best Spin class download The Challenge to Change Ride

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  • Trainer:
  • Date: January 30, 2020
  • Length: 59:30
  • SWEAT Scale:

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The Challenge to Change Ride

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Get fierce with Fred in one of the best Spin class download workouts out there. “Challenge yourself to change yourself” is the theme of this sweat-soaking 45-minute battle on the bike that gets progressively tougher with each pedal stroke. When the cardio stops crankin’, Fred will cool you down and then lead you through a series of core-toning exercises. It’s the perfect finisher. Let’s turn and burn!

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You do a wonderfull job warming the body up and cooling it down, not to mention challenging our heart rate. Thanking you for the hard work to prepare to teach. Look
ing forward seeing more of your classes

country,pop,etc… nice ride Fred . my abs are on fire……thanks again, getting me ready for swim suit season…. jEN FROM PHILLY

Philly in The House, Oh Yeah! Well Jen, My 30 min Cycle / 30 Min Sculpt should be out by next week, So that will be the one You Be Turning Heads from During Bikini Season! Until The Keep UP the Good Work! Summer Bodies are Made in The Fall and Spring, showing off the hard work in the sun while having fun Is for The Summer and Maintaining

Are you ready? Get on board. Fred does not disappoint. Do you wanna work? Do you wanna sweat? Do you wanna spin to some great music? Well, look no further. Fred will put a big smile on your face. Looking forward to some more great rides Fred.

Paul, Thanks Man You are The Best, I just filmed at 30 Min Cycle & 30 Min Sculpt Just For You All, No Extra People in The Class, Just Me Getting You all another Workout To KeeP It Going! Look Out for and Get Ready!

Did this one again! 3rd time? so fun. Love seeing More Fred! Love the singing, the energy, the music, the ride – it’s all great. thanks for sharing your talents.

Siobhan, Thank You so much for being so awesome and been a fan of my Talents! can you break your name down to how
I can pronounce it correct, just incase you are on my shout out list, I don’t want to butcher your name up on air, hahaha

Deborah Thanks and I am filming another class this week, cycle / sculpt so get ready for 60 minutes of a heart pumping ride, and a muscles pumping sculpt!

My first class with Fred and it’s obvious why everyone wants MORE Fred!! Not only an amazing workout but he knew exactly when I was seriously thinking about dialing it in. I am drenched and grinning ear to ear. Can’t wait for more.

Jessica Thank You for making my smile bigger today with your comment! Glad you really enjoyed my class and looking forward to More Fred (ME)! Because you are in luck, I will be filming another download very soon! You should also check out my 25 mins all out Spin! Its A Good one that you can tag my 30 mins Calisthenics and Core Class After, if you check them out let me know how it went!

Fred = Fun! Great format and music and vibe. Loved this class. Fred is super fit and motivating bringing his own special sauce. Perfect morning spin workout and the Core was a bonus. Fred you made my day. THANK YOU!

Sandra Thank you so much, You made my day hearing how much you love the class and what you got out of it! So hopefully more than excited that I will be bring you a Cycle / Sculpt Class Soon!

User Photo 34487

Just — DANG, Fred! I was on such a high after this ride. I love hills and the tunes you chose for those last two were just perfect: a slow, driving beat for the first and that consistent intensity and mantra for the second — wow. Your talk with us throughout the ride kept me going. I wish the camera went both ways so that you could see all of us out here with our perma-grins and clapping our hands and singing with you! Many thanks —

Kathreen Thank You for sharing that, means a lot, I do my best to find music, and drills to the music that almost everyone to enjoy which is not easy, hard to please that many people so I do my best to please lots of your all. until my next class enjoy and keep it going!

User Photo 34487

One day I’ll plan a trip to San Diego so I can take one of your classes in person (I’m in eastern Washington)! 🙂

Rebekah, Thank you and I am so glad you are loving my classes, hope you are looking for more to come, because i will be bring you more soon!

Melanie Thank You for saying that because sometime its hard to wonder if I am talking too much or too little, singing too Much, or
not to sing at all, I usually just go with the Flo, Kat found me and asked me to film some classes for her, I asked what she wanted and her response was just Go Teach Your Class, That is what I want! So You all get Who I AM ( The Guy My YMCA and Cycle Studio Gets Every Week)

Tanja Dittich You are Welcome and Thanks, You Got It, I will Get some more classes out there for Ya, 30min Cycle / 30 Min Sculpt Coming Soon! What part of the World Are you Coming From?

