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30-Minute Online Treadmill Power Walking Workout

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30-Minute Treadmill Power Walk

Equipment: Treadmill

Step along with our beloved Brooke in this 30-Minute Online Treadmill Power Walking Workout. You’ll just love the fun variety of incline and speed-walking drills. It goes by super fast due to Brooke’s company and inspiration. It’s just a fun, upbeat cardio class where your legs will feel a nice low-impact burn. Let’s get to steppin’!

*Don’t forget to stretch!*

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Loved this! Nice to do a treadmill workout that I didn’t have to modify but was still a challenging workout. Thanks for making it fun and sweaty Brooke.

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Love this! My back won’t allow me to run these days and I love mixing my cardio up between spin and the treadmill. Loved that I could follow right along and get to know a little more about you, Brooke! Three things about me…My endurance is the worst, so I love strength training more than cardio, my favorite food is anything Mexican, I have two daughters who I hope to inspire by working on my health and fitness and love SSOD for being a part of that journey!

Hey Natalie!! I love this so much. And Mexican is a staple in our house!! You are inspiring your daughters through health and fitness! Remember to keep it positive because the more you learn to fall in love with yourself as a whole, your daughters will remember and repeat. You’ve got this girl! XOXOXO

Love this work out Brooke! Thank you!
Favorite food is watermelon. So yummy this year. I’m silly. How do you find out how heavy a red hot chili pepper is? Wait for it… give it a weigh give it a weigh give it a weigh now!🤣 and lastly, there is absolutely nothing I like about my body this year.

User Photo 16734

Scrolling through comments to learn about everyone. I don’t usually reply to other people’s comments BUT I couldn’t scroll past this one. I hear you. I totally understand BUT your body allowed you to do this workout. Start there and love that!! We’re too hard on ourselves, myself included but that only causes us to live in defeat and keeps us from moving forward and improving the things we don’t love! You’ve got this girl!!

Hi, thank you so much for your encouragement! Seriously made me cry! Lol! I love that you are modeling a healthy lifestyle for your kids. My daughters are grown. Keep planting those positive seeds! Again thank you for reaching out to me.❤️

Hahaha!! I LOVE it Sally!!! And watermelon is amazing. It’s definitely a favorite in this house too. And to be totally honest, I’ve been there before too…I’ve had seasons where I didn’t like my body at all. I would over exercise and say mean things about it all of the time. True story. Just remember.., you are seen, known and loved just as you are. I’m willing to bet you are incredibly strong. I’m so grateful you are a part of this community. XOXOXO

Struggled to motivate for a workout today – this was the perfect thing to get me moving 🙂 Even did resistance workout afterwards – awesome.
Me thing: I’m a Kiwi
Favourite food: bone broth with soba noodles, mushrooms, bok choi
Favourite bod thing: my spirit 🙂

User Photo 55439

Brooke…oh my… gosh! Finally, a treadmill power walk workout! Loved it, loved it as I am unable to jog/run any…please, please keep bringing more of these (30, 45 min, etc). I used to be a very active power walker, but I had to pull back because of very stiff joints (feet) and herniated discs (lower back)…then I discovered spinning!! Here’s my answer to your 3 questions:
– I have a beautiful 1yr old grandson
-my favourite food is pasta/indulgence is chocolate
-my favourite thing about my body are my strong legs
My favourite workouts are spinning/outdoor biking, Mimi’s boot camp… Again, really appreciate this walking workout…makes me realize how much I missed walking! Thank you 👍
Monique 🇨🇦

Hey Monique!!! I LOVE a good pasta too!! And how wonderful that you have a 1yr old grandson!! Girl, strong legs are the best!! Thanks so much for walking with me and answering my questions!! XOXOXOXO

User Photo 22713

Hey Brooke.. Loved the power walk workout.. Here’s my 3answers to your 3 questions.. 1. I’m the youngest member of a family of 8…i have 2 brothers and 4 sisters remaining.. One has passed
2. My favourite food is chicken
3. My favourite thing about my body is strong arms 💪 💪
Komrade Andrew.. P. S. My favourite Workouts are Spinning/Running. 👍