TRX Cardio August 2, 2015 | Studio SWEAT onDemand

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TRX Cardio August 2, 2015

Equipment: TRX®

All right TRX® SWEAT PEEPS, get ready to rock and transform that body. You’re going to carve and tone, as well as challenge yourself with heart pumping cardio drills to keep you sweating non-stop. You… Won’t… Stop. Three big super sets Studio SWEAT style. Go get it!

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Loved it! I’ve taken TRX classes for several years and this is one of the best I’ve taken. Will definitely take more of Brooke’s classes.

Great session… Done some of Brookes other TRX sessions and they are hard work but this has a great balance with easier moves and cardio but the pace keeps your HR up.

So proud of myself. Last time I really struggled with this and today the only thing that needs work is the side planks. I don’t think I’ll be able to do those rollbacks again. 10 years ago I could & even then I’d occasionally twitch something in my next or back. So I’ll stick with the squat punch. Brooke I love this workout and happy you back at studio sweat. Thanks and hugs

This is my favorite non-spinning workout. Every muscle will be exhausted and appropriately sore the next day. Fast paced and a lot of fun. Thanks!

I was wondering if this was going to be a dreaded hour long TRX, but it wasn’t. Thanks for making it hard and fun at the same time!

Excellent cardio and a workout that pushes you hard. Brooke is excellent. TRX has helped with my knees so much! Keep up the great work Brooke and all of Sweat Shop on Demand!!!!

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Another fantastic workout, Brooke! I’m making progress on the roll-ups. Some day I’ll do them with no hands. Thanks for always pushing me to get stronger.

I love this workout!! Brooke is an awesome teacher and pushes you to your limit every time. Thank you for continuing to publish great new content!!