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StraightUp Spin: Cardio Circuit Cycling

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

This entire Spinning® workout with competitive iron woman, Rebecca (a.k.a. the BEAST), has music at or above 130 bpm and your legs will feel alive during every song! Plenty of speed climbs and heavy resistance drills accompany the flat and fast roads. We’ll even work in a little upper body to this killer fitness class believe it or not, but you better hang on because it’s gonna be a fast ride!

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User Photo 18687

This is a great class to which I frequently return when I want to develop a certain “no limits” mindset. Great structure and cuing!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!

SFL18 – Awesome class! You don’t have time to think about how tough this is…moving all the time😊, but you get to feel it afterwards😉! Thanks Rebecca!

Wow she’s tough!

She has an amazing body and I think trying to get there is what motivated me.
Let’s burn some of this baby fat!!

What only a four for intensity? I feel like this one should have a warning on it! That was tough. Always a great class with Rebecca.

WOO! I did it full force throughout. Rebecca that was tough. Great sweat- thank you for showing me that I can do more than I thought.

User Photo 22713

Wow Rebecca..that was oh so tough. With your signature moves..pushed hard and git an awesome can I’ll Co.e back to at some point to try and better myself..thank you.

Drive to 25 11/25. My Garmin said I needed 62 hours to recover after that ride! I’ve never seen that before on my inside riding! Wow!

Drive to 25! Great class to start the week. This class hits the ground running and doesn’t let up until the end!!

WTH…that was crazy, intense!!! Sorry to admit it, but I was cursing a bit under my breath, lol. Glad to have finished it!! Thanks Rebecca…for killing me, lol!!

User Photo 15088

OMG this was such a great class! What an awesome way to start Spring, so motivating I did this class twice this week!!

this was brutal. the first time a had to bail out on the last 10 minutes. I probably faltered on the last 20. Today I went straight thorough, thanks for a stamina builder

Only able to do about 15 mins worth, but will be back some other time when I know I can do more, recently started spinning, but good workout what I did. Sweating afterwards

I was sweating so hard my husband wouldn’t kiss me good-bye! That’s the sign of a good workout!! 🙂

I was sweating so hard my husband wouldn’t kiss me good-bye! That;s the sign of a good workout!! 🙂

User Photo 61

Blinded by sweat !!! What a class…Rebecca you are machine !! Bloody loved every sweaty , quad screaming second . Off for a lie down now 😉

Rebecca, your workouts are always so hard, but so awesome! I needed an airplane bag and a hose after that class! Added to my favorites. Thank you for a wonderful workout!!

User Photo 197

really awesome class, I did it this morning and I was one giant ball of sweat! Took a while to cool down to have a shower

User Photo 496

Lovvvved this class!!Especially the no-nonsense approach/
Just ride and no constant
Great music too!!!!

User Photo 227

What an awesome workout!!!! I think I almost needed that airplane bag once or twice! The music was perfect and you pushed me to my limit Rebecca. That is what you do best – motivate and push and bring out our best effort. Thank you for a killer great spin!!!

User Photo 232

Awesome, excellent and super INTENSE!! What a workout!! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you Rebecca. You’re the best! Thank you so much!

User Photo 264

I will second you on the BEAST thing… 🙂 This was hard cardio!! I am glad to have done it! My challenge for the summer will be to have a ”rendez-vous with the BEAST” every week! Great way for me to improve my cardio and speed! Still dripping!! 🙂

User Photo 677

That was one wicked awesome class!! I’m always a bit intimitdated when I see one of your workouts in my BSP but always so proud of myself when I finish. Thanks for another awesome workout!