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  • Date: July 12, 2015
  • Length: 1:01:45
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Spin Core: Mid-Section Meltdown

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Holy fat melting is this a good one. The idea in this 60 minute Spin®Core class is to learn to work smarter, not harder, in order to maximize fat burn during the workout itself. Right after a quick warm up, I have you hit the floor for a 5 minute mid-section toner that you’ll feel throughout the rest of the class.

After that, it’s ALL RIDING, so expect A LOT of cardio charged BIKE WORK that begins with a jump series, and is followed by a massive 22 minute climb. Why you look scared? You got this! To finish I have you do a little thresh-hold training in an effort to burn more fat AND get you to learn what max effort should REALLY feel like. Cool down, stretch, take a bow. Git it. ~Cat

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MMC2019 #12. This is one of my favorite classes. I really needed the ab work to get rid of my Christmas overeating LOL.

MMC2019#7 I can’t say enough about this class! My abs hurt for 3 days after the last time I did this class. Looking forward to some more burning going on for the next three days! LOL.

MMC2019#4… who knew doing bicycles on the floor would be as tough as a spinning class LOL. Thanks for the awesome ab workout Cat.

HW2019 – Workout #2 re-done as it did not show up in my tracker for some reason. Should be registered to January 3rd.

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MM2018 Man I have a lot of melted fat to clean up from this class. Still one of my favorite go to Core class when I want to get in a serious burn. Thanks Kitty Cat Kom #17/12

User Photo 12208

MM2018 – I love the 2, 4, 6, 8 climb! This is just an amazing class. Hard to get through the core, just have to keep on pushing! Thanks, Cat!

SSNY2018 Thanks for another great class Cat! Just coming off the flu but I was able to do the whole hour! Hard, smart but do-able all in the best way!

User Photo 42473

This was a great class! As always Cat keeps you pumped up and if you want to drop all that sweat to the floor, just follow her queues!!! Thanks Cat! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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Wow Cat ..I loved this Class..can’t believe I hadn’t done it before..ha..that’s why I love my BSP..throws up classes I probably might not have searched for..lo ed the climbed and endurance building with gear on..definitely one to do over and over..thanks again Cat.!!

User Photo 25861

Awesome workout. Thanks for the tips on maximizing calorie burn. I am happy to say I spent just about 38 minutes in the 80-89% zone. Happy New Year!

User Photo 45

Hell Week! – Day 6 #10 – This is my fight song workout. I feel unstoppable! The songs, jumps, climbs, abs burnout and most of all your attitude make this one of my all time favorite spins. Thank you Cat.

400 cal burn for me! so much fun I forgot the ab workout! will feel that tomorrow! Cat reminded me of a few techniques that really helped with breathing and my ability to hang in until the end!

This our second day for the hell week challenge! This is one of my favorite classes. My core hurt real bad when doing those bicycles!

User Photo 1357

FFS.. day 3 workout 4 for me. This is one of my favorite spincore classes. I always get over 200 MEP when I take this class, and my calorie burn is always over 500.. Love you lots Kitty Cat Kom

I love this class! Have done it several times and will repeat it again and again, trying to push it a bit harder each time. The music, the endurance ride, the energy …everything is absolutely great. You are a very good trainer Cat! Very accurate – I love it that you are constantly communicating with your class throughout the workout. First workout of my hell week challenge – DONE! Thank you!

User Photo 12208

Always love the mid-section meltdown. The core is extremely challenging on this one and the spin is amazing. Cat, you are high energy and full of encouragement. Thanks for the buckets of sweat!

User Photo 1261

thanks for another great workout. Climbing is the BEST! I loved your phrase, “Comfortable being uncomfortable.” Think I’m going to steal that one! You are so funny and entertaining, too.

User Photo 1763

a really fun, tough workout!! Loved the humongous hill drill!! Left buckets of sweat and a bad mood on the floor!! Thanks Cat!!!

User Photo 8

Hi Shelli- Oh good! I’m doing an even more humungous hill climb in my next 30 min Spin. I think it comes out next week!

User Photo 221

I love when I look for a workout and find one that I missed. Great workout! I may not be able to walk tomorrow with all the hills.

Wow that was hard but amazing. I have only been using sweat on demand for a week but I am already feeling fitter!! Thanks Cat

I LOVED this class!! It was one of my favorites so far. I hope you keep on having abs like that at the beginning. I could really feel my abs even during the remainder of the spinning.

User Photo 1404

Clean up aisle 2!!!! BTW, Aric is how my husbands name is spelled…..they are an elite group!!! My butt is officially kicked, thanks Cat!!! You never disappoint!!!

I could wring out my clothes when I was done this class! I def pushed the envelope with the climb and those sprints! Cat, you keep amazing me! Thank you for loving what you do and sharing your talent with all of us. Love my SSOD!

