Spin Sculpt September 10, 2017

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    Well, all I can say about this one is that you get a real taste of what an in-studio class with Coach Mere feels like, because she forgot until she came in to teach that the cameras would be there too! Doesn’t really matter though because she brought it, just like she always does!

    Enjoy fun jams from the 80s to today during this sweat soakin’ full body workout that is sure to equate to serious calorie burn. Bring it!

    Here's what people said about “Spin Sculpt September 10, 2017”

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    Great workout, Meredith. Lots of speed and tough intervals to start. The spins were challenging leading into excellent sculpt sets that hit arms, legs and core. I am totally spent! It was perfect! Thank you!

    User Photo 232

    I loved this workout Meredith! Such incredibly challenging bike drills – really had me digging deep plus the floor work was awesome! Definite favorite!
    Mary W.

    User Photo 227

    Fantastic workout Meredith – really excellent!! You have the toughest bike drills that challenge me every time I take one of your classes. The floor work was equally excellent. I will be back for this one for sure. Thank you!!!

    User Photo 45

    Done. Kick Push! Love that song. Excellent variety in the sculpting section. I liked that the pace was wasn’t frantic so I could use heavier weights. Spin had fun intervals. Thank you Meredith!

    Meredith, I am now conditioned to think of “lift lift those knees up!” when I think of your fabulous classes. That spin technique is so tough yet burns those quads so good. This was another great and brutal class from you- spin format kept me pushing hard the whole time and SO much variety in the sculpting, I never got bored. That Hovering Bear move?! Who knew?! Love it and I’ll certainly be back to this one soon.
    Heather W

    Your workouts are excellent. I had to use very light weights because of some shoulder and elbow issues and it worked just fine.

    User Photo 20389

    Really challenging and really great workout. Your instruction was awesome and the music was perfect. I am a sweaty mess!

    User Photo 1357

    Meredith, what can I say about you and your workouts. They Kick Butt, you rock, I know when ever I press play for anyone of your workouts my fat/muscle or in for a treat. I loved all of your tech pointers, I found myself feeling the ride and muscle more when you mentioned it so thank you and great job as always

    User Photo 22713

    Hey Meredith that was as an amazing Class..loved all the drills and the sculpting sections..great music..great and awesome. Coaching throughout..nice one..cheers.!!

    User Photo 264

    That was a very hard class! So cool to ear Heart, Bare Naked Ladies and Pat Benatar in a spin class! Love all the playlist! Will do it again but maybe not after a hard day at work!! This was a complete intense hour!! 🙂

    User Photo 21842

    I love your classes Meredith! I always notice the difference in my booty after those step forward with the touch-downs. So tough! Your classes fly by.

    User Photo 18105

    this was a great class to come back to. After Hurricane Harvey set us way back we did this one to prove we are Houston Strong{Deer Park}

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    Great class. I love your instruction, especially when you say where we should be feeling the work. I also love when you say your legs are burning. When I feel the same way, I always think this is too much I have to stop and then when you say you feel the same it helps me oushbjust a little further

    Always a little nervous to do your workouts b/c I know I will be toast at the end and this one didn’t disappoint!! I loved the playlist as much as the workout ❤️ Thank you

    User Photo 18687

    Loved this…bike segments made me dig deep…particularly following the sculpt portions!!!!!! Also, that was some kick-glute music.

    User Photo 15317

    OH MY Meredith!! This was a toughie! During second floor session all I could think was “please don’t say back on the bike”, off course you did and as predicted it was tough. This is a 5* for intensity class, 😳🤛💨

    User Photo 1261

    I love that Meredith is no nonsense! SSoD has such a great variety of trainers that it doesn’t matter what my mood is, I can find a trainer who fits it that day. I would love to see a boot camp with Meredith and Bethany.

    This was my first class with you Meredith and I LOVED IT!! Great cycle, great sculpt, great stretch and great playlist!!! Straight to favorites. Loved your analogy of a mountain climber on the stranding climb. Really helped my form. Thanks!!!

    Hell week class #5! You’re a great instructor Meredith! I’m recommending your classes to a friend who is new to this. Thanks!!