Karen That Is so Awesome, and that is probably because your legs and core is stronger and now you are having More Fun
pushing up those Hills, and Killing Those Sprints!

I am such a fan of this ride 💕💕💕
I keep coming back to it
Your continued instruction and motivation is what keeps me moving during this workout
Thank heavens for the powerful songs at the back end of this ride
Can’t wait for your next one 😉
Thanks Fred 💋🌏

Catherine You are Welcome and Thank You for letting me know, I am doing my best to get you all another on soon, In the Beats, Cycle, and Abs Lab Now working on 60 minutes Cycle / Sculpt For Ya

Thanks Rachel, I will always do my best to motivate and entertain you to get make it fun to get your mind off
the hard work and sweat to enjoy every class!

Elizabeth Yes, Its hard not to add Mike to my Playlist His Music is always upbeat, climbing or sprinting and something
most people know the words Too

Nancy Thanks, Everyone show be able to Enjoy and have a little fun on their bikes, I am a big fan of
having some fun no matter what you are doing!

Summer with a name like that, you have no choice to be a fun person, so I am sure you singing, and sweating like I was!
Get That Sham-Mop Ready for my 30 cycle / 30 sculpt hoping to get out to you all soon

Thanks Rob, Sometimes it just that eazy, because when you are having fun, you notice how hard you are working as time fly bY! Glad your enjoy the Class.

Fred! I did it again! The Challenge to Change Ride is such a great workout! Thank you for your motivation and for making your class so fun!! You are an inspiration! Love when you sing! Lori

Lori WoW, and Thanks for letting me know! You comment is singing to me that you are so Awesome! Are You Ready for Fred Cycle / Sculpt Time Because its Coming! Hey, Time to Go Shopping Because You are going to need new clothes, smaller one! what part of the world are you coming From?

Whoot, Whoot back to you Kelly and don’t worry, More to come Soon, keep that bike ready and get those dumbbells handy( hint, hint)!

Thanks Steven, We ride hard sometimes, but more important we need to cool down and stretch more, and strengthen the Core to ride and push our bodies More!

Danielle Thank You so much, that means a lot hearing that, your comment is the reason I have the passion to teach as I do!

Fred!!! This was amazing. The energy, the music, the color coordination! I loved it. Thank you so much for making giving your all to the class. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Laura You are Welcome and Thank You for saying and noticing all of that even down to my Shoes and Shirt, hahaha an No need to worry, more to come from this Guy!

Melinda, Thanks, Its Very important to have a good cool down and stretch following a hard workout, plus Core, Core, and Core, equal More, more, and More. You are only as Strong as Your Core!!!

Great class, Fred! At one point you said not to turn the resistance down but to keep it. Gak! Could you see me reaching for the knob? But I kept the resistance and pushed through👊 Thanks for the super positive class; loved it!

hahahah, Alana I love it, great job on not reducing your resistant leading into that last Hill, The reason Why The Ride was called
Challenge To Change Ride! Keep up the amazing Work until My Next One, and Yes I was Looking at Ya

Martin Thanks, I can tell by the bike helmet that you ride outside so you probably were loving those back to back hill and the Finish at the End!

Kristen, OMG and WOW! 5 Times! That So Awesome, Well Let me get to Work and is 60 minutes Cycle / Sculp Class to get Out You All Soon

Kristen, OMG and WOW! 5 Times! That So Awesome, Well Let me get to Work and is 60 minutes Cycle / Sculp Class to get Out You All Soon

Was saving this for when I had an hour to focus! Great class, great coaching, motivating, breaks in the right place… loved the signing along! Straight to favourites….💪

Victoria Thanks and Good plan on making sure you had the right amount of time to be focused and ready for class. I glad it was worth the wait! Keep up the Good Work

Wowza😁. Great class again Fred. I love your motivational coaching. It makes it easy to keep going. Appreciated the stretching and core work too. ! Great music!!

User Photo 33420

It’s a snow day in Denver Colorado and this ride made getting up worth it! Great music , energy and workout. Thanks Fred.

