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30 Minute Spin March 29, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

What do you think it means if I tell you that the only way to mentally get through this workout is to take it one song at a time? To treat every song like it’s your last and only song of the workout, and for that song you need to give everything you have. You need to empty your tank. It means, if you don’t have THAT attitude, you might die. Ha!

Listen, you can do it. This IS possible because it’s an express class with just about 35 minutes to get your sweat on. In that time you pack a lot in, from strength building climbs to fat torching sprints, so it’s fast and fun. You got this… one song at a time.

Challenge: Treat every song like it’s the ONLY one (and get through every song).
Bonus challenge: See if you can start your sweat before Brian does, but here is the spoiler alert – he was sweating early and hard. 🙂