StraightUp Spin September 7, 2017

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Will this be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes. Can YOU do this? Yes.

Many are going to think that this class is too much for them because, well, it’s Cat leading, but guess what – Brian makes a guest appearance too! AND… the class is broken up into 3 song sets, so if you can just focus on getting through 3 songs at a time, you’re golden. And maybe for some you just do one 3 song set today, then tomorrow try 2, then maybe 3. It’s your ride, people.

Plus, the energy in this class, which was taken by about 150 awesome SWEATers around the world at the same time in a Studio SWEAT onDemand Live Streaming event, was off the hook! So ya gotta do it! With over 60 minutes of calorie crushing cardio, Cat has you jumping, shifting your weight to simulate hills (up and down), sprinting, and even pacing yourself with some fast endurance flats. SWEAT and a smile are eminent. YES!

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Holy smokes woman! That was Tough !! A lot of fast flats this week for me ! My legs are toasted !! good thing I just have one more TRX training no bike required ! And then I’m resting the whole week-end so i can come back stronger !!!

Mallory from Mississippi here!! I took this class again today because of that shout out 😁. Cat, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that you have changed my life. I’m healthier, thinner and stronger (physically and mentally). You are my hero!! For everyone reading that’s about to take this class, bring your big towel and your A game, you’ll need them both. Much love and MAD respect from Mississippi!!

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I AM reading this Mallory, and to be honest I don’t always get to read these. Twice in one week is totally awesome. Mad respect – boomerang. Back atcha. Made me grin ear to ear as I heard the confidence in your note. LOVE IT. XO, Cat

I wish we had more long classes like this! I loved it and of course Brian was nice to see as well!! I love the longer straight up spin classes!

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Done. Wasn’t sure I was ready for a SUS after 4 days of climbing rocks. But I did it! Cat you are my inspiration. Your attitude and smile lift me up. Brian was so fun too! Thank you both. This was the first class I missed doing live.

Super class Cat!! Loved every grueling minute of it. Im still recovering from a recent foot injury, so I had to modify during the jumps. But I’m back on my bike! Yay! Thanks for the motivation!

Sept challenge 3/4. Why is an hour long SUS, especially a Cat SUS so intimidating?!?! But as always you make it attainable. I love the three song sets!! Great class!!

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WOW! That was amazing…sweaty, challenging, inspiring fun! Thank you, Cat (and Brian) for an incredible class. The three song sets are my favorite!

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Incredible SUS! Cat, your music is always on point! I know I’m gonna have fun while sweating! Brain, your set was brutal and awesome! Thanks for the shout out!

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I’m so glad I did this class! I’ve been a wimp lately about straight up spins especially any class more than 60 min. Love the three song sets. So empowered by this accomplishment, thank you Cat and Brian. Off to have an AMAZING day!

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I’m so glad you did too! Striving for progress is essential and the fact that you took a chance on this class reveals how dedicated you are to your own success 🙂 you go girl!

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Well Cat..what can I say..”Amazing”..I was totally gutted to miss out “live”..because I knew it was going to be something special..supertough groups sets.. sprints etc as always ..loved when Brian came in too..I LOVED IT..finally Cat..from the bottom of my heart.. thank you so so much for all those shout totally “Rock”.

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Great stress release before IRMA visits us on Sunday. Absolutely love spinning and you guys make it so much fun!

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Thanks Brian! Hope this workout gave you some relief for what was ahead. Hope your family is safe and wishing you the best of luck these next couple of days/weeks.

Super Spin loved it!! Sweaty despite it being a cool showery 🌧🌧 57degrees here in County Kerry Ireland.
Love your classes Cat 😍😍

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Oh my….that was tough! Super sweaty, slightly queasy, loved the 3 song format. Honestly didnt think I do the hour but here I am again on the other side. Yes I can! Thanks Cat (& Brian) x

I feel amazing after that spin 🙂 my performance is a little less than what I am used to but I guess that can be expected after two months without spinning!! Looking forward to trying all the new classes. Thanks for everything SSOD.

WOW!! absolutely drenched… that was a killer workout – incredible calorie burn, leg burn and lung burn! 🙂
Definite favourite – great to have both Cat & Brian! Such a high after this class – exercise endorphins aplenty !!

Great class…. my at home crappy bike pedal started to squeak and so was going to stop but then Tay came on…… squeaked thru and finished!!! 👍

Amazing class! I did it live and now again. I actually got someone else to join because I let her view the workout! She texts everyday saying she’s in love!

Xo from Maryland

Sweet pouring, that was brutal. I love your classes (even if you do clap on the one 🙄) ;). Studio Sweat is the best. I’m more focused and relaxed all day because of these awesome workouts. Thanks, Cat (and Brian).

Thank you for an AMAZING workout Cat and Brian. You are my inspiration as well as my two daughters’ (15 and 11). You have us completely hooked. So glad we found u x

I’m new with SWoD…(Plus I went all in, and got the yearly pass) Being a fellow trainer, getting your workout in is always a challenge. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these classes. Plus I can do them in my home before or after work. Thank you. Oh this Class was killer. Even with the switch…Great job. both Cat and Brian.