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StraightUp Spin January 3, 2016

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Bringing it back to the basics, we’re just gonna ride, ride, ride. This class is great at this time of year for veteran riders to have a refresher on bike set up, form and terminology used by the trainer to guide the ride. And obviously that’s perfect for the new or out of practice Spinner.

Cycling through some of the most commonly used Indoor Cycling Drills, this incredible Indoor Cycling Workout is gonna get you sweatin’, thinking and drinking (WATER) because what is simple, does not translate to easy. Nothing worth doing ever is, huh.

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That was one of the hardest workouts I’ve completed so far. 🥵 Surprised I got through it. 😱 It goes to show how important guidance and music is to us mere mortals. Thanks Cat 💋

Another great workout. I needed these form reminders. I want to get the most out of this 46 year old body! Thans!

User Photo 22713

“14MDM”.. Week 2 day 5..wiw..this was a much needed back to basics class with a great 🔥.. Loved the drills and tuition.. Nice one Cat.. Cheers.!! Q

User Photo 40184

14MDM. Week 2, #2! Loved this! Great burn & grest reminders to not “forget” or skip on the basics!

14MDM. Back to basics! Always nice to be reminded of proper form. Love the music in this one, too. Great workout, Cat, thank you. 😉✌️

Cat, I enjoyed all of the instruction while getting an excellent workout. This will be a go to especially on days where I lack focus. Thanks for a lean burn I’m legs.

MM2018: class #10. This class is perfect for new Komraders 🙌 (or people new to SSOD) as, from the beggining, you’ll learn how to set your bike and then go through a super sweaty spin 💦 where Cat explains one movement at a time: 1 song = 1movement. It’s that simple! Rides, jumps, climbs, cadence, sprints, outdoor jumps, etc. Go for that one to learn all the drills and you’ll sure be an expert at the end! 😎

MM2018. almost fast forwarded bike set up (I’ve had same set on my bike for several years) but decided to re-listen; ended up adjusting my seat back one notch!

Truly one of the best classes I have experienced yet! Thanks for the refresher course. It was greatly appreciated. And, the class was awesome as well.

User Photo 38915

Absolutely love the instruction in this class. I will be incorporating this workout into my weekly routine in order to remember all the different cycling drill options. Thanks Cat for all you do!!!

User Photo 37934

I’ve ridden MTB bikes since 1995 and i still learned a lot from this class. My indoor bike is set up much more comfortable. And the tips on maintaining form really helped. These classes make me look forward to waking up and working out. Cat you absolutely ROCK! Thanks to you East Coast Brian and all the other amazing instructors for making these spin classes so much fun!!!

User Photo 21842

Working my way down the list when I ran across this gem. Nice to go back to the basics and make all the little corrections that make spinning more fun, effective and (especially) safe for those knees. You are a great trainer, Cat.

I’m from Germany and just started spinning. After a lot of research for which streaming service I should choose, I’m so glad that I choose studiosweatondemand.
This class was great for me as a beginner to learn the different moves.
Loved it ❤️

Holy macaroni! Loved this “bringing it back to the basics” class. I adjusted my bike MUCH BETTER!! I started Studio Sweat over a month ago so I can keep up with the boys on the mountain bike trails, loved how you said it’s different on the spin bike because you can’t run into anything, I recently ran into a tree on the trails. My husband suggested I wear a helmet on my spin bike now lol. I LOVE your classes especially the music!!! Keep pumping out these great classes so I can kick those boys butts!
You rock,

Cat, thank you for the class to start the year focused on the fundamentals. Excited about pulling my Keiser out of the basement closet, renewing my All-Access membership, and getting back in the grove again!

User Photo 1357

“Drive to 25” Day 5 I loved this class when it was first released and the feelings have grown strong each and ever

User Photo 1261

What a great class that covered a bit of everything. I made a small bike adjustment, too. Music fit the class perfectly.

User Photo 22713

loved, loved, loved this one Cat!! going through all the indoor cycling drills and putting them into practice..really learned a lot..thank you so much..loving finding all these classes and learning every are amazing!

This was a great class to remind me of the basics, I do have a question. While on my bike, my toes sometimes go number, what am I doing wrong?

User Photo 8

Good question Michelle. Most likely it’s just that either 1) your foot is crammed too far into the toe cage, or your cleet on your shoe is too far back, or your shoe is too soft. Just remember that the ball of the foot should sit over the center of the pedal. Often people think the pedal should be in the center (arch) of your foot. That’s a negative. So hopefully it’s a simple as that!

Love this! Coming back to spin after a couple of years away 🙁 and needed the form and “what you should be feeling” reminders. Thank you so much for this- so encouraging and really challenging, fun class! This is my first SSOD workout, and I’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂

User Photo 18475

Well Cat I did this Class a while ago and came back to it because I always wants to ride with a great form and this class of back to the basic brings me back to correct anything that I might be doing wrong. Thanks for a great class

That was a great class. Even though I’m an advanced spinner, I enjoyed going over all the bike positions. Great refresher!