Took this class last week and super fun and hard! You have so much energy it’s makes the work effort so worth it! Hard work and lots of fun! Thanks Fred

Brain Thanks Man, Glad that you are still alive to let me know that you enjoyed the class! No worries about more! Trying to get another workout to you soon, get that bike and dumbbells ready, Cycle / Sculpt Coming soon

Great class Fred! Infectious energy, perfect cuing, and awesome music! Love Fred’s classes – keep them coming!

Great mix of music! Never knew what tune would be coming up next and always made me smile.
Thanks for coming back Fred. Fun and challenging.

wow great class to do at home I’m going to be a grandmother any day now, and that class is really motivating for us older people!! I want to stay active and fit so I can enjoy playing and being active with my grandson much respect all the way from New Zealamd loved this class Fred please do more 🙂

Julie, No problem, I will do my best to bring you all more classes like that so you can keep those legs strong and overall fitness level up to par. GrandMother gonna be busy once that little pea starts walking, running, and Jumping! Until then keep up the good work and enjoy all the way form New Zealand.

Love this class. Fred, your choice of music is spot on to the exercise at that moment and your enthusiasm is a real inspiration as one sweats through the drills. Keep those classes coming!!

Delane, Thank you for letting me know that, as long as your all keep doing your thang and asking for more, I will keep cooking them up and serving them to you all!

Michelle, Thanks for letting me know all of that, you can always pull me up and SSoD when your need that extra motivation because that is the only way I know how to Teach!

MY MAN FRED!!!! YESSS!! This was amazing. I mean everything was so amazing, the spin, the stretch, the core and most of all THE MOTIVATION!!! I hit my highest heart rate and the most MyZone moved I’ve ever have in this class! You’re motivation and energy is above anything else! Thank you, please give us more Fred!!! I love all the trainers at SSoD but I don’t think I’ll ever miss a Fred class! Thank you so much!!!!

MY GIRL NIKKI! THANK YOU FOR THAT COMMENT! Hearing words like that is what keeps inspiring me to do what it do with so much passion and energy! Can I ask, What part of the World are You From, This has been so awesome to me getting to know people from all over the World that are Loving My Classes!

I’m over here all the way across the states in Raleigh NC. Wish I were closer to take classes in person but I’m just so thankful for all the online classes and the continuous new classes we get! Please do more soon, it was amazing!

Jennifer, Glad that your made it thru to be Victorious! Yes it was a little difficult that is why the class was only 3mins ( hahaha)
but that is the reason why it was Called Challenge To Change Ride! Keep up the Good Work Jenn

Allison Thanks and I can see my reflection in your sun glasses! is that California Sun? Also I was just thinking that I need to ask Cat if the World is Ready for a 60 Mins Fred/Cat Class! You Think You All Are Ready Allison???

I LOVE this workout. I’ve been out of spin for a gym got rid of the spin bike😭so I bought my own but just not motivated. I can def do this at 4am before work..I SWEAT LIKE A PIG but didn’t want to die…. completely lol…maybe at the end🤮🤣ty Fred and welcome!!!!

Cassie I am glad to see you are back into the saddle, I am a morning person so I know what it takes to get moving in the early am, not eazy for sure, but once you do get going its the best time to workout! This Really, Get the Feet to The Floor, Get to The Shower, 2-3 min Hot and Rinse in Cold 30-60 Seconds, You will be Ready to Go, warm up then bring down the house, Sweating Like a Pig, I do also, I Leak! Let Me know how your next workout goes after that 5min wake up shower!

wooot wooot FRED!That was absolutely AWESOME!Fantastic workout. Must add to my Favourites..I melted the snow outside with that workout.BURN BABY BURN!Thank You.

What a fun motivating class! The time flew by. The energy Fred puts into the class is so motivating. Keep them coming.

Elaine Thank You and No problem, I only have one way of teaching! I will Keep them coming as long as your keep asking Me and SSoD To

Debra, Thanks as you Core if the Central Foundation of your Body Over All Strength. If you have not already please try out my
30 minutes Calisthenics and Core Class

Thanks Kerry, I Really do my best to design classes I can push You, but motivated and coaching you, but more importantly
enjoy the time sweating it all out!

User Photo 41024

That was so awesome! Fred has such high, motivating energy!! The way he can talk and sing while still working out makes it seem effortless! We were victorious!!!

