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Spin Sculpt October 16, 2014

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

I call this one “Climb”. Why? Think ladders and hills. It’s masterfully done with some challenging, but fun ladder drills that’ll leave you feelin’ it tomorrow! Coach Meredith has incorporated some ascending and descending cardio & strength intervals to work your entire body while also challenging and improving your mental toughness. She motivates you to continue producing a working output at a high level for set durations. I guarantee you’ll want to quit early at times. My challenge to you is to not. Don’t be the one to quit early. Slow down if you need to, but DO… NOT… QUIT until it’s over. You got this. ~Cat

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I completed this workout as the first in my Komrade Bingo for 2019. It was tough, and I love the ladder work. Thanks to Meredith. I think everyone relatively new to SSOD should search back through the classed to find some of these hidden gems.

Excellent instructor and workout. Super challenging, and Meredith gives great instruction. Absolutely I loved the class. Thank you! A+++++++

Love Meredith workouts…. on the outside so calm but when you are doing her classes you are literally dying…but in a good way..thanks Meredith

WOW, I found this gem when I searched for ladders. Loved it- every minute and your cuing is spot on. Feeling excited for my next workout with you. Meredith. Thanks bunches

Oh by the way I thought I’d mention an Epson salt bath is going to be necessary if I’m going to tackle a hike tomorrow at 10,000+ feet of elevation.

User Photo 232

Absolutely one of the best spin sculpts in the library coached by wonderful Meredith! Awesome!
Mary W.

User Photo 227

Thanks for the reminder about this great class Nicky! Just got done and yes – this is an excellent workout that is perfectly coached by Meredith. I will be doing this one again!!

User Photo 1404

This was an amazing class!! I don’t even remember the music because I was so focused on what you were saying!!! Perfectly coached!!

User Photo 22713

Jeezo..those ladders and climbs were tough Meredith.I loved it all tho and definitely got a great workout..cheers!!

Loved working so many different muscle groups in this class after sitting in the car all day yesterday! What a tough, complete workout this is and so fun. Awesome.
Heather W

User Photo 1261

That was great! I love ladder drills and climbing, so this was super fun for me. Was glad the sound issue toward the end was fixed.

Love Meredith Amazing class .Loved the music ,energy and above all it concentrated on entire body movement.Kindly keep all these kind of energy music track for all the spin classes.

Loved this one! Ladder drills gave it sweaty goodness and helped the time fly by. Great cuing and creative variety of moves in and off the bike. Fabulous class!

great workout, love this one! mere spin sculpt from october here’s to jingle jock…playing catch up toda!!!y

User Photo 690

Yep, this was amazing!!! Great form pointers, Meredith! Loved the ladders. I am jiggly all over, just like I like to be after a SpinSculpt! You made every minute count!

User Photo 232

Meredith – that was a brilliant workout!! A most excellent and very challenging spin! The ladder format with the sculpting was very hard. So sweaty and feeling accomplished! Thank you so much! Great music too!

User Photo 227

Wow that awesome and also tough!! Loved the ladder format. I really pushed it and I’m feeling it. You had really good music too. Thanks for a great workout Meredith – I am tired!! 🙂

User Photo 198

Great class Meredith. I love the slower cadence with the higher resistance. It gives me an opportunity to really focus on my form. Thank you for saying what body part we should be feeling the movements in. If I wasn’t, I corrected my form and then felt the movements in the correct area. Very helpful. I will certainly be feeling my hard work tomorrow. Feeling the love right now 🙂