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Return to the Road

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Not riding outdoors as much as you’d like? Well, get ready for your return to the road with one of the best Indoor Cycling classes for outdoor cyclists. In this ride, Mike takes it down to the basics necessary for maximizing a cycling workout. Positioning, footwork, and perceived exertion are all addressed in this 45-minute ride. The world’s best athletes are not great because they compete — they are great because they practice. Join us as we rehearse the fundamentals that create a better cycling workout!

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Nice smooth ride, Mike! Always love your classes and your talks; makes the ride go fast. Thanks so much for the great workout!!

I really am enjoying your class Mike, will there be more like this? I started spinning April and have been dedicated to it for three solid months now, going into the 4th, getting on the bike 5 to 7 days a week, from half hour sessions up to hour sessions. This has saved me from going crazy during this pandemic. I do mix in hand weights, and stretching, so trying to do everything correctly. I have noticed that I am getting some pain behind my knees, not unbearable, but there. I know I have some arthritis, could this be it or am I perhaps doing something wrong with the bike?

Again, I enjoy your sessions and look forward for more.


Great ride. Thanks, Mike. I like how you discuss form and technique during the ride. I find it very helpful. I did get a laugh when you mentioned your head thinks younger than your knees when running! I also was a runner, but now I only walk briskly to the bathroom. Spinning is my passion and outlet now!

Mike I LOVED LOVED LOVED that session! I recently joined SSOD and I’ve mainly been doing the 20 or 30 min rides, but I’m definitely tuned into the 45s now. That was old school brilliant and I appreciate your educational commentary! This is getting me through lockdown! Best wishes all the way from Glasgow, Scotland Julie 🙂

Ive been spinning for about a month and have done a variety of classes and instructors. Your classes are by far my favorites, but this is the one I enjoy the most. Thanks for an excellent workout!

Mike, I was actually feeling the pain when you were talking about your knees not wanting to match your perceived age when you run. Great ride.

Mike this was such a wonderful ride! My husband has finally decided to try my Keiser Spin Bike & SSOD after dismissing it all in favour of only being out on the road or mountain bikes. I was so thrilled when he came off your class absolutely beaming! I haven’t done your classes before but he thought you were such a ‘chilled dude’ and had some great tips along the way that I just jumped on and did this class too. I was smiling so often at your lovely manner and chat – the time flew by and I absolutely loved it! I’m now a fan and will be fighting my Husband for the bike to do more of your classes. Stay safe from us both here in Ross on Wye, Hereforshire (near Wales!) in the UK

Thanks, Mike I laughed when you explained why you needed your bandana. Also, those things you look through to see trees outside are called windows. 🙂

I really love this class, definitely helping me build up my stamina, now one of my most go to spin classes. Would love more like these.

I really enjoyed this ride and your insights into our aging athleticism . I feel encouraged about focusing on my current abilities, rather than focusing on what my abilities used to be when I was younger. I’m sweating and feeling good 😀

Great ride! And, as a fellow instructor (still waiting for my classes to resume) thank you for the coaching. Always appreciate reminders!

I was ready to ride outside and found I had a slice in one of my tires. I enjoyed this straight up spin class! Just what the doctor ordered. Thumbs up for the spin technique suggestions and enjoyed the jokes as well!

Great to see you Mike. Your yellow shirt was a good choice. This was a great ride with some familiar music and some new songs. You cracked me up a few times as well. Thanks and stay safe!

Awesome class! This was just was I needed today after dealing with a 4 year old having a rough day!! 🤪 I will definitely do this one again! Thanks

Thank you Mike, just love the break away, more, more, more please 🙌🏻🌈 hope you and your family are keeping safe 🌈

User Photo 29472

First class for me in the new space. Stoked to see more of it (virtually at least). Mike, awesome sweaty fest. Thank yo,u! As always, music and choreography ON POINT!