Julie Thank You, Honestly Ive been waiting to hear from you. That picture of you doing the v sit ups hold has left a
good impression of you on by brain. Until my next one, keeping doing what you are doing because it is working for You

Amy Thank You. I am smiling now while replying to your comment, I Live a Positive Life Style so most of the day I am laughing
, smiling, having a good time even when I am pushing myself working out and more important when I am Teaching

Christine, Thank You Soooooo Much! You just Won The Fred’s Best Comment of the Day, Shhhh don’t tell anyone else! I Love That
Strong Smile and Hair You Have ( Your Hair Game in Awesome ) The Smile and Energy I feel from You all the Way form Germany is Amazing! Christine, don’t be a stranger ok!

I did it twice just to make sure that I’m right to say that this is my favorite class ever. I’ve been studio sweating for a while now, and this is my first comment ( I think ). I really love the program you offer. It’s varied, energetic and fun. I have a real fondness for all of your instructors. This class though is extra special – I love Fred’s enthusiasm and encouraging style. He’s clear and focused. And great music too. Hopefully we’ll see more of Fred in the future. Thanks again to you all. You’re my exercise heroes.

Rob My Man, Did We Just Become Best Friends! Thank You a lot for saying that and taking the time to post it. Comment like yours are what keep driving me to stay focused on Why I do This. I have a passion for Health and Fitness and Cat Kom has gave me the opportunity to reach people from across the World and this has been so amazing. Trust Me, You will see, hear, and sweat it out with Me on SSoD More and More This Year! Note, Your Comment is topping #1 on My Chart Now!!!!

Great class, motivating, fun challenging and fantastic coaching. As a former spin teacher, huge appreciation for teaching, motivating and coaching ALL at the same time:) Its NOT easy you rock!!! Straight to my favs.

Karmen, Thank You, it really means a lot hearing from instructors who know what it takes to deliver a class to a huge population of people choosing music, putting a workout out to the music and Motivating and Coaching It, Once again Thank You for sharing That

This class was so much fun! Loved the music which made it go by fast. I was singing along to all the songs. The coaching was amazing and easy to follow. I am
defiinately going to be sore tomorrow but totally worth it. I will be back for more. Thanks Fred!

Yeah! So pleased to see this added to the “Fred” file. The full w/up & c/down are appreciated; important reminder to honour the full cycle, like Fred said. Thx F & SSOD

Ohhhhh weee! Now that right there was amazing. I loved the different music motivations and 🔥 👶🏼 🔥 was in the right spot to keep me goingi appreciate it

Fred: Thank you for such a great workout! I didn’t realize how hard I was working until I finished and I was dripping. Loved your commentary, singing and directions throughout the class! I can’t wait to do it again! I was also impressed how your were able to maintain speaking without being breathless the entire class! You’re in awesome shape!

Lori You are Welcome and Thank You! Glad I could get you to drip sweat all over your floor! As far me working hard with you all and teaching, coaching, motivating, and singing I credit to Me Pushing myself on my Run Training, I usually run 2-3 Half marathons per year. I think about how I push you all during class and how you all always respond that motivates me to get pass my hard run trainings! ( Super Happy To Be On That Bike )

Tracy, Great Response, You did Win the Super Bowl! You Challenged You Body and You Push and Work Hard until The
End! That Feeling Gets NO Better

Hi Fred – loved it! Your music and your drills are great. Also, love your motivating style of coaching. Please keep singing! I am singing along with you! More Fred please….

Hahahah, Paige Thanks You So Much, I try my best Not to Sing the whole time because I know I song bad but I cant help
it, If anything it will make you laugh and smile! Until my next one, You keep singing alone with Me and The Music

I’m loving these workouts with Fred. Fun inspiring instructor who picks great music! Hoping to see more of him in the future on SSOD!!

Jaclyn Thank You, No need to worry Cat has opened the doors for me at Her Studio, So I will get back into the Cycle/Abs Labs to Cook something up for you all soon! Its been great hearing all the amazing comments so keep them coming and I will keep the workouts coming!

Yowza! Really pushes you to engage 100% to the end! His inspirational chit chat kept your mind off the pain and keeps you going!

Maria Yowza! Said it all! I might or will push you out of the comfort zone, but I going to always talk you thru It to Get More out
of The Body when opportunity presents itself! Work Hard But Have Fun

Laura, Thanks and there is nothing like a Strong Finish to Complete The Mission, Brutal But You Did It! That’s What Really Counts Like Every Pedal Stroke To The End!

