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Spin Sculpt March 19, 2015

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

The warm up is quick. Time to get right to your challenge. Keyword, “CHALLENGE”, so please think tough and grab those heavy dumbbells TO challenge yourself!

The focus is then on how many reps can you get in with good form. This will elevate the heart rate so you start burning fat fast! To mix it up we then have you head back to the bike for an 8 minute “jumps” drill, along with one big mountain to climb before we take it back to the floor for some strength and cardio intervals to REALLY carve up that body!

Finish it off with a repeat of the initial challenge, but this time counting DOWN those reps. Phew! Can you get them all in before time is up? Hit play to find out!

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User Photo 42473

Drive to 25 – 2018 Workout #4 is in the books. If you use a weight and resistance on your bike that challenges you, this workout will leave you breathless!!!! Great class Mere W. !!!!!

Drive to 25 #2. Loved the variety of tunes, and the variety of exercises. My body didn’t know what to expect. Thanks for the energy Mere W.

MM2018 – super fun class. It flew by because of the way you segmented it! Thanks for a full body/cardio workout!

MM2018. Wow Mere I hadn’t done this class in a long time and I see why it was in my favorites.
Great spin and all body sculpt. love the combo moves
thank you!

Okay Mere, I’m convinced, and a convert to spin sculpt now :D! I know it took my while but I’ve even been exploring the spin sculpt library the last month and each workout gets better and better. Merry Christmas from Africa!

User Photo 22713

Wow Mere..that was tough all rolled into one superb spin/sculpt. Great pace and music throughout with awsome coaching as always..nice one W..loved it !!

User Photo 232

Mere – this absolutely is your best Spin/Sculpt – emphasis on killing the upper body which makes for my favorite kind of Spin/Sculpt!
Mary W.

I’ve only had backstage pass for 3 days BUT…I’m a fit 50 year old life time athlete and I already notice a difference. I’ve used Studio Sweat since last winter, when New England got to icy to run, and its been great. I’ve picked my class at random and rocked on about 6 days each week. On a whim I thought I’d give the backstage pass a go. Already a difference…no joke. It’s like having a team coach who’s got a goal in mind and tailors your workouts to meet the goal. Since I don’t know what each workout is designed to target without first watching it I was taking the patchwork approach. Not bad, mind you…you’ll not lose out doing it that way but if you have been tempted to go backstage and get the “coach” back in your life, I’d give it a go.

User Photo 22713

Wow Mere that was freakin usual..though I think it should be titled..sculpt/ got me in a sweaty mess for sure..loved it Mere and survived..just.!!

User Photo 12208

Loved it! What a challenge with the sculpt! Just what I needed this morning! Your energy and encouragement pushes me through. Thank you, Mere!

Wow challenge in deed!! loved it1 absolutely dripping in sweat and shaking!!! this suited me perfectly. I cannot do any impact work now like jumping or running due to a spinal disc compression but the spin and sculpt in this class is perfect! i gotta shift a few more kilos but I think ill get there with this!Thanks Mere!

User Photo 21522

Great class Mere – really good workout and your positive energy really keeps it moving and keeps it fun!

Mere, this is in my top 3–great workout! 513 calories burned. You kicked this 52 year-old’s butt. Now going to slide down the stairs and crawl to the shower.

Great class love inchworm push ups ! Kinda cruel to put them in.Like the way you think 😜 THANKS

User Photo 18475

Well SSOD told me try this type of workout today and because I workout at a YMCA and their is not a lot of room around me I was a bit hesitant to do this workout but I am glad that I did it because my body was all co fuse with all of those different move and I got great result from it. 487 cal Thanks Mere W you are great.

Volume not working? Just on your videos. Works on music and all other features. Do I need to change anything?

User Photo 17844

Mere W. Wow, what a work out! Loved the pace of the cycling. The core piece is very challenging – it’s what i really need. I hope to increase those reps the next time around. I started off a bit sluggish, but am feeling good now – sore, but good! Thanks as always! Jan

User Photo 15317

Post Christmas workout – Mere, I LOVED this workout. Sweating buckets! Variety kept me distracted but heart rate was up the whole way through!!! Thank you!

