SWEAT Your Heart Out!

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best online spin classes StraightUp Spin® February 11, 2018

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    Whether you’re the type that loves Valentine’s Day or hates it, this is the ride for you! Sappy love songs? Um… No! We’re powering this ride with the best BREAK UP + MAKE UP songs that’ll create an endorphin-fueled mood boost almost instantly!

    Through this heart-pumping, high-intensity 40 Minute online Spin class, you’ll climb hills, endure endurance drills, and sprint your way to a better, stronger, and more independent you. Get ready to sweat your Heart out!

    Here's what people said about “SWEAT Your Heart Out!”

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    Thanks AJ! When I used to teach spin, my two favorite theme rides to teach were: Valentine’s Day and Daylight Savings! Good times! 🙂

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    Wow AJ that was as great as I knew it would be.. What an awesome spin and set list.. Loved it he climbs and sprints all delivered with that AJ style.. You rock.!!

    SSNY2018 Week 5 workout #3 This was a challenge. Had to pace myself and slow down when everyone was hitting 90% because I was hitting 100% of my HR max. Having SVT sucks.

    AJ you made a tough class really fun! Great playlist, I love the classes with a theme. Great way to start a Monday morning 🙂

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    Love love love this one AJ. Awesome music, perfect length spin for when not quite able to do 60 minutes, perfect blend of sprints, endurance, and climbing. Thanks!

    What a fun and liberating ride! Favorites it goes. I feel ready to tackle the day and take on my husband, lol!😍😜

    User Photo 1388

    I love your playlist and your leggings!!! Great ride! Its an instant favorite!!! I’ll be doing this again and again and again!!!

    AJ 😅 – WHAT an amazing class – the 40 mins just FLEW by with a great playlist and real ‘feel good’ ride!
    Buckets of sweat 🚴‍♂️💦 and calories torched 🔥
    Will be doing this again and again.

    Love, love, love! AJ is one of my favorites! I love her energy and song choices. She keeps me ready to go the whole time. Thanks for the great themed class. Awesome!

    User Photo 22404

    I loved this one AJ! It was one of those days that I had to force myself on the bike, but your music selection and pace kept me motivated and, about 10 minutes in, I found I was actually enjoying the workout.

    AJ! I am a sweaty fantastic mess right now. I loved digging deep and going full out with minimal recovery between. I wanted to put in a request for “Ex-Girlfriend” when you posted into Komrades and forgot, but there it was song 2! I couldn’t hate anyone after this class because I love myself and feel AWESOME! Thanks chic 👊🏽💔

    Loved the Valentine’s day themed music, your singing, and commentary! Felt as if I was almost in the class 🙂 Thanks AJ & Studio Sweat!!

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    “Sprint up the hill. Just for fun”…I’m thinking we’re the ones you wanted to crush at the top of that hill!! Love it!! Really great class!!

    Thanks AJ that was brilliant! I haven’t been on my bike for a while but that was a great start back, I feel fantastic! Thank you so much! 🙂 xx

    A. J., nice play list…lots of fun
    Suggestion: 3 words….refillable water bottle
    Please get rid of plastic…model it and others will follow. Planet Earth will thank you!!!