Beginner's Meditation Video Online: 10 Min Meditation

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beginner's meditation video 10 min meditation

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  • Date: March 2, 2021
  • Length: 11:05
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10 Min Meditation

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

In this beginner’s meditation video, Janine will guide you through a short ‘reset.’ Take a few minutes; pause, breathe. Trust where you are in space. Pay attention to who you are at this now moment. It doesn’t take much, nor does it have to be long, but this video will give you the basics of how to introduce meditation into your routine.

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User Photo 46912

So soothing and relaxing to take the time to breath properly. Thanks for doing this Janine;-)
Need more of this in my life🧘‍♀️

This is great for reminding us that taking a few minutes for ourselves doesn’t have to have a huge impact on our day. Thank you Janine, I really enjoyed your style!

User Photo 41024

That was such a wonderful break in my evening and it was over before I even knew it! So many times meditation feels like a process and almost a chore but this was really easy and I feel good that I took the time and mental space to get this done!

What a lovely surprise. LOVE SSOD for always thinking about everything we need. This totally zenned me out after a long day of work and kid stress…. will be so doing this regularly. Thank you Cat for bringing this to the library and thank you Janine for delivering…