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StraightUp Spin June 16, 2016

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

An Enduring Ride.

To display endurance, one must have the ability “to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity.” If accomplished, it is declared that one has “endured.” This word describes one who has “gained continued acknowledgement of worth or greatness.”

This endurance Spinning workout frames all of the qualities one needs to gain endurance: three long, sustained 8+ minute rides, followed by a 20 minute series of High Intensity Intervals. Then we culminate with a 9+ minute climb and cool down. The ultimate goal of cycling, indoor or out, is to cement your relationship with the art of enduring! This class will get you there.

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User Photo 44910

Long music sets, breakaways were challenging. Definitely a “ get out of your head and ride” type of spin. Another solid class by Zen Master Mike.

Exceptional! Mike never disappoints, especially providing a class which emulates an outdoor ride. Absolutely love his classes – thank you!!

Thank you, Mike, for this class! Loved the musical inspiration and your subtle guidance throughout. I struggle with breathing (also have cystic fibrosis) but found this pacing incredibly helpful!

User Photo 22713

Wow Mike what an awesome sus that was..tough Hiit training and those 30 seconds sprints were challenging but great..another learning curve from the master..loved it..chee

Thanks Mike I am loving your classes they work you hard yet in a strange way they are relaxing too. Its the way you drive it and the music you use!!

User Photo 14920

Pulled this one out of my favorites and did it after 4 days off going to Denver for a little grandma time. Was doing pretty good until the last hill drill. Just about did me in, but I pushed on. Always good to ride with you Mike.

How did I just work out so hard? Thanks Mike I was so reluctant this morning and this class managed to coax out my best effort and now I feel amazing!

User Photo 22713

That was an awesome ride Mike..very hard but rewarding..I always look forward to your stories too..adds to the fun!! Best hour I’ve spent today for sure..look forward to many more..cheers mate!!

Great class, Mike. I’ve been doing SSOD straight up spins all summer 4-5 days/week as part of a program with a personal trainer to get my cardio in, and I’ve had awesome results so far. You are my favorite trainer for mindful endurance rides, and I always appreciate your thoughtful music choices. I especially enjoyed the last climb of this ride to the “Midnight” remix, probably my favorite ride of all the videos I’ve done! I’ve also incorporated the riding discipline and form from your classes into my mountain bike climbs, and seen a real difference. Hope you’re r recovering from your car wreck, looking forward to your next class!

I really like combination of hills, flat, intervals that Mike puts into this video. Great job and thanks Mike.
For the record, I am much older than you Mike, however this video does not kill me and is getting me in a better physical condition than I have been for the past couple of years.

This is my third day running doing this class – I am OBSESSED with it! I know I’m supposed to mix it up and do different workouts (and I generally do) but for some reason I crave this workout. Gives me good calorie burn and the best post workout euphoria. Thanks for a great spin Mike – I’ll start mixing it up next week again but for now… l’m gonna stick with you.

User Photo 14920

Great, Great, Great ride…..I added this to my ‘favorite’ list. It’s always nice riding with you Mike and to think that it’s going to be a “Double Mike” month is even better. Thanks again for a great workout!

Thank you for the new ride!!! It was awesome. I was so happy to see a new Mike spin class. Thank you for riding with stitches. I did pull-ups with my ankle casted, abs with 21 stitches in my shin, and legs with my hand casted and got a few comments at my gym. So I really appreciate you spinning with stitches….it made me smile and remember all the crazy times I have said….OK what do I have left that is working….I got this. Great class Mike!!! You are so inspiring and thank you for sharing that your indoor converts to outdoor fitness. I am converting to mostly indoor and thankful it is just as intense.
Have a great trip to DC. Kelly

User Photo 1803

I cannot figure out if you were in a car wreck, or if you are amazingly clumsy. Nonetheless, I compliment you on your “triage” workouts.

Lovely ride sir. Appreciated the interval pacing which allowed me to totally drain the tank on the high intensity portions . Thanks again, We demand… You deliver. heal up quick!

User Photo 770

Mix Master Magic Mike, thank you for a great class! I am always so excited to see new classes from you and want to do them as soon as they come out! This was a great mix of challenges–all infused with your usual wisdom and mellow nature. I hope whatever caused you to need 18 stitches heals quickly and that you (and all the dads out there) have a great Fathers Day. Ride on!

User Photo 1388

I’m so excited for Double Mike this month! You just made my day! Great class! I really enjoyed the music and the climb. Loved your DC story. We have a son and grandsons who live there. Its one of my favorite destinations. I have a fun story to tell…I took your class from September 2013 the other day and you went into a tuck. I don’t generally tuck because my fat belly gets in the way and its very uncomfortable to do. But I haven’t tried in a while and I have lost some weight (thank you Studio Sweat on Demand!) so I tucked….AND…I could do it!!!! I’m thrilled! Thank you for your enjoyable classes that keep me on my bike working toward a healthier me! PS: I hope you didn’t pull your stitches. Heal quickly! You rock!!!

User Photo 1803

Here is to a smaller Wendy! If I saw you live, it would look like you were moving further away from me –cause of the shrinkage 🙂

User Photo 227

Mike – we all are On Demanding because you are so fantastic!! And this class is another example of the excellent rides you give us. Thank you so much and also for the cool music!

User Photo 195

Yay for double you this month!! This ride was super fun and tough! I was trying to match your HR until I realize that 1) you are a guy 2) probably twice as tall and heavy than me so probably not a good idea But it did get me a good idea of the zone I should be by keeping an eye on your HR so THANK You ! Always a pleasure to ride with the MASTER!!

User Photo 1803

Point #1. In spite of my aforementioned music choices, I AM indeed a guy. And, yes, I weigh more than you. However, the HR is relative to your statistical data, so attempting to “match” mine is a good goal. My thought is, try to stay within 10 percentage points of my level and you will have a great ride!

User Photo 120

bike.body.brain synchronicity

It’s like power yoga on a bike. Hold the pose, work hard, repeat.

It’s always a pleasure to ride with you, Michael.

Heather Loenen

User Photo 232

A truly excellent ride Mike! Perfect, thoughtfully selected music to accompany those challenging, awesome drills! Loved your story at the beginning! Consistent excellence from you really does make us on-demanders demanding! :). You truly raise the bar – thank you!!
Mary W.

Great ride!! Loved the 30 second breakaways! Demanding….we only demand from the best and the best are all of you at StudioSweat on Demand!!! Thanks Mike!!!

User Photo 197

8 minute climb! Excellent as always….even if its Cold Play……lol Thank you Mike for the ride. It was a I do not want to work out day……

User Photo 1803

In the past few weeks I’ve played, Coldplay, Taylor Swift and a Justin Bieber song. I think I have an estrogen issue going on.

Studio Sweat On…Demanding. Priceless and so true! We demand, you kindly accommodate!
I appreciate the different format of this ride- as advertised, the long stretches of riding require mindful attention to form and heart rate. Thanks, Mike!
Heather W.

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  • Trainer:
  • Date: June 16, 2016
  • Length: 59:16
  • SWEAT Scale:
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    Low to Moderate Intensity
  • 4-5 Sweat Drops:

    Moderate to High Intensity

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