Spin Sculpt (with TRX option) March 12, 2017

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Many of you will see a P.R. (personal record) for calorie burn in this Killer Spin Sculpt Fusion class, as 2 of Studio SWEAT’s most popular trainers, Cat & Brian, bring the heat!

The format is simple… we ride, we sculpt on the floor, then we ride some more. There’s a perfect combination of fat frying interval and endurance drills, as well as power climbs and fast flats. Clearly the riding is awesome, but the body-toning floor work is just as incredible. Expect to fire up every major muscle group in a fun format, and using the tool(s) of your choice (either just dumbbells, or a combo of TRX and dumbbells). FIRE IT UP!

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Awesome!!!! 575 calories gone!! My 7 year old daughter joined me for the stretch as you were talking about sending in music requests she’s ran off to make a list for you!! LOL hope you like little mix 😉 and perhaps some very strange german hits ( we live in MUNICH) which would probably make you smile if nothing else!! she did wave to the “nice man who looked very tired mummy” (Brian) Fabulous job guys Im truly worked out this Sunny sunday. thanks again 🙂

Good Early Morning from NH: -7 degrees/move the clocks 1 hr. ahead…Welcome Back Cat! Great working with Dual Dynamics Cat & Brian..Just what I needed spin-trx-spin again…enjoyed the music!!

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Yay!!! Welcome back Sista! are You breathing improve after Surgery? I hope so!!
Thank You for another AMAZING duo kicking butt workout!! 637 kcal gone! Thats huge for tiny me ! Loved the music even that looooooong Beyoncé song that took me to the red zone And made my legs burn!!!
Straight to favs!!!

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Hey Silvia. My breathing has not improved yet, but should within a couple weeks. PUMPED! That is a great burn for tiny you. You must have been feeling it like me. Woot woot!

Great way to start my week! That 75 sec sprint hurt a little bit. Music was awesome throughout the entire workout!

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Great class! Thanks for the shout out Cat! Brian, your Mom and my Mom pronounce it the same way!

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Great to see you back, Cat! Great workout – love the dynamic duo 🙂 “Lost” an hour today, below zero wind chills, plus bracing for 12-18″ of snow in Massachusetts – but this helped lift my mood – as a good sweat always does when I’m done. ❄️☀️☃️🚴🏻‍♀️

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Brrrr… how many other people got as warm as you in your town today. Guessing very few. #Slayed. 🙂

This was amazing and exactly what I needed. I had lost my drive and struggled thru my workouts da last couple of weeks but this has put me back on track. Sweated buckets thru da trx core section. Ur da best guys. Little bird by Annie Lennox is one of my favs, always thought it wud be a fun one to spin to.

Super fun, super sweaty class. Did the dumbbell options since I don’t have TRX (sad face) and it was a great workout. Welcome back, Cat!
Heather W

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So glad you are back Cat! This workout was excellent and really fun! I followed along with Brian with dumbells. Loved seeing you two together leading this awesome class! That last push on the bike was amazing! Thank you!
Mary W.

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This was a hard class but fun at the same time! The music was great too! My new Sunday class! When you work this hard and time flies you know it is a keeper!

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Welcome Back Cat!! The class was excellent and very challenging. Really great that you and Brian led it together. I followed the dumbbell option with Brian and really appreciate you giving us the option of doing that when you have a TRX sculpt – so thank you so much! That last push on the bike did me in – in a good way but wow!! Super sweaty. And it was fun. This is a definite favorite.

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Thank you Doria. Feels good to be back. I’m glad you appreciate that option. We want to give you all we can!

Double trouble=Increased Calorie Burn!! LOL!! Great workout! Welcome back Cat! I love the pairing of instructors. It makes for a fun and fast workout!! Thanks Cat and Brian!!!

Welcome back Cat!! I always love tag team classes and this was no exception! I was glad the 75 sec sprint was at the beginning of class!! And I loved going in reverse order on the second set of sculpting.

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Great class Cat and Brian! I loved the pace and variety of music. I must have slacked on the sculpt part or something as I only burned 375 cals. Embarrassing compared to what I’m seeing up on the board for calorie burns! :{ Going into my favorites and I’ll have to work harder next time.

