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treadmill rolling hills workout Tread with Fred

Tread with Fred

Equipment: Treadmill

Some runners emerge in the spring and summer months, some run year-round, and some of you want to be a runner and don’t know where to start! This class is for all of you! Fred designed this treadmill rolling hills workout to increase endurance by implementing carefully calculated drills. Find out how he tricks your mind into getting the most out of those hills and flat roads by changing the pace and intensity levels at just the right times. Trust us, you want to give this class a shot! Leggo.

This workout does not include a warm-up, but we have some great options here!

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User Photo 81127

I am a slow runner and didn’t quite make the 3 mils but I pushed myself and some Fred cheer and enthusiasm is just what was ordered this Monday.

I rode my bike while Fred did the treadmill. Just had to have a Trainer Fred class. Thanks for the great instructions, motivation, and infectious attitude. 😁

This was a very good treadmill class. I am not much of a runner but it is always good to change it up a bit. I do not run fast, when I do i usually hurt something, so instead i usually up the incline.. so i did not make the 3 miles but got a decent workout non the less. Thanks Fred…

Great run with Fred ! The incline and speed intervals helped me get past 3 miles on this run. Fred is the best when it comes to positive motivation, and the music is uplifting too. Really glad Fred made a running video … his other warm up video which incorporates the treadmill is another favorite of ours. Thank you Fred !

This was a great workout and Fred just puts in a positive frame of mind 😊

My only suggestion/hope is to add CC to treadmill workouts as it’s hard to hear overtop of the treadmill noise.

User Photo 101

This was awesome! I didn’t do 4 miles but 4 kilometres and I am happy with that. Love using the incline to build into the next speed. Went by fast and as usual, Fred is so motivating!

What a workout. I really struggle running for more than a few minutes at a time. Trainer Fred is super motivating. I made is through 20 minutes of running, walked two, and then finished the last 8 minutes strong. I will come back to this again and again.

Definitely doable on a spin bike! Thanks Fred… I remember the hill to trainer Fred’s house from spin classes, it’s a tough one!

I don’t have a treadmill but I didn’t want to miss a class with Fred so I followed along on my bike. It was awesome! Drenched in sweat! Loved it! Thanks again Fred you are the best!

User Photo 22713

I hit the Tread with Trainer Fred…
Keep them coming Fast Fred.. Let’s keep on running and burning Calories “Studiosweat style”.

  • Class Type:
  • Trainer:
  • Date: April 7, 2022
  • Length: 37:45
  • SWEAT Scale:
  • 1-3 Sweat Drops:

    Low to Moderate Intensity
  • 4-5 Sweat Drops:

    Moderate to High Intensity

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