Mike trainer ride, I tuned in to 6 Jun 2020, from Omaha, NE. I really like mike’s discussion on technique and form as a spinner. I have been a member of a health club for years and attended the spin classes and none of the instructors went into form and technique in the manner Mike did. San Diego is a special city to me. I met and married my wife there in 1983-85. Had our reception at Hotel Del Coronado, when the cost was not prohibitive. My son resides in Long Beach, CA presently, so we get out there a couple times a year. I’d love to drop by your studio and meet some of the staff. What is your new location? My email address is After triple by-pass surgery ten yrs ago here in Omaha, I took up spinning. It has completely changed my life. Cat Kom, I admire what you have done here, and wish you and Team Studio Sweat all the best in the future. Butch Kirkland 402-210-1497

Mike i love all your classes! Awesome ride! Love love love your music, your cool calm style & instruction. Love your stories, love everything about your class! Would like to see more of your classes please!

I really liked this class! I especially appreciated his perspective on excursion. And also loved him talking about his home life right now just to provide some levity!

Great workout Mike! Loved the different style. Very calming, but still got plenty sweaty! Thank you for your bits of teaching too! More like this, please!

Thanks Mike. Good to ride with you again!
It’s a relief to train with you on the days where I just can’t face the soggy Pacific North West spring rains.

Mike, Outstanding! I have been “Spinning” for 12 years now at my local club. I joined SS on Mother’s Day, due to the quaranteen and have taken 10 or so classes. This was the best….so many instructors think they have to talk the entire time. Loved the instructive conversations and the times of your silence, as well as encouragement when needed, so we could carry-out and on with the beat of the music. Hope to see more classes like this one!

My name is Lucila Jaraba , I am 72 years old and I take Mike spin cycle class 6 times a week. I enjoy his class not that much talking quite zone for me I wish he got more classes all I see avilable are the 48 mins and the less 30 mins. Good music makes me calm . keep up the good work MIke.

User Photo 99168

Mike! Loved your class! Your music selection was outstanding! Your advise and calm demeanour were great! One of the best spin classes I have ever done👍Hello from Ireland😎

User Photo 104395

I dunno if I’m the Andrew given a shout at to but I did look up when you said “Andrew”! Thank you for this! This is my return ride after a week of no workouts due to my molar extraction and dental surgery. This was a perfect way to return to the bike! Love your energy!!! I’m so glad to be part of the Studio Sweat Fam. Love from Cebu, Philippines

User Photo 99733

Just brilliant!!! Loved every minute!! You connect so well with an on-line audience. Thank you for reminding us about technique and that it is not all about full out burn out all the time!!!! Great class, looking forward to more!!

User Photo 54075

Hi Mike, like you I am just returning from injury. Herniated c5,6 &7….. Then just when I got back on my bike I snapped the right crank and tore open my leg…..anyway superglue, a little time, and I’m back riding.
I just wanted to say thank you 🙏 Since I joined SS 2 years ago I have learnt so much taking your classes. Really looking forward to the new normal when we can spin your classes again…..

Hey Mike – I used to ride with you several years ago in your straight up spin classes at Studio Sweat. Time to get back in shape and decided to try on-demand class. Awesome class…alot like being back in the studio spinning! Thanks! Pam

Just got home to my bike after distancing and I was thrilled to push play on this class! You never disappoint Mike!! I appreciate your words of wisdom. Great song choices! Great to be back how about it!!!

HW2020 #7

This was a fabulous class Mike!! Love the commentary, love the jokes, love the music, love the tempo. All in all it was a really good educational fun workout.
Got me 186 MEPs and the time flew by. So all in all a win win 😅😅

HW2020 #8 I saved the best to conclude my challenge with. This is my second time taking this class and love that I learn something new about my technique everytime. I truly enjoy Master Mike’s teaching, wisdom, and humor, and credit him for my passion of riding. Do yourself a favor and take this class! Awesome ride! Thanks Mike!

