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TRX Sculpt: Core Power!

Equipment: TRX®

This Fully Body Workout has a primary focus on unilateral and rotational movements that will work the external & internal obliques… Really just the overall core. The drills are challenging, fun, and most importantly effective. Cardio too…Your heart rate will stay in the fat burning zone the entire hour, leaving you drenched in sweat!

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This is really important component to fitness that many trainers overlook: ROTATION! And unilateral movements! Both so crucial for core and a well-balanced physique. Thanks Olganator! “You kicked my butt” =)

Drive to 25: 17/25- What I have concluded from this session is that I do a lot of front and lower ab work but nowhere need enough on the sides… This session really isolates those muscles especially the one armed work. Thanks.

Today was supposed to be a rest day till I saw this & had to try it. Olga that was great my core feels solid with a little layer of fat. Hoping the fat will be gone soon. This will be a got for sure. Thank you!

Solid TRX workout and a serious calorie burn. I’ve made tremendous gains in cardio endurance and strength over the last 9 months with SSoD, but I’m most impressed with my core strength. I have chronic low back problems, but the stronger my core becomes the less likely I am to injure my back. Even my chiropractor is impressed. Thank you, Olga, for a great core-focused workout. And those single-leg dead lifts? My glutes are going to be talking to me tomorrow!