30 Minute Spin January 7, 2018

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30 minute online streaming spin class

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    Jessica is ready for her SSoD debut in an awesome 30 Minute Spin class where she said, “there’s a lil’ bit of everything you can imagine… monster climbs, intervals, steady cadence runs, and sprints to round off the ride.”

    Your heart rate will be high and recovery will be welcomed. Intense and sweaty fun!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

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    Here's what people said about “30 Minute Spin January 7, 2018”


    Hell Week. Great class. Perfect for a cyclist working on muscles endurance. Your cueing and playlist were great. Welcome to SSOS. More please.

    Hell Week #6. Love your way of interspersing flat roads and mountain climbs non-stop throughout the spin. Crazy good intense spin!

    Hell Week #6! That. Was. AWESOME. Great sweat, great coaching and playlist. More Jessica, please! Thank you for a great class.

    Hell week #6, great class!! Loved the variety, intensity and the music! Definitely a favorite! Thanks Jessica!

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    Hell Week – in a day part 1…Wow Jessica first off Welcome that was a great first class ..tough and fun..all rolled into one..look forward to many more to come..cheers.!!

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    Hell week #5 completed. Enjoyed the class with you Jessica! I definitely got my sweat on. It’s a chilly -3° with the wind chill factored in here in Massachusetts!

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    LOVED this clas SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! The format, music & Jessica!!!! Please add more classes with her 😃

    Hell week…..great class with really good music. I hope to see and spin more with Jessica. Thank you.

    #hellweek great 30 minute sweat! Thanks for the extra push this week to stick with my workouts! #7 this week with my double day on Friday! A great start to 2018

    HELL WEEK 6/6, what an awesome first class Jessica, you nailed it!! Great great class, good variety of drills and had me working my absolute butt off!!! I can see your gonna nail this!! And be a favourite with the komrades!! Thanks jess

    Hell Week! #6 and Day #5 – Complete!! Awesome class Jessica, and the soundtracks you picked were great!!!

    Hell Week #6
    Welcome Jessica! Intense, awesome, and challenging! This class is going straight to the favorites list!

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    HELL WEEK day 7 CLASS 1…WELCOME JESSICA!! Thanks for kickin my tuchis!! Great class…legs are BURNIN!! WEEE HOOOO!!

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    This class was fantastic. Great music, high energy, and great tempo. Jessica did a great job! I will look for future classes from her.

    Hell Week – Workout 7 (and why not! 💪).
    Welcome Jessica – simple but effective calorie burning spin class – thank you 🙂

    SSNY2018 – this was my final workout for Hell Week and my first for start strong stay strong! Nice little perk it can count for both 🙂

    SSNY2018. I really liked this workout as a beginner. There was a lot of cuing related to hand position on the bike. This really allowed me to see the different muscles that are worked in different bike positions.

    Hell Week #5. Had the flu the last 3 days…..really pushed to get this one done. I know the dripping sweat is so good for me!!

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    I REALLY enjoyed this class Jessica!! A lot of the types of drills I enjoy. Great variety and at just the right times. Perfect cueing – I never felt lost. My heart rate stayed in a perfect zone most of the class. Definitely looking forward to more! I also enjoy that the cool down and stretch was left to us – more of that, please SSOD. Thanks Jessica!

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    SSNY2018 week 1, workout #1
    Jessica, I love your class!! Great flow, awesome music! Look forward to your next one👏👏

    Thanks to Jessica. This is my 3rd time doing your workout and 2nd time today. This is my 3rd workout towards the goal! Thanks Jess great workout!

    SSNY 2018- At first I wasn’t sure if this class would push me, but soon enough the HR jumped up, sweat started pouring and it was game on! Great class Jessica.

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    Added this to another 30 min spin for a full hour tonight. Wow this kicked my behind! Thanks for a great spin!!

    Stay string all,year long 2018 challenge completed this morning at 6:50 ish. I ciuldnt get to the comment section so am doing it niw

    Thats was awesome Jessica, really great workout in a short amount of time. I luk forward to the next one. Thank u

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    Normally I don’t post, but hey Jessica you deserve the kudos 200%. This is my absolute favourite class. Came back to it already a few times. Easy to schedule during lunch time. And what a boost – from the first song and building up the pace and power! Loved it and the music was awesome. Want to see more for sure!

    Excellent class – lots of time in the aerobic fat burn zone. Used it as a warm up before my normal class in the gym…. 458 calories later I turned up already sweating!
    Excellent instruction and motivation!

    Really nice class that went quickly. I appreciated the minimal talking and great energy. The class did end quite abruptly, though. I wonder how many people are going to get up and click on “one of our awesome selections of stretch classes.” I would’ve really appreciated tacking on three minutes of a slower song, rather than ending on a sprint. I still put this in favorites, though. 🙂