Low-Intensity, Senior Friendly Workout: Senior Sweat in the Park

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low-intensity, senior friendly workout Senior Sweat in the Park

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Senior Sweat in the Park

Equipment: Dumbbells / No Special Equipment Needed!

Whether you’re 9, 39, or 89, you’re bound to enjoy this low-intensity, senior friendly workout with Bethany. Her pleasant, light-hearted personality shines through as she guides you through a series of exercises to improve balance and strength. This park workout on a bench can also become a living room workout on a couch. You set the stage, we’ll bring the sweat. Let’s shake a leg… literally. 🙂

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I was initially insulted thaty weekly workout included a senior workout 😆 but I decided to make the best of it. I increased the intensity a little bit and still ended up burning over 300 calories! Great workout. Thanks Bethany

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This class is so much fun! I love the pretty park setting and Bethany’s positive attitude pushes you right along! I modified to make it my own and added in some extra weights and balance work! Awesome format, great workout, thank you Bethany!

Like others have mentioned this is a much slower class than usual. But it was good and I’m feeling it today especially in the glutes. Felt focussed and no need to compete. Bethany is a great trainer. Thanks

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My husband and I did this workout this afternoon. We can completely relate to this balance and strength session. Although I didn’t burn a lot of calories we still got a lot out of it. With all the past injuries my husband has obtained and our age group it was a great workout. Thank you, Bethany. Hope to see more senior workout classes

Thank you so much for this Bethany! Been so sick all week and way off 100% even today, but desperate to do something! This was the perfect class. The park looks beautiful as well ☺️