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Spin Sculpt Class – July 28, 2012

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike / Resistance Band

Can you do ANYTHING for a minute? Prove it. Intense sculpting sets w/ each move lasting a minute wrapped around a sweatfest on the bike. Killer Biceps & core to close out this party. Wash your hair today, cuz ya might not have the strength to tomorrow!

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User Photo 1261

Happy Thanksgiving! Figured I needed to burn some major calories before the big meal later today. Of course, now I’m not sure I will be able to lift my fork to my mouth. And, Cat, your back looks amazing in this workout.

User Photo 227

TBT challenge done!! Gotta tell you Cat – that was a great workout and the fact that I am very sweaty in a cold workout room speaks volumes to how you always push me to the max. Thank you – I love that we are in this together today!!!

User Photo 690

Woo Hoo! Perfect choice for TBT! Loved this workout! Loved all the exercises, Cat, the music, the reps, the abs; loved it all! My biceps will be so sore tomorrow!

User Photo 195

TBT challenge done! Best thing? After a solid personal training with Rebecca (yesterday’s work out) i thought that it will be very hard to tackle this one…and it was I’m not gonna lie… But it feld so good! Challenging but totally doable
Wich means that my fitness level is getting better and better.. And that is why I LOVE SO MUCH Cat Kom and SSOD. Thank you gf!!! 🙂

User Photo 232

Cat – That was wicked hard which translates to a killer workout! Great sculpt, and the bicep burnout at the end – whew!! The spin was so tough! I worked it hard, and I am done! But in a good way!! Excellent class. Another masterpiece from 2012!

So I thought I hadn’t done this workout before! Oh boy did I remember…….once we hit those lat raises it all came flooding back to me. My arms are screaming. Jeez this one hurt. Xxx

Loving the kick ass work outs here at home! bicep burn -the bomb. Love your energy and music combo. Can’t wait for the next installment of Cat Kom killer arms and abs!!! Love to take a class in person if ever I find myself in the Taquila capital of the west;)party on from NorCal

User Photo 8

Ahhhh yeah! Thanks Carol. Wait till you try today’s SpinSculpt. Whoo! Takes endurance fo sho! You need a shout out. It’s coming. A week from tomorrow. You’re gonna git it! 🙂 Come see me in SoCal. ~Cat

Hey Cat this class over the weekend. First of all welcome back and second of all my shoulders ans legs are really sore thanks for the great workout

Hey Cat….I was like…WUH!? Did she just say my name!?!? Thanks for the shout-outs…loved it!!!!! I do have one complaint though….making us wait 2 weeks between Cat classes is not what’s hot right now!!! Must have weekly doses!! ;0). You ROCK!!

User Photo 8

I did shout you out Liz! SpinRock coming tomorrow I think! Or is it Wednesday? Soon! Watch facebook for when it’s released! Record calorie burn for many on class! Woot Woot! Thanks for the love! ~Cat