Low-Intensity Steady-State Spinning workout LISS Cardio Cycle

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LISS Cardio Cycle

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Is it your rest day, but you’re still itching to get movin’? This 60-minute LISS Cardio Cycle Class is your answer. In Bethany’s Low-Intensity Steady-State Spinning workout, you’ll focus on breathing, staying disciplined, and keeping out of the red heart rate zone, while keeping IN that low steady state of LISS bliss. You’ll feel amazing when done, and your muscles will thank you. Let’s move!

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Loved this class! Great instruction! Knees were pinching for last 10mins so stayed in saddle. Prob just my old knees! Ty!!

I loved this workout ! And btw I was sweating ! So I just took it up a notch ! Thank you for providing this wonderful option . I love you studio sweat !

The perfect ride the day after Rebecca’s boot camp number 2
I could barely walk today 😂😂😂😂😂
Thanks Bethany 💋🌏

Didn’t want to do a butt kicking calorie torching fat frying workout today….. but I did, in a most relaxing, zen like state. Thank you lovely Bethany. I feel great

Best hour of my day!! Second time I did this one and burned over 600 calories each time! Love it. Great instruction Bethany!

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Think this is gonna be one my all time fave spins of all time…
Was that double all time?!? 🤣

Keep coming back to this class…Great drills, music and conversation. Getting better about staying in yellow and green zones

Love Love Love! After a week from H*** this ride is exactly what I needed! I got a sweat on but felt good the whole ride and gave me a chance to reflect while working out!!

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Yo B! That was a great LISS format. Really liked it. Love it that you keep our workouts fresh based on factual fitness data and not gimmicks. Thank you for that!

Love love love this class. SOLID workout! Work hard, but not too hard. Excellent calorie burn. Will do this one often.

LOVE these types of workouts!! I could literally feel my muscles relaxing afterwards and still felt like I kicked my own butt during the class 🤗 more of these please!!

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LISS bliss for sure! Perfectly paced to enjoy what our bodies are capable of doing. I walked away sweaty, tired, and happy. Thanks Bethany! Awesome class!

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Thank you Bethany.. This awesome LISS Ride dropped just at the perfect time for me.. I’ve been unwell and unable to spin/Run etc.. This ride will ho put me back on track for my Marathon Training.. Saved s to favourites.. Thank you oh so much. 👍 ❤️

Bethany, Great class. I had to stay focused and discipline to monitor my heart rate. The hour flew by. Definitely will be back.

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LISS is very hard for me, but you’re right, if I do it on my rest day, it’s really effective! Great coaching, and I imagine fairly challenging with only the camera for company! It was awesome. Thank you so much, Bethany!

Such a great class! One eye on the cadence monitor, one eye on the heart rate monitor, one eye on…… oh wait!! 🤣🤣 i dont think i’ve ever concentrated so hard during a class. Managed to stay in low to mid 80’s with a couple of pops up to 88/89, fantastic calorie burn. Thank you Bethany for such a structured class, love it!

OMG! Can I just say how much I loved this class! I was pretty sore (legs and arms) all day today. So when I saw this workout I thought perfect timing! It still kicked by butt and burned a ton on calories but I wasn’t stressing so much to get in the red. Bethany your instructions and your demeanor were great in this class! Definitely will be doing this lots!

Thank you so much Bethany!!! This was a great class and I loved the music! I am pretty sure this is going to be one of my favorite “go to classes!”

This ride was perfect after long ride yesterday. Obviously I’m not disciplined enough to keep out of red zone 😀. Straight to favourites

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Love Love Love Love Love this class! You are my hero for putting in so much effort to stay low intensity!!! I love that this class allows you to add as much resistance or effort under control so you do not go red! Your cadence is perfect for me to train to also! Love that is is downloadable and it will probably be a once or twice a week workout for me!!! Love the calorie burn too! Thank you! I needed this! Favorite and downloaded!

Loved this class. Mentality super challenging to keep cadence the whole ride. Might need a cadence monitor and/or less resistance than instructed.

Loved this class Bethany! Just enough sitting and standing, flats and climbs. I kept my heart rate pretty much in check and was still sweating buckets. Great way to start the week. Never miss a Monday!

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Great hour long workout, calorie burn over 500 and heart rate bang in the zone most of the time. A dedicated spinner this is not an easy workout, sweating at the end.
Love this new class! Thank you Bethany 💕👌🏻🤩🚴‍♀️

I am a new recruit for LISS Bliss 😉
Your instructions were a great reminder of the importance of keeping track of your breath while working out
I definitely felt the burn and feel like I gave my muscles a fabulous flush out of lactic acid
I’m covered in sweat, was worked hard and I feel energised
Love 💕💕💕
Thanks Bethany 💋🌏

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The speed demon and a LISS ride!?!
ABSOLUTE must do!!!!
❤️❤️❤️’d it
Total wickedness perfect rest day no rest day ride
Thanks Bethany xx

Wow Bethany! What an absolutely fantastic class! The pace was fantastic the music was fantastic and my calorie burn was fantastic! I think I managed to keep my heart rate in the 80s for most of it so a fantastic burn! Thanks as always straight to favourites!!