenged myself AND this time…for the first time on this ride… I kept up with you! I love your style and your music choices! Thank you Mike!!

User Photo 1388

Loved this class again! Once again, this time I’m stronger and could push myself harder and keep up with you better! That makes me very happy! Thanks for the great ride Mike!

User Photo 197

someone please tell me the proper name of the song in the 8 minute repeat and group. I need to add it to my play mix

New to Sweat on demand and loving it. Great class Mike!! Looking forward to others.


User Photo 197

I have been nordic skiing lots this winter and knee was hurting. I always know if I do a Mike Ride my knee won’t hurt, I get a great hard workout, and I feel amazing afterward! I did the eight minute repeat twice love the movement and love the music

User Photo 1803

What a great combination of adjectives. It feels good to workout hard and still feel alive. That is what cycling is supposed to be: a relaxing, rigorous effort.

User Photo 198

What can I say, other than awesome from start to finish! I love how the burn sneaks up on me! I honestly feel invigorated after taking this class. Thanks, Mike.

My hub and I have two spin bikes in our workout room. Yours is the only class my husband will take with me. He loves your music and the fact that you’re a cyclist. Loved the quote at the end. Thanks for the great classes. Hope you post more!

User Photo 1803

Thanks Camille. I’m happy that Rob enjoyed the ride. It took me awhile to develop a spin style that serves riders and non-riders. It’s about folks like you.

Another awesome and amazing ride Mike!! Happy New Year to you to and all the best for 2015!!
I love that 8 minute hill climb that made me work hard!! Thanks again that ride was awesome!!

That is a deceivingly hard work out! Love Mike’s workouts! His workouts allow me to concentrate on getting that heart rate up and get a good sweat on! Perfect for my 30 Day Sweat 🙂

User Photo 1803

Lisa, that might be the best compliment I could get. I absolutely love people to think, “This doesn’t seem that hard” at minute 23 and then, “Wow! I just blew out an hour!” at minute 55.

Yet another awesome Spin from Mike…… loved every second of it (even the difficult one’s) Calorie burn was amazing, and so was the music. Another one for my ever growing Favorites List. Thanks Mike.

User Photo 232

This was just such a brilliant class Mike, I loved everything about it! Your classes are indeed special – challenging and excellent in every way, and inspiring. Great music. I could ride with you all day. Thank you for a great workout!

User Photo 770

I’m always a fan of Mike’s classes and this one did not disappoint. It was challenging and energizing. Mike, your quotes at the end are always inspirational and appropriate. I hope for many more of your classes in 2015!

User Photo 227

Awesome ride!!! Left me feeling great mind, body and soul. Thank you Mike for another tremendous ride as always!!! Plus I love your music!!!

I really enjoyed this class. I actually appreciate the fact that you don’t talk, yell so much. I get a good workout, and still can organize my thoughts for the day taking advantage of the increased blood flow in my small brain. Your workouts remind me of the feelings after running.

User Photo 195

Another great BSP call!!! I love Mike’s workouts is all about tempo and how to be a better rider! Plus he’s good to my soul!

User Photo 690

30 Day SWEAT Challenge! Loved the quote at the end – 2015 Do not yield! That’s a great mantra for me on this journey. I loved this workout, Mike. You have this way of working me so hard but leaving us blissfully happy and relaxed afterwards. Great class with great music, as always!

User Photo 120

This was JUST what I needed today – a Fried Frog-Leg Spin

You hop in the cool pan, just minding your own business, spinning away. And, before you know it the pan is sizzling and your legs are fried.

The last long hill was SO strong.

Thank you, Mike!