Great workout, and appreciate you mentioning the times we are going through now and staying positive.I am new to spinning and have a meniscus tear which I am trying not to surgical repair. Sometimes standing can aggravate the knee. Am I still benefiting strengthening my quads if I can’t stand. .?
Also sometimes my heart rate is in the yellow but rpm are much lower then your,s . Can you explain what is most impt getting my heart rate in higher zone or working on increasing my rpm
Many thanks
Great fun ride and loved all the music
Thank you

Cycling out in the dusty 45 degree Celsius heat here in Dubai with the mandatory face mask traded in for your class today…. the active recovery sessions really allowing for a full push on the climbs. With the tempo, resistance and position changes along with your reminders good technique was able to be maintained – really enjoyed the ride. Thanks!

Mike, This is my second class with you. I am a runner and have been an all access member for quite a while, but every time I planned to spin I would change my mind and run. Well, now I’m injured and as I’m closing in on 70 years, I was “forced” to take to the spin bike. My first ride was the ride you did for aging folks. I loved it and was hooked! Just finished this class and am loving getting such a good sweat on. I’ve been trying to convince myself to start cross training for years. I will be from now on. Thanks Mike!!!

Hell Week 2020 #3. Every time I do a class with Mike, I think oh this is my new favorite. As usual after todays ride I have a new favorite! As an older rider I appreciate all the tips and helpful information. Feels like Im biking with an old friend. Thanks Mike!

This is why he’s called Master Mike! So different from all the other instructors, so enjoyable and knowledgeable. Love the different training techniques thanks 🙏🏻

Day 1 of Hell week.
After a hell week at work thought Mike’s mellow music. Fooled me again – ended up sweating buckets!
One thing though Mike it’s known that running does not cause arthritic knees!!

HW2020 day 2. Mike, I think the same. I am 3 years older than you and I think I’m 40 and get so frustrated that my legs won’t do what I think they should. 3 knee surgeries dont help, but you let me know what I can do is ok. Hit a personal best in calorie burn over time in this ride and appreciate your training tips and advice. Much appreciated, I learned a lot!!

So funny, I feel like you’re just another version of me… I’m a triathlete at 58 years old, just experienced my first runners knee and have been sidelined during this whole pandemic until recently… Your class was my first real class in two months Dash it was awesome thank you I’m perfectly choreographed in time

HW2020 #1 Thanks Mike. I’m social distancing up here in San Clemente. I took so much away from this ride. Some really good tips as we have all been working on this new normal – especially in the field of education!

HW2020 #2
This is such an incredible ride
My legs and lungs are screaming
What a killer drill 1 2- 123 😫
Thanks Mike 💋🌏

HW2020 #1. This class is somehow both soothing and a great workout, and I enjoyed learning some new drills (especially 1-2-1-2-3). Thank you, Mike!

HW2020. What a class! The only BAD aspect is it ended and we don’t have more classes from the Master. Classic Master Mike, as you never know how hard you are working until you finish. Loved all the explanations, as it helps me to work harder at certain points when I’m thinking I have nothing left. Thanks Mike. What a way to start HW2020.

Thanks Mike! This was my first ride with the Myzone monitor and I loved it! I def felt more connected to the ride and your explanation of the mechanics of riding was so helpful! Looking forward to many more…

HW2020. Mike, as usual this was a great ride. As a senior citizen in age but a millennial in mind it was good to hear others have adjusted their activities while still remaining very active. The only issue I had was that you really should switch to a good Kentucky bourbon if you want an enjoyable evening drink. Looking forward to the next ride.

HW2020 #1

Thanks Mike! I’m coming back after an ankle injury and I appreciate the length of time you allow for the warmup. Also really helps as I’m an older rider!

User Photo 48989

HW2020 #1: Love the instructions and reminders on techniques and form. That drill during the Boomerang song was tough! Enjoyed the ride! Thx Mike!

