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indoor cycling class with clean music Family Friendly Cycle class

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  • Date: January 21, 2021
  • Length: 44:34
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Family Friendly Cycle

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Don’t let the title fool you folks. “Family friendly” does not mean an easy ride set to whimsical songs from animated movies. Nope! It means that it’s an indoor cycling class with clean music (including the subject matter) that acts as a guide for riders to push through fast flats, tackle heavy climbs, and slay super sprints.

The riding style mimics an outdoor ride where we use visualization to speed towards a long and steep hill, add gear to increase power into a climb, and then accelerate down the backside. Once we cross that finish line, the fun isn’t over! Dismount into a tough, focused ab set to finish off the workout. Let’s ride.