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Spin & Stretch December 14, 2014

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

3 words… a-ma-zing!!! This Spin® & Stretch class is challenging and rewarding. You’ll ride hard for 35 strong minutes, conquering rolling hills and steady hill climbs, pushing that pedal speed to accelerate to the top! Once you reach the crest, relax. Kidding! Hit the floor for a little quality Core work. Then into that sweet stretching. Yep, a nice… long… stretch. Ahhh, your reward at last! Your body is going to feel oh so good.

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MM2019 This was FANTASTIC! Love the way you worked the flat with flat standing climb and hill climb over and over. I sweated a lot with the ladder jumps. The core floor work was a little bit of a challenge but improvised. Love the playlist.

Loved this class–Brooke is a great instructor, very low-key, but motivational style. I found the spin portion pretty intense and a challenge, but still fun. Good music. Also loved/needed the stretch portion, which was fantastic after some heavy duty lifting this week. A+

Great class to work out the kinks from sitting in conference sessions for 3 days. Love Brooke’s classes, ended up working out with her 4 times this week!

User Photo 22713

Awesome as always Brooke..nice learning curve in resistance loads g with those ladders climbs and the core/stretch sections’re amazing!!

User Photo 1763

This class was awesome!! Rough spin section and the core and the extended stretch was heavenly!!! Miss ya Brooke!:)

Loved this class. a little spin, a little core and a little stretch is just what I needed! Thank you Brooke

User Photo 1357

OMG… I am so ashamed of myself that this is the first time I have pressed play on this class. What is the saying better late then never. This was an amazing class, I loved each moment and every second.. Miss you much Mrs. Brooke pray that you and your family are well..

User Photo 5834

This a a great spin, really like the core at the end of the class. Music was perfect for the spin moves used. Brooke always motivating and pushes you to work harder.

I only did the spin portion of the class and it was incredible. Loved the 6 minute hill!! I followed this spin class with Cat’s 20 minute HIIT class, then Mike’s 30 minute recovery ride. Perfect combo!!! 90 minutes of pure love, lol. Thanks Brooke!!

User Photo 227

Wonderful class!!! The spin was really tough. I appreciated the recoveries so I could come back strong for the next push. Awesome!!! The core was fantastic as was the stretch. Even the stretch held a challenge, for me anyway – the balance towards the end. Great music too!!! Thank you so much Brooke – you are terrific!!!

User Photo 232

Brooke – that was a super tough class!! The spin was awesome and that 6 min hill climb with those 30 second accelerations were brutal – in a good way, ha! Loved it. Core was fantastic and so was the stretch. Just a great workout all the way around, plus perfect music. Thank you so much!

Brooke, thanks for a great class! Perfect combination of spinning, core and stretching. Great whole body workout. I also love your training style. It is very motivational!

User Photo 221

I loved the spin part of the class. I was unable to make it through the remaining video as every few minutes the video would shut off and I had to restart. I’m not sure if that was on my end or if something was wrong with the site?

User Photo 8

Hi Nicole. We haven’t heard any other issues. A good check is to try playing videos on other sites, like youtube, though those are much lower quality. You can always check your upload speed too. We have an FAQ on our web site on how to check your upload speeds. Email if you don’t figure it out though. Here to help!

I used to have that problem especially when it was snowing or raining. But I moved my bike about three feet closer to the modem downstairs and now all is good.
Challenging class with wonderful ending stretches.

Everything about this class was pure perfection, from the spin to the music to the stretch! Brooke, you are a super talented instructor- I love all of your classes. I hope that you release some more spin stretch classes, too! Thank you for a great ride!

That is so sweet Erin, thank you. Love your feedback. I would love to do more Spin/Stretch classes. I enjoy it as well!

AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my top favs! From start to finish I was into it and loving every minute! My hubby joined in … but on the treadmill for the spin portion as we only have one bike … he would match elevation and speed and then did the abs and stretches … LOVE! Thanks Brooke!