User Photo 25158

HW2020. Great ride Mike. Good to see you. Thank you for adding the “why” behind our movement on the bike. Appreciate all you do for us.

HW2020 (hoping I’m posting in the right spot) – it’s the 24th in Australia and this is my first workout in hell week. 2nd time I’ve done this fantastic workout and this time I was better prepared for Mike’s “1,2; 1,2,3” exercise. Thanks Mike! Awesome

Thanks again Mike:
Like Toni, I am an older rider and have been riding road bikes and doing spin classes for 45+ yrs.
My wife and I throughly enjoy your online classes and have done this one 3 times.
We wish we could attend a live class in your new studio setting but we live in Calgary, Alberta.
SSOD has helped keep our sanity during our cold seasons and during the self-isolation.
Thanks to you, Cat and the other instructors for a job well done.

Hi Mike. Thank you so much for a new ride. You are by far my favorite trainer and I rotate through all of your rides. It’s great to have a new one! I enjoy the other trainers and give them a try now and again, but I always come back to you. Being an ‘older rider’ myself is probably the main reason. So, please don’t go away. You always make me laugh. I look forward to getting to your new gym in San Diego once this COVID craziness has passed and I hope to attend one of your classes in person. Take care and stay well.

User Photo 57693

Thank you Mike for another AMAZING ride! I SOOOO appreciate your form tips and reminders while riding – you’re like the best of from my Physical Therapists reminding us of form over everything. Just a great ride and love the groove you help us get in to. This is gonna be on my play list favorites for SURE! So glad to see and hear you again! Stay well!

I love your rides Mike – the advice you give is so very useful and really helps me find my balance while riding. It transitions to my running too – when I’m climbing hills I’m concentrating on form … no matter how slow I go, as long as my form is good then I am good! Nga mihi nui (thank you very much) 🙂

I loved this class! I refer to you as Magic Mike because I burn crazy calories in your class but never feel like I’m dying. You’re an awesome teacher!

Great workout, Mike. I loved the variety and the pacing. Especially liked the 1-2 1-2-3 count which I have not used before.Also appreciate the family comments which are so relatable right now (our daughter is home and finished her college senior year remotely). So I fully understand the changed dynamics. Thanks again, and a shout out to Eric for his usual great video work. Best to all, and stay healthy!

Mike I loved your jokes and your instructions. I will definitely be taking another class with you. You and your family stay safe as well.🙂

Thanks, Mike! I loved this ride because not only am I getting a great workout, but also feel like I’m on a real ride out & about with you! Thanks for all the reminders about form & efficiency. 👏

I liked the first 28 minutes so much yesterday that I came back and did the whole thing today.great instructional class. I learned a lot! Stay safe!

# Pittsburghstrong

User Photo 46566

It’s such a change of gears (ha!) to slow down and think about form or motivation rather than just going all out. I really appreciate what I get out of Mike’s classes and how it rounds out the huge variety of classes that I take. That whole 1-2, 1-2-3 part had my legs burning! Also, got a good laugh out of the parenting tips near the end. Another great one, thanks!

User Photo 1370

Just what I needed after time off the bike – injuries, stress making me feel pukey, like everyone else I suspect. I fell in love with my indoor bike again and I am looking forward to tuning in to SSOD again. I have noticed some “spiking” between zones lately; I bet we all have a little higher base rate right now; this class reminded me to be kind to myself and honour the zones. Thx Mike & SSOD from Ontario, Canada!

User Photo 96113

Also…thank you thank you thank you for always have a positive outlook and making those of us that aren’t “fast” still feel great!

Master Mike, this class was fantastic! I love the guidance that all of your classes give me and I use all of the cycle techniques in every other spin class I do. The best advice I have gained from you is always about how each ride affects ‘me’ and ‘my class’ and I now approach every class giving myself a break (figuratively and literally speaking) and I’m conscious of effort v red zone v longevity. Thank you, you have made such a difference to my spin experience.

