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best online spin classes 30 Minute Spin® - Flat Road, Flat Belly!

30 Minute Spin: Flat Road, Flat Belly!

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Are you ready to ride a flat road? I hope so, because this is the anti-hill class! Yep, SSoD Rockstar Trainer, Mere W, is coming at you with a 30 minute HIIT Spin class that’s all flat roads!

The drill is a pyramid style, where the intervals get longer, but the rest periods stay steady. You’ll stair-step your way to the top, hit some jumps, then head back down the pyramid with the cycling intervals getting shorter this time. Think a flat road is easy? Think again! But the good news is that flat road is going to result in flat abs!

*Don’t forget to stretch!*

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