Killer 20 Minute Spin Workout with Cat Kom

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Killer 20 Minute Spin® Workout with Cat Kom

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    A top Google search term is, “Are Spinning classes hard?”. My answer is this, “I hope so!” Unless you’re looking for a recovery ride (which there is a time and place for), then you bet your buns that Spinning classes are hard, but they are what you make them, especially with a streaming Spin class.

    In this killer 20 minute Spinning workout, you can burn a lot of calories in a short time if that’s your goal. Cat Kom brings the music and the motivation, you just need to bring the drive. Train with purpose and you’ll reap the reward!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

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    Here's what people said about “Killer 20 Minute Spin Workout with Cat Kom”

    User Photo 195

    All day long sister!!! Ha not really but it was wicked Awesome !! My HR was super high but i didn’t feel like dying how cool was that!! I paired this with a30′ TRX and had an AMAZING workout ! Thanks for this gem! ❤️

    User Photo 1357

    MMC2017 wk#10. Man what a Great short but sweaty sweet ride… Thanks Cat, I am dripping fat all over the place lol

    I look like I just jumped in the pool! U packed a big punch into that 20 minutes! Straight to favorites. Thanks!!

    User Photo 45

    Great music and so much fun Cat! Paired this with BSP Brian’s spin sculpt. The one with the brutal amount of man makers. Whew! Time to stretch.

    User Photo 22713

    Holly Hell Cat..that was supertough for 20 mins..I did as you asked .and hardly dropped out the red zone..all day long !! Great endurance to finish with..loved it..cheers.!!

    Didn’t think 20 mins would be so tough. Jumps, endurance climbs…as usual just a fabulous fun sweaty and rewarding workout thx lovely lady

    User Photo 31647

    Thanks Cat for the call-out, lady! I wasn’t so much “joy riding” as I was thinking of all that I need to accomplish AFTER my workout instead of focusing on ME! The most important thing (obviously! 🙂 ) I appreciate you Cat! You are amazing!

    User Photo 1261

    Loved it! Except for the Britney Spears song, the music was awesome, too. Pairing this class with a 20 minute upper body workout.

    What a fantastic 20 min calorie crusher! Really pushed for time tonight but managed to squeeze in this class – and I’m so glad I did!
    Great class to blast away a lazy Sunday and feel worked, energised and refreshed.

    User Photo 17844

    Hi Cat! NH blessed me with an outdoor riding season through 12/7/17, but snow is on the ground and back to SSoD! This was a great way to start the spin season – short, sweet, and wow! Short on time today, so this was perfect. Feel great, and psyched to be back!! Jan