Absolutely loved this new class, thanks Mike. It’s 2 workouts into one spin and meditation. Keep up the great work 🙌🏻🏅

Have been dragging my but for about a week, haven’t been motivated to work out. This morning decided enough is enough. Got on my bike and what a great class. Mike you were awesome, got right in the grove and had an amazing workout. Question? Able to get into the correct heart rate zone & RPM’s but during recovery I always drop into the green & sometimes into the blue but getting in my RPM’s, as soon as we ramp up I get right back into the yellow & red. Is this normal?

User Photo 1803

Suzanne, that is quite “normal.” The actual goal of cardio conditioning is to shorten the time it takes to drop back into the green and blue zones. When on a bike, I try to stay green and above, and limit my red to a small percentage. Here’s one goal I often try to reach without “looking” while doing so: I try to get an even 50/50 split in time, between my yellow and green zones. That said, remember this: Your zones reflect your ride — not mine. What is “normal” for you is exactly what you are achieving while riding. Thanks! 🙂

I’m going on a bike trip and really enjoyed this class! Also, best of luck to your daughter, tell her to hang in there! I’m 33years at AA and love flying..

User Photo 1803

I hope you trip is thoroughly enjoyable Kim! We once did a trip from Portland to San Diego. I convinced my buddy we should fly up to Portland, then ride back to SD. I told him psychologically, it seemed more of a “downhill” ride.” 🙂

User Photo 1803

Thank you Manon! I work hard to focus a bit more on being an educator while leading the physical workout, Your comment is greatly appreciated.

User Photo 62425

Thank you, Mike, for yet another great class. Not only my form gets better after riding with you, my mind gets easier, like after a proper meditation. And one can always count the soundtrack will be great. Speaking of the music, I remember you once said you’d love to do a class with classical music. Ever since I am waiting for that class 🙂 And, you know what, I think another great music theme for a spin class would be jazz & blues… Since everything in the world is changing, why not change the stereotype that for a good spin you need some “energy” music…

User Photo 1803

I love the part about the relaxed mind, Alena! I really feel 70% of my workout is designed to calm my thoughts and the remaining 30% is to maintain my base. Love your suggestion about changing the need for high-energy music. I shall examine some different alternatives.

Great class Mike, just what I needed today. I’m relatively new in Studio Sweat on Demand, though I have done spinning forever, on and off. I enjoy your cycling workouts the most–similar in age, I relate a lot with your stories and experiences. Regards from Bogotá, Colombia.

Bonjour Mike, just want to let you know how seeing alone on the stage made me feel less alone. I worked with cancer patient and in those days they are so scared of catching the disease , they know it would be the end for them. So I tried to bring them comfort, laughter and take good care of them also by isolating myself when I am not working. With your smile, great workout and wisdom you take care of us. Thank you so much( by the way my husband will just love the interior purrel 😜 from Montreal Quebec Canada

User Photo 1803

Merci Helene! My contribution pales in comparison to the dedicated work you do. Thank you for your giving heart! I think your husband needs to understand the dedication needed to maintain a gastrointestinal “germ-free” environment. It cannot simply be an occasional effort. It takes consistent attention! 🙂

User Photo 1803

My instruction may never get “old” to you Debra, so perhaps I can use you as a defense against my daughter-unit. She tires of me. 🙂

Mike Mike Mike,,,, you know what day it is ??? Yeap,,,,it’s Hump Day Mike,,,awesom job buddy🔥💧👍 Every time we ride I’m always adjusting something, weather it be the seat or position on the bike and then the handlebars !!! I’m a better rider thanks to your tips and tricks.

Really enjoyed the class. It emulates my outdoor cycling rides where I have variations of seated climbs, standing climbs, flat roads, etc. with recoveries in between. Thanks for the tips on form! Enjoy your classes Mike!