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I bet your HR strap was misbehaving Staci. I bet you burned a ton! And 375 is pretty awesome anyway. How much do you think your neighbor burned while you did this? It’s all relative huh. 🙂

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Great to have you back Cat!! Loved this tag team class! Super sweaty class with tough spin and sculpt sets(I like going in reverse on the second set😀) over 600 calories gone !!whoot whoot

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That was great Brian and Cat. So good to have you back with us Cat! Another wonderful way to start the week!

one of my new favorites!!! Perfect for a monday where my body still can’t figure out what time it is 😉

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WOW! Great workout… thanks for the Washington love, the shout out AND Uptown Funk.. been hoping for that one to come back into a workout… If I can do this on Monday after daylight savings time I can do anything today! Welcome back Cat and thanks Brian..

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That was great fun, Cat and Brian! I love seeing both of you leading a class, it’s great chemistry!

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Wow..first of all welcome back Cat..Missed you..what an amazing combination of spin/sculpt..loved it all and got a great kcal burn 814..followed Brian with the dumbbells for the sculpting section..loved the twist extensions etc..hope to see another class with the two of you again soon..thanks guys!!

First day back on the bike recovering from bronchitis! Great workout! Loved the trx option. I’m already shaky…and that’s just with 5bdays off can’t imagine how u feel Cat…glad u are recovered and back. You and Brian make a great pair.

What a great class – great mix of drills, really high calorie burn, dripping in (studio) sweat!
As much as this was a killer workout I almost felt like I was at a ‘fat-torching’ party – the hour flew by… Definitely a favourite.

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Great Great class I had tones of sweaty fun.. So glad and thankful to see you back Mrs. Cat. Thanks Brian for a super sweaty soaking fun ride. Love love to see the two of you together much love from T in Chicago

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OMG! Thank you very much!
Thank you for the shout out, the MISIC and placement of the songs were amazing! made me feel like I was part of it & right there with you.
Cat, so Happy your better.
You & Brian kick ass together.
Thank you so much.
To date ..my favorite!
Barb, Lancaster ♥️

omg! Awesomely tough class – loved it! thanks for the shout out and the great workout! This goes to the faves folder!!
PS: Loved the TRX and Barbell options and I switched between the two

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I waited to comment….two days later and I’m still sore!! You two are amazing!! That was a killer class!! I watched the TRX form….I know my husband finally got the hint that I want TRX straps for my birthday, well after a year on my wish list, it more like a lead ballon hint that I was tired of waiting…lol!!! I can’t wait to hop on the TRX board!!

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Cat and Brian, thanks! This was an over 1,00 calorie burn for me! Great song choices and transition into TRX. I just received the TRX straps for my birthday and they are now my “go to” workout besides spinning. Please keep producing these Spinning/TRX classes! Great workout!

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You bet Roy! Have you done all the TRX Spins we have yet? That’d be a fun challenge! Happy belated birthday!

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Wow! What a UNBELIEVABLE Spin High!
After the past week I just had, man did I need this!! I just gave my bike all my stress , burned a bucket of sweat and a ton of calories.
Man I Love this ride♥️, I love hearing my name. I have to get back on my bike for the song Bodies Hit the Floor , I Love pushing to that song. I am all better Now. Spinning is my Fix for just about everything in my life.
Thank you again…..
Barb, Lancaster

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Loved the class you two! just the right ratio of sculpt to spin. Was the band from Manchester in the UK?

So amazing! The music and the energy let me push myself beyond where I thought I could go. Thanks guys!

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Best class to date! I can’t get enough of this class. I can only handle it once a week in my workout regimen, for now.
Next month I will fit it in 2x a week along with the other classes.
Thank you! I Love it.

i love spinning :))) thank you Kat and
Brian, iam in Switzerland and its so fun to make spin and sculp with you. (sorry for my english)

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Awesome class! Love the music, the sculpt and of course the Cat/Brian combo! Let the bodies hit the floor! Heck yea, my body almost hit the floor after this one was over. Thanks to both of you!