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Spin Sculpt Class – December 2, 2012

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike / Resistance Band

Just a good solid, get it done & have some fun workout. On the bike burn fat & build lean body mass with high speed & body sculpting intervals, add some endurance climbs, throw in classics like push-ups, squats & some abs… solid workout.

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Another fabulous class. I was excited to get to use my new resistance bands and now you got me wanting some new shoes!

Drive to 25- #35! A new (to me) killer class from the infamous year of 2012. Love the band work, love the spinning, loved he socks, love the ’12 pep.
Heather W

User Photo 264

Great one and tought one again! This bank is so full of good stuff I was able to do 5 a week this summer and I have not see the end of it! 🙂

Kat what a fantastic workout:-) I have been in the military for over 23 1/2 years and consider myself to be in great shape. Your spin and sculpt workouts are among the best I have ever seen in sometime. I have been following your workouts for over a year now and you have never fail me in burning max calories. Keep up the great work. Fitness is the key to a longer life. Hoorahhh!!!!

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Thanks Derrick. That’s a high compliment! I love spin, but you gotta remember to stoke those muscles and keep it interesting and tough so… SpinSculpt. Started the class locally like 7 years ago and I still can’t get enough. Thanks for your note. See ya in class!

As always a fab workout. Loved the abs part…..what a killer and I love the naughty school girl look you have going on in this workout. Thx Cat. p.s. Happy Holidays to all of you at Studio Sweat, Enjoy!

User Photo 8

Happy Holidays to you. With you being one of the first SSODers and giving me your testimonial. I’ll remember you this Christmas. THANK YOU!