User Photo 1404

We asked and we got it….MORE FRED!!!! That was one of THE best spin classes!!!! If you haven’t taken a Fred class, you are seriously missing out on phenomenal classes and trainer!!! Fred’s positive approach to exercise and training us is top notch. You’re smiling the entire time!! Fred, I didn’t break either of your rules….I worked hard and had fun!!! Thank you!!!!

Nicky, You are So Awesome! Thank You So Much for Sharing That Info About Me and My Classes! Comments Like that is what really inspires me to keep doing what I Love to Do. You Now will for sure be on my next Class Shout Out List! Nicky You keep Killing it with SSoD Classes Cat has really been working hard bring lots of variety to You All! Plus You know you can always reach ouf if you need any advice or guidance

Awesome. Great cues, fun tunes, amazing attitude and positive vibes! Will definitely do this ride again. Great job, Fred, and many thanks. SSOD… more Fred, please. 🙂

Susan you are Welcome and Thank you for letting me know how it went, please do worry about More Fred! I am just getting Started on SSoD

Heather Thank You, and even more for enjoying my terrible voice, but I am going to sing when im feeling It ( hahahaha)
hopefully you are singing along with Me vs laughing at me!

Fantastic workout Fred. Rules achieved – worked hard and had fun! Non-stop action and great music to match. I am now waiting for a Spin Sculpt from you!

Rita Thank You for letting me know, and if you have been following me that is what I am thinking of Next Spin/Sculpt
now it know that is what I have to do next! Get Ready for Spin/Sculpt Freddy Style!!!

Fred – Totally lived this class! Your coaching, energy and attitude are exactly what I love. Look forward to seeing you again. Love the work hard and have fun the best recipe for success!

Best class I have taken on this site! Thank You Fred. Mimi is another favorite and Brooke. I appreciate how we work hard with good direction and a student can feel successful. Great music!!

Dena I am sure you Rock as Well! About That SWEAT! I think you saw in the Video I was Drenched as Well! The Reason I
were A Sweat Band

Amazing cycle ENCORE Fred! You are a definite ball of energy that has no stop to you. At the end, I realized what I was yelling, listened to the song and started yelling “Kelly Clarkson” instead! Thanks for the amazing boo-tay kickin’. Next class, bring it…I’m ready and waiting. 🙂

My first Fred class and I loved every minute of it! Great class, great music, great workout! Feeling strong 💪 thanks Fred!!

Bailey Thank You and I am glad your enjoyed your 1st Fred Class, if you can go back and try me 20 min Cycle and my 30 min Calisthenics and Core Class

Wow!! That was a great way to start the weekend. Thanks for the amazing workout!! Loved the coaching! Hope to see more from you soon.

Fred! Your style of teaching is just awesome! I work so hard yet feel like I’m not doing so. You make it fun. It is so casual yet so hardcore LOL keep them coming!!!!

Fred, you knocked it out of the park again!!! Loved the music and your energy. Thank you for a great workout!!!!!

Vallerie Thank You! Glad You Love it just as more as the 1st One. I now get back to work on the next one for You All

User Photo 79129

That was such a great workout! Absolutely loved the playlist. Thank you for pushing me to sweat the most I have in quite a long time!

Valerie You Have My Heart! Thank You So Much for Saying That, I really Mean A lot when I hear comments like yours. I take a lot of pride in making sure my classes the best, working you hard a bit, but also making sure you do and can smile and enjoy the Sweat and Hard Work!

Love Fred’s energy, music and drills! I found his cues a little hard to follow, a couple of times he said “65-85” rpms, that’s a big range to know where to settle in at. His leg speed rarely matched the rpms he called for. This might be a tough class for new riders who don’t know how to find their own rhythm. Love the encouragement and attitude from Fred, thank you for sharing!

Trisha, Thank you for pointing out some of those things. if you have a console with rpm… average sitting tempo is 90-110 depending on your resistant, and Standing is going to be 55-75 rpm once again depending on you resistant. A new rider probably will struggle with any style in the begging , because it hard to follow leg speed for the videos I am sure. But I am so glad you pointed that out, trust me , I will be sure to clean and clear all of that UP!

