Spin Sculpt: The Battle of the Blondes

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Spin® Sculpt - The Battle of the Blondes

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    It’s a Battle of the Blondes in this killer Spin Sculpt workout! Beautiful Brooke, Sidekick Bethany, and Master Mere W, 3 of SSoDs finest trainers, come at you with a 3 block Spinning class coupled with a REALLY good weightlifting routine! Talk about the BEST workout ever!

    Brooke gets the party started with a killer indoor cycling climb, followed by a quick sculpting set on the floor to get those shoulders and legs fired up! Back to the bike you go with Bethany, the Queen of Speed – yep, get ready to sprint! She then takes it to the floor to sculpt that chest and triceps. Mere W then motivates you to finish the 3X3 set with another killer Spinning set, before leading a torching back and bicep workout on the floor.

    Let the battle of the blondes begin – just hit play!

    Here's what people said about “Spin Sculpt: The Battle of the Blondes”

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    Welcome back Beautiful Brooke !! I was So waiting to thé release of this one!!!! So AMAZING ! You guys rock! The 3 of you!!! Phew what A ride! ❤️❤️❤️❤️!
    Btw loved the intro with Suoer cute miracle Crue! Thank you for sharing his beautiful face with us! 😇

    User Photo 12208

    Yay, Brooke! You’re back! You’ve been missed! Loved the triple threat Spin Sculpt! The variety made this tough workout fly by. Each different segment was awesome! Thank you B, B and M…going straight to favorites!

    Hey Alexis! Thank you so much! I”m so glad to be back with you and I hope to continue to motivate you!! Thanks for working out with us!

    User Photo 47

    I loved everything about this class. So happy to have Brooke back and my arms were shaking in Bethany’s set. W, the squat/bicep move is one of my favs. Happy that I got to use my 15#s on all but one exercise. Straight to favs!!!

    Yay what a great class! We missed u Brooke! Love multiple teachers per class….makes it fly! Great combo of spin/sculpt!

    Loved this class!! The hour just flew by…needed this one. Thanks ladies. Ps…all my fav instructors at once! Awesome 🙂

    I’ve missed hearing Brooke yell, “Come on!” Almost as good as Brian and Cat’s Moro, “ You can do anything for 30 seconds!” These little moto phrases help, and I enjoyed this. Thanks to all three trainers.

    Thank you Connie! It’s an honor to teach next to such great trainers like Beth and Mere! Thanks for working out with us!

    Completed this triple tag team treat this morning over here in the UK….loved it, sweat galore!! A definite favorite, thank you so much ladies you were amazing.

    User Photo 1763

    Welcome back Brooke!!! I was so excited for this one to hit the library! You ladies did not disappoint!! Loved it💪💪

    User Photo 264

    This was a fun class! and kind of hard too! Great trainers ,hard moves, fun music I just loved it! and Bethany this arms set…outch!

    User Photo 20389

    Thanks ladies….that was a challenging, fun class. I have to admit my favorite sound was the timer finishing up each drill ~ brutal! But I’ll be back!

    User Photo 14880

    MMC2017 #6 What an awesome class ladies! I hope I will be able to use my arms tomorrow – but I doubt it. 🙂


    User Photo 19972

    Great class ladies and welcome back to Brooke! Loved the format of the class. It flew by which was nice since I didn’t have time to get it in until about 10pm. Luckily it’s Friday! You three are amazing!

    User Photo 1404

    Welcome back Brooke!! We’ve missed you!!! Awesome class ladies!! Cru is adorable and healthy!! Such a miracle!!

    That hour just flew by!! Every brutal minute of it!! You guys are great together! Loved the format. More of these please!!

    I took this class yesterday and it was great. All the instructors at SSoD are professionals and I love how much variety we get. I am glad Brooke is back and I could see the happiness in her while filming this class, we are as excited as you are!! Thanks for all the sweaty, awesome workouts SSoD! You rock.

    MMCO17 #9 Love the multiple instructors, it breaks up the class and helps time fly by! Awesome class – thanks ladies!

    Really fun tough class! Great music, loved the instructor switch up, and both the sculpt and spin were challenging! Thanks ladies!

    Awesome!!! Loved the combo workout and instructors! Made it go by way fast! And I LOVE the fun workout tights! Share your source!

    Hey Kati! Thanks so much!! Glad you could workout with us! My workout pants are from Reebok. Not sure where Mere and Beths are from.

    MMC2017~damn ladies, that was a good one. Not going to lie i felt like i could of puked on this one.. Thanks for a killer workout.. Just what i needed. ITs been a long while since ive done an hour class.. 🙂

    Brooke! So happy to have her back, I missed her voice encouraging me to do more. This was a great battle to be a part of. Grest job ladies!

    User Photo 16522

    Excellent class! Great combo of bike and floor! First class with Brooke – Awesome! It was a great way for me to jump back in after a vacation! Thanks for the motivation!

    User Photo 14920

    So happy to have Brooke back! This was a great, tough workout from the 3 of you. It got my sweat on! And it was a special treat to see the cutie pie at the beginning. Thanks again girls! More of these thank you!