After being on vacation and off the bike for 30 days this was a good one to get me going again! So excited to get caught up on all the new workouts that have been added 🙂

Everything flowed on this one! Heart rate guidance, Kcal summaries, this class will keep everyone coming back for more. I trained along and was able to adjust to match the class. I had an amazing kcal burn (finally in a zone that will change my body). Please post more of these classes with HR guidance. Studio Sweat on demand and Cat – amazing! Much appreciated 🙂

User Photo 8

That’s great to know Karla. Super happy for you. I am training the team to use and understand the system and theories as much as possible so I imagine you’ll see more and more of this!

Great, looking forward to it! Ps Canada has beautiful warm weather currently-no snow unfortunately, in the forecast ⛄️ Spinning class has helped immensely with my strength for snowshoeing, skiing etc. Love the updates with you and Bethany

User Photo 120

I did an Alaska cruise last summer and was SO glad to see a group of excellent spin bikes BUT you could only use them if it was in their class. So, I signed up for the class. . .. . .. not.so.much. SSoD rocks any day, anywhere!

User Photo 8

Agreed. Most gyms do let you use their indoor cycling rooms when classes are not running. You have to ask though. 🙂

User Photo 8

Ha. Yeah. I take them in scenarios like that to feel good about myself. I also make trips to Walmart for the same reason. 😉

User Photo 120

So it’s 7: 30 pm on a Thursday and I had a choice to make: Ride the couch or ride my bike.

Ride that bike, Baby!

User Photo 690

JC from NC feels great!!!! Cat, that was a killer spin. The bicycles were neverending, and I definitely felt them during the jumps like you said! I loved seeing the hr monitors, so I could compare. The music was perfect as always. The long hill climb, oh my!!! This is yet another favorite from you. I read Doe’s comments about the cruise to Alaska. We went there on our honeymoon and had the time of our lives! Some ships have bikes (and classes that would NOT compare to yours!). Thanks for sharing yourself with us even during this time of loss. My heart goes out to you. I did this workout for you! xoxo

User Photo 8

Hi JC. Did you hear my shout out? Pretty sure you got one. Very excited about Alaska. My mom and I went on like 6 cruises together. 🙁 I’ll spin for sure. It’ll make me sweat and I’ll make my sister come too. 🙂 Glad you likes the mid-section meltdown. Fun to film and distracted me from mama woes. SWEATing is key.

Instant favorite. So much buttery, salty sweat! Cat, you are simply the best. Love going out to you during your time of grief- what a gift you are to us!

Amazing…you have managed to motivate myself and others during a time of loss in your life. You are truly an incredible human being. My thoughts and prayers with you and yours! Dan

User Photo 8

Thank you Dan. I had to flip a switch for sure. Felt good to be completely distracted for 60 minutes tbh. XO.

User Photo 1357

Holy molly Bat man this workout was amazing. I had to wipe the sweat off of my son after this workout. He was on the other side of the room but that did not stop the sweat from reaching him awesome!!!!

User Photo 8

Thank you Laurel. I’m hope so because I sure do a lot of it! 🙂 It is an art. My art. And I love it.

User Photo 232

Cat – I absolutely loved everything about this AMAZING class!! You were so perfectly tough yet encouraging and the music was excellent! That core segment burned! – you’re the best! Thank you!!

User Photo 264

This one will probably enter the summer schedul 2015! Great cardio and strength training! Still dripping drinking my homemade gatorade potion! Very good to see the screen with % of effort,calories burns…Help me to see where I was compare to the group!

User Photo 227

A structured spinning masterpiece!! Perfect music, perfect motivation and instruction, and lots of sweat sweat sweat!! It was cool how we could see your heart rate monitor and what it means to work smarter to achieve results. And that short core work was wicked!! Excellent workout – just awesome. Thank you Cat!!

Cat, that class was perfection! I felt so great during the class and super energized afterwards. I can’t believe how much my stamina has improved since I started spinning with you two years ago! Definitely a new favorite:-)

User Photo 8

Yeah, I wanted a short core set that got it done. The idea in doing the jumps afterwards was to get y’all to feel how the core had to be used to do them! Great job.

Cat, you never cease to amaze me!!! Fantastic rhythm and energy in this class. Definitely do this one again!

Hi Cat! This was an awesome first workout back after a 2 week vacation in Alaska. God I missed my spin bike and Studio Sweat! Really challenging in a great way and yes I felt my abs throughout the entire workout! Thanks!!

User Photo 8

Hey Doe- Welcome back. I’m going on a cruise to Alaska (for the first time) in Sept. I just can’t wait! But I will miss my Spinning just like you did. I’m so glad you felt the core working on the bike. It’s important to know the stronger your core is the better overall ride you’ll have.

Alaska was amazing! I hope you enjoy. Try the helicopter to a glacier or salmon fishing. Awesome! I did manage to get a hold of a spin bike one day on the boat and was streaming Mere W’s class. The problem is the Internet was so slow it kept getting stuck for minutes at a time. Hard when it was on a hill climb

User Photo 8

Ha. Bet you got some long hills. Ideas for next time are to get a couple downloads or to use your phone as a wifi hot spot.

This was a really fun workout. You just keep getting better and better. I just keep getting stronger and stronger, thanks to you. I will be doing this one a lot. You rock.