That was intense & insane 😱
Not for the uninitiated or faint hearted
I’m barely able to breath 🥵
I’ll be spending the rest of the day recovering, replenishing and recovering 😂
You are a beautiful beast but deadly
Thanks Fred 💋🌏

Catherine Thank You and Sounds Like You really went for it pushing yourself, and most important doing the correct thing after!

User Photo 44910

Looove the music! Thank you for the encouragement all the way through the class 💜 needed it for sure 😅 🙏🏻

Anna hopefully you know by now that despite me pushing you, I will be with you coaching and motivating you all the way to The End

I love these videos by fred! I never feel more motivated than when I’m following his workouts!
Please please please keep new vidoes coming!

Megan Thank You and Trust Me, Trust Me, Trust Me, you all keep asking I will bring More, More, and More New Classes to SSoD for You All

User Photo 22713

Straight to Favourites Fred.. That was amazing.. Expertly coached spinning masterclass.. Thanks for kicking my butt. 👍 💦

Andrew if anyone would love the challenge of those back to back Hills and Sprints it would be You! Get up the good work Man and Hit up my classes when you can, I am started to work on something else soon so adding you for sure on my Shot Out List!

#FwF2020 Fun with Fred. Can a person be any cheerier? I enjoy his direction of what were going to do, what we are doing and how we should be doing it (brain vs muscle) and feeling – consistent throughout the class. How can the in-studio sweaters not be smiling? Thanks Fred.

Thanks Kathy, Actually I Just a Football Coach on Bike These Days, I try my best to push you, also coach you as we go, making sure you are challenged but letting you know that you can do it, and with a smile because its your free time and fun and enjoying that time is a must also! Just Like When I coached Football, Work Hard, Play Hard and Smart, But Have Fun doing What You Like Doing

User Photo 63971

That was a great class! You are addictive FRED! I think I want to start wearing a sweatband now! I was drenched! Cant wait for more classes with you!

Katie, Thanks for sharing that, plus I always get to see those Killer Legs of Your When You Do, hahaha! Keep for the Great Work katie and Get Those Legs Ready for The Next One

User Photo 1763

This was an amazing class! I worked hard i had fun and I even have a grimace to give when asked💪😊 cant wait to see more from you Fred!!

Shelli, That is So Awesome, most people totally miss on the grimace ( half smile enjoying the moment / half fighting the pain look )que I give, Now looks like I have get back into the ABS LAB Asap to give you all More as you request

Fred, Your music, your energy, your positivity and your workout gave me my best stats yet!! I’m SO excited and very grateful!! Thank you SO much!! Be Blessed!! 🙂

Thank you Fred, absolutely LOVED IT! Can’t believe how quickly it went, and I literally have all of your songs on my own playlist except one at the end! YOURE AWESOME !

Anne that is so Awesome, I bet you were pedaling and singing and working and sweating the entire Time! I do this for people like you so until my next class, maybe enjoy that one, two, Three More Times

Anne that is so Awesome, I bet you were pedaling and singing and working and sweating the entire Time! I do this for people like you so until my next class, maybe enjoy that one, two, Three More Times

Jodi, Love you for letting me know how much you enjoyed that class, it should be ready for you to download soon if not already

LETS GO LEGS! Thank you Fred for another challenging class, your music pairings are absolutely fantastic and the variety is awesome.

Maria, Thank You. Remember it is 60% Mental, So talk to yourself in the 3rd person and Tell Your LEGS TO GO, TO PUSH, TO WORK, It Will Happen

Sandy, Thanks But You Had a Great time Challenging Yourself for That Change, Which in the End The Feeling you get from
all that hard work is Amazing!

OMG! I was set to do another workout from another streaming site but then i saw Fred. Screeeeeeech. I stopped all plans and pulled out my bike! Another great workout brought to you by Fred. Great music, great energy and so much fun. SSOD has awesome instructors.

Siobhan Thank You So much for letting Me know That’s The reason I do this. I am so glad that I could once again put together another class that your all Love, Work Hard, but Also Can Enjoy

Pamela, FriYAY! If you are not Smiling You are Missing the Point! ENJOY the workouts, despite the HARD WORK, that is your FREE Time, Have FUN!

User Photo 55044

Yay sweatband Fred is back….fantastic workout and loved the core section too! Please, please, please give a shout out to Laura in her garage in the UK in your next class! x

The Garage Shout Out, Laura You Got It! Everyone I have met for the UK is Awesome, So I know hands down You Are Too

Fred, you are friggin awesome!!! You have brought the fun back to spinning. I am dancing once again. Thanks so much!!!!!

