Pilates Basics May 18, 2017

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Pilates has been around for centuries, and was originally designed to assist dancers with rehabilitation of injuries. This exercise system targets muscles that support the core. Pilates for Beginners introduces fundamental movements that teach us how to work from the core outward.

Whether you are new to exercise, new to Pilates, or someone who is trying to get back to the basics, incorporating this Pilates class into your weekly repertoire is an excellent choice.

Here's what people said about “Pilates Basics May 18, 2017”


MM2017 Perfect class for a sore body and because pilates is always hard for me anyway. thank you for this!

Heather, Pilates IS hard. For me too! I need to do more of it and teaching today’s class reminded me that. It also reminded how much I love the challenge. Thank you!

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Tried something new. Felt great after this. Excellent instruction Carolyn – some tough moves for the core! 😁

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MM2017 Love this class! perfect recovery option for sore muscles! Pilates always reminds me how much more I need to work to strengthen my core too.