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Best Total Body Pilates Reformer workout Online Pilates Reformer Total Body

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  • Date: November 8, 2020
  • Length: 47:53
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Pilates Reformer Total Body

Equipment: Pilates Reformer

Get ready for the Best Total Body Pilates Reformer Workout Online. In this progression we work the entire body from the feet up. The workout begins on your back, closest to your machine, and as the routine progresses we move to seated, kneeling, and standing exercises to increase the intensity. No equipment needed other than yourself and your reformer! Press play for this total body tone-up now!

*Don’t forget to stretch!*

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I thought Christmas came early when I saw this pop up in the library! Please add more reformer classes. I continue to be amazed and grateful for the variety and more importantly the quality of classes you have! Thanks so much 🙂

Wow this is really great! I’m a Pilates instructor with an at home studio and I love some of her creative moves and plan to use with my clients as well as myself!!!

User Photo 1161

so this might be a dumb question but lately I’ve been seeing classes with equipment I wouldn’t think people have in their homes. So are they more geared for gym goers? I cant imagine that lots of people have ropes, Pilate machines and rowing machines in their possession as compared to lets say a high step?

User Photo 8

I understand why you might think that Diana, but nope, they are definitely more for our at-home members. See the comments below, they’re all from people that have reformers at home. Many that love Pilates buy them. Same with the rowers. And we get tons of class requests for those 2 tools. But since we know many more have the basics (bikes, dumbbells, bands) we do more of those releases (by a stretch). Hope that helps and thanks for asking!

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Total body workout on the reformer was so great! Thank you, Sam and SSOD! I have a little aeropilates at home and I was able to do most of the exercises with a few adaptations. Please post more reformer classes.

Thank you Sam. An great selection of moves with excellent queuing and explanation of the anatomical effects. With a Pilates machine at home, along with my spin-bike, your class is a valued addition. SSoD, thank you for adding the Pilate Reformer as an equipment class. And I really look forward to more classes from Sam. Sam, you’ve made my day!!!! Thank you.

Thank you! Thank you, for adding this reformer class! I have been looking to add an additional online subscription to get more use out of my reformer but no need to now ! Please keep adding more new reformer classes regularly!

More, more more! Amazing instruction Sam! I haven’t found online reformer classes that do not require a box and other equipment. Thank you SSOD for giving me a new workout for my reformer.