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Spin Sculpt November 10, 2013

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike # of Dismounts: 2 Dismount Spots: Multiple Throughout

Inspiration and motivation run strong in this high energy Spin®Sculpt class where we pay special tribute to our armed forces. The music was selected by the class, which was filled with our very own men & women that protect and serve, so get ready to rock! The rides are powerful and the lifting is traditional so there’s no guessing. Push-ups, sit-ups, curls & squats. Time to show me what you got!

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oh my gosh Cat. i had no idea this would be a workout for our service men and women. i just clicked play. fitting in every way because my marine will be home from overseas tomorrow. thank you so much. 🥰

Outstanding in every way and such a great prelude to honoring our Veterans tomorrow. Straightforward spin drills, sculpt, and all around stellar music. Thanks Cat, now a favorite!

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I loved the message of this class, I loved that it ended with a cycle portion, I loved that it hit all major muscle groups, and I love how Cat pushes me to the end! Thank you:)

This was THE BEST workout ever!!! So inspiring And the music rocked!!! One of my favorite songs ever, God Bless the USA!!! But then, then!! It rolls into THUNDER by AC/DC., I was like 😳 OHHHHH SH*t!!
And I LOVE screaming Cat! U rocked it lady!… and yes… yes there were goose bumps and tears!!

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This one gets me every time! I’m so glad the tabatas come before I get emotional! That was so meaningful…we can’t thank those men and women of the armed forces enough! It was also an awesome workout, thanks, Cat!

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That was TOUGH!! But so Awesome! I felt so strong. The music and the tribute was so inspiring. It definitely helped me to push harder. Thanks again Cat.

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This class was kick ass!!! I loved the theme and they did a banging job picking the tunes! The Drowning Pool song I thought my body was going to hit the floor, at the end of the 10 seconds, there was most definitely some four letter words coming out. The vets were my motivation to push through!

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Remembering Adam Brown, US Navy SEAL, who died March 17, 2010 in Afghanistan. Thank you for giving us a workout that pays tribute to our military.

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How have I not stumbled upon this workout before?! I was sweating like crazy but I still got goose bumps! I loved all the music and I’m so glad to support a business that also supports our service men and women! This will be a favorite. God bless the USA!

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This was my workout this morning. I just love this class. I was able to do 15lbs on most of the exercises but had to drop to 10lbs for squats and fly. The John Denver and Toby Keith still gives me chills!

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Just finished this workout. Cat, PLEASE don’t sing!!! JUST KIDDING!! I LOVE IT! I love this video and I love SSoD. I started last week with the free trial and didn’t even wait till it was over to subscribe with the backstage pass. I have lost weight in the past just to gain it back afte training for a marathon or finishing P90x. I am a routine follower so give me a plan and come hell or high water, I will finish it just to lose all that I gained when the plan is finished so I am so excited about SSoD. I look forward to checking back in to let you know how much you’ve helped. Your advertisements say you believe this could be life changing and I believe you might be right. Thank you so much!

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Oh Natalie. You just made me want to belt out a morning tune. Ha! Lalalalalala! Yes, I do believe it can be life changing. I KNOW it can be. Our Success Stories you see online are real. All the pictures you see in our emails, on our web site and in any ads we do are real. No models used ever. That’s how we roll baby! Your turn to create your own SSoD Success story. I look forward to reading it!

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The description of this class sounded so familiar but I hadn’t clicked watched or favorite so I was scrolling through to see if I have ever commented and oh my goodness I have to tell you that I remember this comment and I never knew that you replied, so I’m not kidding you when I tell you for the past almost two years I have thought about it and hoped I didn’t offend you when I said don’t sing and that I hoped you kept reading to hear that I was just kidding. I love when you sing. I love SSoD even more now than I did then. I love the community of it and that we all feel like family. I love the variety and that you guys push me harder than I would ever push myself. I love that y’all are all so real and transparent. That you sweat and your muscles burn and you’re gasping for air just like we are. I really just love everything about it and I’m so thankful for what you do! I can’t believe it’s almost been two years since I joined and I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t achieved my weight loss goals (I could be the poster child for the fact that you can’t out exercise a bad diet) BUT I’m not giving up and my daughters know that as soon as I do achieve my goals, my treat to myself is for us to come to San Diego and do a class in person. I can’t wait!!! Thanks again for being so awesome!!!!!

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Hi Natalie. Ah man, you have such a good heart. No, you most definitely did not offend me hun. It made me giggle. Especially visualizing you taking one of Olga’s classes because she is having so much fun she sings at least 1/3 of the class. You’ll have to try one. I am SO happy that you feel the way you do about the community we’ve built. Our goal is always to make you feel like you’re at home with SSoD. I mean, I know you’re literally at home, but I mean more figuratively. 🙂 I want to PERSONALLY hear when you’ve hit your goal and you’re coming to San Diego. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Oh I do love to hear Olga sing!! You don’t even know she’s killing you because it’s so much fun listening to her! And I will definitely let you know when I finally reach my goals!!

Hi Cat, I have switched up my routine and I am now exercising at 6:00 am everyday. It was hard last week…not so hard this week…..especially with classes like this. I really loved this one! Great exercises, music and people! And very motivational. Thank you!

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On my BSP this week and it’s my first time doing this class. Added to favorites for so many reasons. Sweat and tears today. Thank you, Cat, for this class and thank you to all the service men, women, and families.

Seriously…one of the best. So glad I went back in the library and did it…it’s been too long since I’ve done this one! Inspirational…great way to remember how grateful we are! Awesome class…just wonderful!

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This is one of my favorites, from the music to the gratitude for all of our heroes who are or have served in the armed forces! Was a little emotional during the ride, which made it harder to breath!!

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Oh man. You’re right Lisa. I’m gonna add this one to the Backstage Pass suggested classes for next week. It is a roller coaster of emotions isn’t it! Good job girl. It’s good to feel.

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Oh you are so welcome. My family and dear friends in the military are my heroes. Their families too. That means you! So when ever you miss someone serving or just want to remember why your family does what they do, and you want to feel that emotion… Strap on your shoes and click play. I’ll be there. 🙂

My legs and arms are still shaking and I did this at 5am this morning. Love the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard. I could never do what they do but I bet Cat could compete with the best of them!

Intense, inspirational…what a way to express gratitude! I worked even harder (and didn’t complain when I had to get off the bike to change my little guy’s diaper!)…I just couldn’t wait to get back into it and “feel” it. Cat, you have a true gift! Thanks for being out there!

So amazing. Intense, inspirational…what a way to express gratitude! I worked even harder (and didn’t complain when I had to get off the bike to change my little guy’s diaper!)…I just couldn’t wait to get back into it and “feel” it. Cat, you have a true gift! Thanks for being out there!

Thank you so much for the AWESOME class!!!It made me work even harder!! This day means a lot to me!! Thank you to all men and women who serve in the armed forces so we can all live free!!

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You’re welcome David. You keep socking away that $20/class towards coming back to San Diego, but in the mean time we’re glad you feel like you’re there for the hour you’re taking class with us from New Zealand!

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That’s so sweet. You’re a big softy like me. Songs that make you feel, effort, drive, a little pain, a lot joy, AND SWEAT combining with tears of gratitude. That’s a good day. 🙂

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Simply awesome!!! Gave me goose bumps – from the effort and from the meaning. Just wow. And thanks for the shoutout just when I needed it!! You ROCK Cat!!

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  • Date: November 10, 2013
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