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Dance Fever 3D: EARTH

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

Time to get grounded, and not the type where your dad confines you to your room, but rather the kind of grounded that makes you feel at one with the Earth. That makes you feel connected. That makes you feel confident. This is video #4 in the 30 Day Dance Fever 3D program. This super fun online dance cardio workout is complimentary for All Access Pass Holders to have forever access to, and if you’d also like access to the complete program (which includes the “How-Tos” behind the 30 Day Training, a private Facebook group, the lead dancer’s nutrition tips, and more), go to now!

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First part of Drive to 25 #7. Fun way to relax after a road bike ride pulling a trailer and child up a canyon.:)

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I love these classes! I love that I can’t stop smiling while doing these, they are so fun! I would love to see more added! Thanks!

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Loved the whole theme of Dancefever.. Such fun classes.. And the finale with Cat.. Loved it 👍 ❤️

User Photo 43112

Cat Kom in Da’ House. I really loved these dance classes, such a nice treat. Andrew has such phenomenal energy and spirit. I would love to take one of his Yoga classes 🙂