Spin Core November 5, 2017

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Monica's Spin Core class November 5, 2017

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    FUN – Fast, Unique, and Non-stop is the acronym for this speed driven, no quitting, get you smilin’ Spinning class! You’ll love bouncing back and forth between endurance and interval drills, while singing along to some popular tunes.

    This energetic Cycling class is one you’ll want to do a few times, so pump up the volume and get ready to sweat!

    Here's what people said about “Spin Core November 5, 2017”

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    Like the class but the voice was too loud the insteuctor’s cokume needed to be turned down and the music louder
    Other than that it was a great class

    Thanks Anita! I will definitely keep that in mind next time…now I will have to count for myself in my head lol

    Drive to 25-holy smokes! That was so much fun! Thank you, Monica! Crushed major calories after Cat’s Halloween ride. Definitely a favorite.

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    “Drive to 25” -79..Thanks for a fun and sweaty workout Monica..loved the drills and the core at the end was just right..cheers.!!

    Drive to 25. # 20. I absolutely loved Monica’s class! I really wish she had more classes. The class just flew by (with the exception of the heavy rock song…but that’s just personal preference). Please do more!!! I’ll be doing this one again 🙂

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    Monica I haven’t had this much fun in a workout in a while! music was perfect and drills were tough but doable . A+++ instant favorite

    Drive to 25 – Class 31.
    This looked like an enjoyable class but I struggled to get into fully due to the volume mix of the music being very low compared to Monica – maybe some post-production tinkering would help?
    Still give it my all though 🙂

    Drive to 25 – Great workout and I loved the music. I appreciate reading the positive comments here. It motivates me to get my workout clothes on and get going when I might be feeling lazy.

    Watch out Connie! That’s my husband and now he is going to get even bigger with that compliment! He LOVES SPIN!!! just don’t tell anybody lol

    Drive to 25! Holy cow! Tank burned more than 1100 calories on that one!! I worked my butt off and burned 400. Thank u Monica!!

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    Drive to 2. Great class! I love Monica’s laid back and cheerful attitude. It made the class that much more fun and enjoyable.

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    I loved the music and the core!! Yeah the music could have louder but still a great class!! Can’t wait for more classes from you….my instinct says you’re a rocker which those are my favorite classes!!!

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    I really loved the class. The variety was great, music was fun. Monica you add variety to my workouts! Very clear excellent instruction and loved the counts, let’s me refocus, cheers xoxo

    Anita, no excuse nescessary — Insteuctors cokume is a great name for a book, or a chapter to a particular podcast we’re all listening to!!!

    Great class, but is it possible to get the music louder, and I don’t mean by me raising it on my TV.. I mean on your end..??this is for all the classes…