25 Minute Barre Workout July 13, 2017

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Barre is one of the west coast’s most trending workouts, and now you can try it wherever you are! Just grab a chair (or something sturdy) to hold onto, and then enjoy this leg sculpting, booty firming, muscle lengthening, 25 minute workout!

Equipment Needed:
-Chair / Bike (or something sturdy to hold on to)
-Gliding discs or paper plates
-A soft med ball, beach ball, or rolled up towel
-Set of Light Dumbbells (or substitute a couple of water bottles)

Here's what people said about “25 Minute Barre Workout July 13, 2017”


Love this barre class — a great quick workout that took me back to some of the more intense ballet drills of my youth. 😉 Hope to see lots more of these!!!

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Done. Second time this week. It went better this time. I used my husband’s heart pillow from his valve repair surgery instead of a squishy ball. It worked! (He is back to 100%) Thanks Carolyn

Really enjoyed this class. Can’t wait for more barre! Felt those little neglected dance muscles waking up! Awesome