User Photo 1803

Some of my favorite compliments come from outdoor riders! It makes me feel as if I am accomplishing my goal of creating a true cycling class. Thank you so very much!

Your best yet I think Mike! Love you and love your classes. Loved the music and everything about the class from one 60ish to another. Love from lockdown in New Mexico

I was so glad to see a class with you Mike. I missed your wisdom and humour! Hope you do more classes soon! Thanks!
Québec, Canada

Thanks for the ride Mike. I feel the same about the knees. I am a swimmer and biker but now running because pools closed. Cannot wait for pools to open to save my knees. Big hello from Canada!

Welcome back Mike! I’ve been slacking for the past 3 weeks, but feel like I’m coming back now. This was exactly what I needed. Perfect amount of push and recover. Thank you!

That was brilliant Mike! And as I live on the Isle of Skye I’m afraid switching from single malt whisky to vodka is not an option 🙂

Mere S from Melbourne Australia here. Love Mike’s classes. Am now fitter after 8 weeks of “iso” after discovering them.

Loved it! Thanks mike – really enjoyed the class and was even sweating waterfalls by the end of it 🙂 big love from Australia

User Photo 1803

Thanks Zoe! Back here in the States, I’m still drinkin’ with the flies. Looks like all of you down under actually know how to handle this situation. 🙂

If there’s something I know I’ll always get out your class it’s KNOWLEDGE as well as an AWESOME workout
It’s nice to know someone else decided to mix things up and have a jog during these unusual times we find ourselves in. My knees did the same thing but my hip flexor decided to get in on the action as well. They were both screaming at me that night! 🙄
There are also three adults in this household and we all have our separate areas that say ‘do not come near me’. 😂😂
Nice too see you back
You make it appear effortless
Thanks Mike 💋🌏

Great class Mike. It’s been about 2 months since I’ve been to my daily spin class, so now I have to get build up my endurance and your class was a great start. I look forward to doing your other classes as well as the other spin classes too!

User Photo 1803

It’s amazing how long we’ve been “locked down.” Taking the initiative to do your own rides is an awesome move. Congrats and I wish you well in continuing your workouts!

User Photo 1803

Thank you Ariana! It’s a pleasure to have you ride along. I especially enjoy your comment about the pace. I feel like a properly paced ride, makes people want to return. I, too, look forward to seeing you soon!

Hey mike Jamie here from Wisconsin I’m glad you’re back riding hope all is well enjoy your workout I love that your music so election I want to do more of your classes thanks

User Photo 1803

Hi Jamie! One of my best memories is riding the 100-mile route from Madison through the farmlands and countryside of Wisconsin back in the 1990’s. You live in such an underrated State of beauty! Thank you Sir!!

User Photo 1803

I LOVE Pittsburgh Dale! I cannot think of another city that has transitioned so much over a 40 year period. Thank you for riding with SSoD!!

Fantastic! I am a certified Spin instructor, an ex-bike racer and have started riding on the road again, and from all of those vantage points I can say that was one of the best indoor cycling classes I’ve taken – live or virtual! I love spin classes that are road-real, understand the value of brief recovery patches. And the other great thing about Mike is that he doesn’t talk over every minute of the class – he’s got tons of poise and knows when to let his riders focus.

User Photo 1803

I am humbled by your comments Linda. To be complimented by a road rider, is the highest form of flattery. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness!

Great ride. I love Mike’s classes. He pushes for a song then you get some recovery time. My aging knees and bones really like that 😌

Never ridden with you before Mike but what a pleasure. Since being on lockdown in Wales spin is my only exercise. I was getting a bit bored and this brought the spark back.
Thanks and stay safe
Camille from South Wales, UK

User Photo 1803


Your comment means so much to me! To connect with someone from across the pond is the ultimate in pleasure! Thank you so much!