User Photo 195

Sweet sweat girl!!! You put me through hell again ! But at the end… Hurt so good heaven!!! Loved Thank you !! As always love your fresh energy!!

Mere W. That was a great class! Your playlists always make me smile!
I feel energized!

Feeling energized after a class is the feeling I love for people to have when they are done! Glad the music makes you smile Laurel!

Mere, what a great workout. I don’t think my heart rate dropped below 85% after the first 10 minutes of class. The pace is hard but when I finished I felt proud that I made it through to the end. I really wanted to forget my number but I promise I didn’t. Thanks for the motivation and well designed.class. New favorite!

That proud feeling is why we keep coming back…right?!?! Or is it that we are CRAZY? Ha! Way to go and keep that heart rate up, especially during the sculpting session!

User Photo 198

Oh my! That was intense sculpting there. I loved being able to pace myself. From doing sculpt classes where I can do it at my own pace and concentrate on the move, I am finding that I am getting stronger and am ALMOST able to keep up with the instructors count. I also love how you include us here at home Mere! It makes me feel like I am there in the studio class and makes me work that much harder. The spin segment was just as tough but the whole class was so much fun! Lots of sweat, going on here! Love it!

Way to go Cheri! If you like being included so much, you should come visit us 🙂 Glad to hear you are getting stronger, isn’t it such a great feeling!!! Next time around on this one, try & up those reps by at least one!

User Photo 690

Woo hoo! Awesome workout, Mere! I definitely feel like I accomplished a lot this morning! Great music, great challenging weights, loved everything on the bike, too! 🙂

aWeSoMe class Mere!!!! totally loved the music too – this one is definitely one to do again and again!!! PS – Thanks again for all of the help on Friday with the website too : ) All registered and ready to rock this!!! laura (from florida) love me some SSOD!!!!!!

I just loved this- especially when I was finished! Fun, tough, sweaty. Tomorrow, my muscles are gonna feel…interesting. In a good way.

User Photo 305

Great one Mere, loved it!!! I forgot about all of the lunges until I woke up this morning…nothing better than having that sore feeling after a workout!!!

Yup totally agree…feels good to be sore, you know you are working and working hard! Way to push yourself 🙂

yes. perfect for a saturday after a long week of that we had 2 new spin/sculpts in march! woot!!

Way to get it done Joni! You can’t top getting both your cardio and strength training in less then 60 mins!

OUT STAND ING! Mere, what an awesome workout! I can’t see to type, sorry. Great moves….great spin and floor work, wonderful balance throughout. Love the challenge at the end…counting down is easier, you are right! Thank you! Keep them coming…you rock!

User Photo 227

Wicked and great spin sculpt. It was awesome and I am DONE!! My arms are talkin to me and probably will be tomorrow! Thank you Mere for another fantastic challenge. Absolutely stellar!!!

Your arms are thanking you! Ok you may not realize it now, but truly they are 🙂 Making you stronger one rep at a time Doria.

User Photo 195

And that’s way “small energy bomb” is your middle name! Omg girl if you have that much energy at your pm class… I wonder how those AM guys get throw your class!
Amazing as ALWAYS Thank you! This was a tough BSP week!!!

Haha Silvia! I told you this little energy bomb was coming for you! I have to tone down my morning classes a little…it’s a little hard on them at 5:30 am, I really get some death looks then 🙂

User Photo 8

Just think how much more fit you will be next week because of the Backstage Pass challenges this week! Great job Silvia.

User Photo 232

Mere – Wow, what an awesome workout! Not only VERY tough spin segments, but the work on the floor was excellent! Loved the challenge this workout presented! You always deliver!! Thank you so much!!

Glad you liked it Mary! Hope you got your reps in at the end….next time you do the workout, get a couple more in…k?