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pre-workout warm-up

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  • Trainer:
  • Date: May 18, 2021
  • Length: 10:45
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Pre-Workout Warm Up

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed! / Treadmill

Whether you’re planning a cardio or strength workout, getting your body warm and ready to go is the first important step. So before you hit play or dive into your full workout, you’re going to want to run through this pre-workout warm-up that uses 5 minutes of dynamic body-weight exercises, and 5 minutes on the treadmill to get the heart rate up, getting you ready for any type of exercise routine (go right ahead and add to “favorites” while you’re at it). Fire it up!

Format: 5 min body-weight exercises, followed by 5 min warm-up on the treadmill. No treadmill? No prob. You can also walk it out outside.

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What a great warm up, Fred! Love the dynamic exercises and the treadmill work. This will get me ready for any workout whether it’s more treadmill, spin, or bootcamp.