User Photo 1803

Whisper-voice: “Michele, sometimes I say things just to entertain. Do NOT tell anyone, but my Bushmills is still in my pantry.” 🙂

User Photo 1803

Let’s be clear here, Pam. I am not contributing to the pandemic — I am alleviating its effect (I hope). 🙂
Truthfully, I have more comments from this pandemic ride than any other ride I have ever done. That makes me feel so wonderful, knowing I am part of people’s partial solution to isolation. Thank you!

User Photo 26364

you did it again Mike!! Another awesome, informative and productive ride! When I ride with you, I learn, then incorporate what i’ve learned and I excel!! Thanks so much!! and knees agree with yours….lol

This was a GREAT spin – loved the attention to form and heartrate. As a former outdoor cyclist, I so appreciate indoor rides that seem more like an outdoor ride – while giving an excellent workout.. Thank you!

User Photo 1803


Thank you! My music is such an important part of my teaching. It is the “wine” that complements a great “meal.” The food may be good, but the pairing is what takes it over the top. Your compliment means so much to me. I spend so much time finding songs that flow with the ride, that it warms my heart when people recognize the combination of riding and rhythm.

Thanks Mike from out here in NJ! Loved the ride and the riding tips. Really helpful for this 56 year-old who needs to move!

User Photo 76709

Thank you for this, Mike! I’ll be honest: when I started SSOD back in January, I truly didn’t know what to make of your classes. But after a while I’ve finally understood what you’re about! I love the balance between silence and insightful stories. I also adore your sense of humour and I wonder if you ever get in trouble because of it :-). The Benadryl comment made me laugh out loud. Have a great week and I look forward to more classes!

User Photo 1803

I LOVED this question Marta, “I wonder if you ever get in trouble because of it ..” In short, yes. Sometimes people think I am attacking the things of which I speak. In actuality, I am merely making personal observations that make me smile. My theory of life is, others cannot tell me what is “funny.” If I laugh, it’s “funny.” That said, I appreciate your transition from not “getting me” to “joining me.” It sort of represents my dating life in the past 😉 🙂

User Photo 1803

Okay, katehearn35…are you now 85, graduated in 85, or born in 85? These ambiguous monikers puzzle me. 🙂

Thank you for your comments!!

Great ride! I appreciate all of your tips. The advice on how to use the “push and pull” of my feet was helpful. I changed to wine because there is at least a serving of fruit, right? Thanks for the laugh.

User Photo 1803

Oh Jocelyn, way to bring the true value of wine into perspective. “Liquid fruit” — too often referred to as “juice,” but we both know how inaccurate that description is!

Thanks for that class, Mike and greetings from 7,500 miles away in Sydney😊. I loved how this class was put together – with a good warm up and really useful reminders on technique. Great mix of music too and just what I needed after a day at work. Looking forward to the next class – but I’ll definitely be doing this one again too😊

User Photo 1803

I might just steal your words and use them to describe my next ride Katrina, “Tough Sweaty but calm” — man, I LOVE that! Thank you!!

My first ride with Mike, loved it! Thanks for the inspiration. I learnt a lot I didn’t know about working out 👍🏻🚴‍♀️💦💦

User Photo 1803

It’s your “first” Morna, but hopefully, not your “only.” Thank you for discovering my ride. It means so much to me when people find a new ride to experience.

User Photo 93961

Greetings from Australia, Mike. Loved your class. Just what I needed today. Your advice and explanations are great for an old fart like me.

Great workout. Love the fact you know the science behind training. I’ve been playning sports since the 50’s, yes that’s right, it’s nice to workout to someone who understands.

User Photo 63929

Hey Mike, Great class!. I love your sense of humor. I am home with 4 kids so I really got a kick out of the Benadryl comment. Also my husband and I like to say as we are getting older to train smarter not harder.

User Photo 1803


You and your husband have discovered the key to life overall: Think smarter — not harder! Brilliant! Love the family of six, and especially love the photo you use!