Michelle, Thank You so much for sharing That, I have No idea why people cant believe You can Work Hard and Have Fun at the Same Fregging Time

Thanks for the great workout, Fred! This was my longest ride since recovering from a back injury.
‘More Fred’ = YES!!

Suzanne Thanks and Great Job on the comeback, Back are tuff injuries to deal with. So keep it up, take care of
that Back Please! Listen To Your Body

FRED ROCKS!! OMG what a fun class!! Love your coaching style. Great instruction. Huge calorie burn!! And I loved your playlist!! Prince, The Trampps, Bruno Mars, etc!!! The core set was super tough too! Abs will be burning. Hurts so good!! This one went directly to favorites!! Will come back for this one often. Cant wait for the next Fred rodeo!! 🙂

Linda, I could have not said that any better! I can really tell that you notice the different music styles and artists used to make that class happen! people are different so I listen to all types of music and try my best to put a class together that can make everyone Smile, Work, and Enjoy Their Time. Keep up the Good Work and Maybe try the Core section 2-3 time a week after the warm UP

User Photo 66955

Just did your class to prepare for a long day! Love your class, style, music,motivation, and positivity! Your sequence of events were fantastic! More classes please! You have got a follower here! Thank you!

Mayling Thanks, You are awesome yourself in lot of different ways, keep posting your workout and what your doing on The FB page, I love looking what all the classes and workouts your doing on SSoD,

Sue, That is So Awesome, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall or I wish you could have been in my class! I am going to be
looking to Do A Live Class Next! So Get Those Vocals Ready

Ronda, Thanks and I Stoke that you loved every aspect of the class! I Now have to get back into the Spin Lab and work on
the Next One, You All are making Me Work, hahahah I Love It!

Woo hoo…..GREAT class!!!!!!!!! Thanks for “More Fred”
Really like his attention to details, awesome music and positive Happy energy…. Thanks Fred!!!!

Casaundra, I know its Not at home, work, in the basement, the lawn, the garage, to do these classes. Time is an issue the reason most people do online classes, so I try my best the put you in the room with Us ( Me ) Pushing You, Challenging You, But Coaching You, Motivating You, Keeping You Smiling to Enjoy Your Time You have set aside for yourself to Improve Your Heath and Fitness, So Keep hitting play on SSoD getting it Done

Right Said Fred! You need to include you singing “I’m too Sweaty for this shirt”!

Very clear instruction, well structured and great tunes.

Christopher Thank Man, You Said It Right ” I don’t sweat I Leak, hahahah ” I am glad that your like the class and took the time to let me know, it does really mean a lot, keep up the good work and now I back in the Lab listening to music to put the next work out Too

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What a great class. I really enjoyed all the hills. The format and music as well as the coaching by Fred is wonderful. Yes! This is one of my favorites. Thanks Fred for making me feel great and energized when I was done. Can’t say enough positive things about this class. Looking forward to the next time! Thanks again.

Jacqueline, Thanks and I am glad the took on those back to back hill for the thrill to get to most out of your body! Strong Mind equal Stronger Legs which will make your over all fitness lever increase for a happier You.. My Mom would always tell us kids, You Look good You Feel Good ( that was about getting dressed to go somewhere but I use it for all life aspects )

Linsdey ( Chuck ), Thank You, its all about having a good time despite coming working hard getting the most out of your body!

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burn baby burn
turn pedals turn…
fred, u rock – love love loved this
we work hard and we have FUN xx

Melissa, I knew for sure you would love this one, it was for all of you who like the 20 min cycle and ask for more Fred and a longer
class! So Thank you for sharing because it does mean a lot, and despite never meeting you, It starting to feel as I know your from your messages so please keep them coming, and don’t be afraid to let me know what you want more of

Thank you Heather, I al glad that you enjoy the coaching, music, and The Class format. Keep Up the Good Work and Burn Baby Burn and Smile, Smile, Smile!

Thank you Fred!! Awesome , powerful workout ! When you played my favorite song disco inferno I almost rode from Chicago to California ! Thanks again !

Joan, hahahah, I am still smiling from that comment, Burn Baby Burn! Lucky for all of us that song is only 3 minutes Long! I do my best to play all type of Music, I Love It All