Cannot get enough of this class.!!! I keep coming back for more…now I can go conquer the rest of my day!

I have been spinning for over a decade. By far, the directions and instructions you provide in this class are top notch. I have been doing some basic movements incorrectly for years risking potential injury. Thank you for this educational and yet challenging class. Regards, Mike

User Photo 8

Hi Mike. You just made my Sunday morning even better, and that’s hard to do. I LOVE Sundays. 🙂 So glad you liked it and found it helpful!

I typically don’t love 60 min of all spin but this I did! Funny how you do that Cat Kom. It was stimulating for the brain to go through different spin exercises in such an organized way. Nifty!
Much love,

Outstanding refresher on the how and why of mechanics. Makes me realize how much I’d forgotten.. Good Sweat too! Thanks Cat.

User Photo 8

It’s so easy to forget. Glad you appreciated the reminders. I did too actually. Glad you got your sweat on too. Thanks Marty!

No anxiety today Cat! Loved every minute. I’m telling my son (Evan in London) to make this a must spin when he gets his bike put together this weekend. As always, thank you for a great spin.

User Photo 8

OK cool! I’m glad you’re getting less Cat-anxious. Ha! I’m tough, but approachable. Big teddy bear. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear from you son! Make sure he says he’s your young man when he comments!

User Photo 18416

Snowy day with no school or work – but I did get my sweat on spinning before playing in the snow. This was a great class with great music!

User Photo 14861

Same here in Northern VA-with blizzard like conditions until Sunday a.m. SSOD is exactly what the doctor order in between shoveling sessions.

User Photo 8

Wish we had snow. Ha! Ah… who am I kidding. I love my San Diego sunshine. But I’ll get to hit the snow again soon! Way to go JC! Did you get an email that I commented back to you!?

Great fat burning ride, thanks Cat! I have to admit I don’t feel all that comfortable or confident while doing the standing fast accelerations so I’ve modified by remaining in the saddle and accelerating.

User Photo 8

Hey Lee Anne, and that’s great. It’s your ride. I will tell you though that the key is ADDING resistance when standing so that you have plenty of stability under those feet. Even if it means going more slowly then we might be. GO GIRL!

User Photo 1404

Great song list!! Just the right mix of alternative and hip hop and limp biskuit is the best of both worlds!! My legs are spent!!!

Great pace throughout the ride, Cat! It was good to check the basic bike settings. I never do that except when things loosen up.

great review on bike set up / great work out/ really baaaad music / I found it very difficult to get lost in the music and rhythm which made the music a distraction rather than a motivation/ rap and hip hop are fine but there are a ton of artists that are more melodic as less harsh / Love Studio Sweat on Demand

User Photo 8

Ha. OK, ok. Hard not to focus on the bad music comment, but to each their own, and I’m glad you got a great workout. I tend to play more hip hop than any other Studio SWEAT trainer. Why? I love it. 🙂 You’ll start to learn the music style preferences of the trainers and gravitate towards your favorites. And it’s OK if it’s not me. 🙂 Keep SWEATin it up Richard!

User Photo 227

Your instruction was amazing and your motivation and enthusiasm were equally perfect!! Thank you for the shout out to me and Mary!!! Great class and very helpful throughout it all. Thank you Cat!! 🙂

User Photo 2982

Fab class. I’m teaching my first class of the new year tomorrow so expecting some newbies! I will defo be going back to basics too reminding everyone of the bike set up and movements used in spinning 🙂

User Photo 47

Back to the basics baby. So a great class to correct any riding mistakes. I made a small adjustment on my seat for proper knee to ankle placement. Thank you Cat!

What a great refresher to start the new year. Great class, feel like we hit everything with focused determination. Thanks! By the way, who is this “Chewy”? Was Chewbacca in your class 🙂

Loved this workout! Had a little bit of everything and really helped me with my cadence and the right way to do things;)

User Photo 232

Happy New Year Cat!! Thank you for this excellent class – being reminded about form and bike setup was very helpful. I have to say that nothing about this class was easy! While you instructed us perfectly, you also were so motivating that I wanted to give it my all on each challenging drill!! You’re the best Cat! Oh, and great music too! 🙂
Mary W

User Photo 14920

Another awesome class Cat! It’s always good to be reminded of the basics from time to time. This one worked me as always. Happy New Years to you too!

Was concerned how workout began it was going to be too basic, but NOPE! I’m like the clingy girlfriend waiting for the boyfriend to text/call when waiting through the week on these videos to be posted….checking all day, lol. Thanks so much

Great class! No matter how long you’ve been spinning, it’s always good to go back to the basics. Perfect if the holidays gave you an extended break.

Was so excited when this hit the website is afternoon! It did not disappoint, of course. Endurance, intervals, jumps…so challenging and fun. Loved the form reminders as well. Burned a ton of calories and ended the winter break on a nice, sweaty note.
Heather W