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Tabata Torch & Tone

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

You love your Spinning Bike. You love lifting weights. You love Tabata training. So how about a class that does all that and more!? That’s right, an online Tabata workout with your Spinning bike and weights is what we got right here in the form of a 45 minute Spin Sculpt with Mere W! You’ll get a couple short calorie crushing rides, along with a couple of total-body toner sets on the floor, all where you’ll be building your stamina and strength. Time to get it done!

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I just keep coming back to this workout–it’s a beast of a workout in a short amount of time!! Love, hate, love, hate, love it!! Thank you!

That was a tough one, but great class! Will come back to this one for sure!! Going to miss Mere W but so glad we have her classes on demand! Best of luck Mere….you rock!!!!

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WOW! What a great tough class! One of my all-time favorites!! I’ve been light on my workouts the last couple of months…so it was extra hard….but one of the things I love about this class is the moves were simple and straightforward. Even if I didn’t make it through every single full set I felt like I got my butt kicked and it’s a great way to rebuild up my strength. Thanks!!

I did it – well maybe 80% of the reps on the floor – but still got a great workout. My daughter and I are so glad you’ll continue to give us your excellent workouts. We were worried we wouldn’t see you anymore. Thanks Mere and good luck in Seattle!!🥰

No better way to start Independence Day than with this awesome spin/sculpt with Mere W!!! AWESOME sweat!

Loved this! Sweaty to the bones. So glad to see we will still get Mere W workouts now that she has moved.

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Fun workout and the time flew by! I was dying after the lower body floor work and expected one more bike session but was thrilled that it was time to stretch already! Great full body workout! Thanks!

User Photo 40678

What a great class. Just wring me out as I am sweating head to toe! Drops of sweat off my pony tail. Definitely one of my favs. Thanks.

Loved this class, Mere! Nice blend of bike and weights, and 45 is my favorite length. Glad to have you leading us still.

Woah that was super tough! Gear combo if spin and some awesome sculpt sets, thanks mere w you always kill me hahah

User Photo 22713

Loved it Mere.. Tough drills both on the bike and the sculpting. Thanks for the shout out to me and my Cray Twin Silvia. 👍 ❤️

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I know you hear “straight to favorites” a lot, but it’s that sense of feeling strong and accomplished that makes us tap that heart! Tapping that heart Mere! Thank you and good luck with your move!

I love Mere’s classes. This one went straight to my favorites. Thank you again, Studio Sweat!

Great class! I’m a huge fan of the 45 minute classes. 24.5 weeks pregnant and still going strong. 450 calories burned in this one.

So excited to see this on my fb wall I left work early to get it done before school pick up…. totally worth it!

I wasn’t going to work out today and then saw this new class…Loved it! Such a challenge and such a great workout. Thanks Mere! 😀

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Another great one Mere! So glad we’ll still be getting your classes even after you move! This one was tough but good!

I was so excited for a new Mere W spin/sculpt and it was just as amazing as I predicted it would be. Tough segments on and off the bike and SO worth it. Sweaty Sunday fun. Get it!
Heather W