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45 Minute Kickboxing FUNdamentals cardio killer workout

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45 Minute Kickboxing FUNdamentals

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

I hope you’re ready to get down and dirty because this is a super fun online kickboxing cardio workout that’s gonna kick your butt while you’re learning some moves to do some butt kickin’ yourself! Yep, this killer boxing workout with rounds is gonna get you ready to win the fight. My favorite part is the focus on leg strikes with both legs so we learn to balance out the power!

Let’s sharpen our tools and get to kickin’!

*Make sure to finish stretching!*

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Nothing like doing this on your balcony in palm desert 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼 Great workout YO

MM2019-Did this class for a little variety! Mostly stayed with him and the moves except the few times I got lost! Haha

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I posted my comment on the wrong class lol
I said Bijan has a fun personality and the workout flew by! I’m surprised how much I’m sweating and the core at the end was awesome!!

Great class! Nice break day from the bike. Love the hip mobility and core at the end. Great for us cyclers. Suggest having another instructor next time to help demo.

I loved this class. I realized that I am a bit uncoordinated and I did better when I could see the others doing the moves. My heart rate was up and I got my sweat on so, thank you.

my only qualm about the training is that this is only done on one side traditional fighting stance. Martial arts is about balance, so i believe it should be taught on both sides first, then onto other things like core, etc and Kata’s.

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Interesting! We’re no martial arts experts but thanks for your feedback and we’ll keep all that in mind for next time!

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This class was quite challenging! The kickboxing combos and burpees/squats/abs exercises kept my heart rate quite high and myzone said I burned 506 calories…holy moly! Even if the instructor paused, i kept going and alternated stance to give my non-dominant side equal opportunity. Definitely a class for my fav folder 😬

Sweet class! I liked it a lot, but I did feel a little lost at times b/c the instruction was a little intermittent. I’ve never done a class like this before so it was a little weird to look to the screen to see if I was still doing the combos correctly and Bijan was no longer doing the moves with the class, so I just kept on rockin’ whatever I was doing. With that being said, the combos weren’t so complicated that I felt completely lost, only a little. I just wanted to make sure my form wasn’t completely out of whack. I’m glad there were other moves thrown in the compliment the combos and kicks to help keep my heart rate up and challenge my entire body. It was also nice to give me a break from throwing those hard kicks and jabs. Overall, it’s going to my Favs list for whenever I feel like I need to mix it up. I’d be down for another round or two!

I really wanted to do this class but I felt the instruction was not clear. Half way through explaining you would stop. We don’t see the rest of the class (at least till 9 minutes) which is when I gave up. I think it would be really cool to do but you need to instruct us.