Fantastic ride!!! Thanks mike, very good information and coaching!! I have been in spin class for over 6 yests, I had to buy a spin bike so I could spin at home!! Studio sweat has been great

Hello Mike! So great to see you and the ride was amazing. Appreciate the honesty, the tips and most of all the laughs. Glad to see your class today. Look forward to seeing you again soon! Stay safe and healthy!!

this was awesome thankyou! Loved the tips on appropriate heartrates and gave me permission to back off and rest properly which as you said allowed me to hit higher exertion and hold for that bit longer….cant wait for more

User Photo 1803

The greatest thing one can learn about a workout is the value of recovery. Janis, no one would do 125 bicep curls. Unless competing, why would one ride as hard as possible for an hour? It ruins the joy of the ride. Thank you for your comments!

Mike I was so excited to see you on a new release! I laughed the whole ride. I too have chronological knees, love vodka the other water, and I’ve found my silent space after 2 months home! Great ride and a sweaty workout!!

This was a super fun informative class. I never heard of the 1, 2 1,2,3 drill, loved it! Mike, I did not switch my wine for something healthier, just can’t do It now. Stay healthy!

Great ride, thanks Mike! I admit I have been beating myself up for not being able to get the speed that the trainers (or others) are getting, but your wise advise really helped. At almost 57 y.o. and less than 5 feet tall, my little legs (stumps) LOL just cannot attain the speed with gear! Great to see you are well!

User Photo 1803


Speed is not an issue. Steadiness and strength are what you are shooting for. I’ve ridden with numerous cyclists who can fly on a flat road. However, show them a steep climb and their speed is worthless. Keep pushing yourself for your own goals!!

User Photo 289

I always enjoy the pace of your classes and the stories! I have two boys, 1 and 7. In the morning I start off with quiet time, meditation, yoga, and then when it’s nap time I ride! Today your advice about quiet time and Benadryl 😉 are well taken. It was a good laugh. Thank you for your unwavering encouragement!

User Photo 1803


It is people like you that make me love doing these rides! To know I am part of someone’s day, is the ultimate form of flattery. Thank you!

Esther from Israel
Great class. I enjoyed the ride and your commentary. I’m always frustrated by not being able to keep up to speed no matter how hard I try (even before I “suddenly” became a 62 year old grandma). Your comment on that was really helpful. I’ll be back. (:

Ditto on comments below. I am looking for rides that are a bit easier on my knee and this was fabulous. Great mix of exercises. Added to my favourites. Thanks Mike, I learn some new tips every time you teach!

Love a Master Mike class. I am your age and the comment about your knees being your real age cracked me up. I am still working healthcare and I have to report to my hospital to work, daily. No hard feelings, but the Union comment hurt a bit. I have needed my union voice to make sure my administration approved my COVID hazard pay. Keep the lessons coming Mike.

User Photo 1803


Please accept my apology for the Union joke. The irony being, I was a Union employee in my regular job. My humor can cross lines that I am unaware of at times. That said, I appreciate your comments very much. And, I shall refrain from telling you my Pyramids joke regarding Union shifts. 🙂

User Photo 1803


Isn’t it great when you complete a ride and you have focused more on technique than effort? When that happens, it blows me away how much effort I produced while feeling like it was relaxing. Thanks for your comment!

Ah Mike. So great to ride with you. My bike in the laundry room is my quiet place, though my family sometimes forgets….
You guys have gotten me through alot of times of isolation over the years. Thank you again. Keep safe and well and look forward to more classes with you please!

User Photo 1803

Thank you Karen. Just be sure you are not doing laundry while you ride. 🙂 We all need to slow down on multi-tasking and allow our souls to breathe.

User Photo 1803

Thanks Julia! When I prepare a ride I try to focus on riding together — rather than my “training” people. It is what allows us all to connect for those precious minutes.

Thanks coach Mike, as always your rides are excellent. I especially like the long warmup and “your favorite drill” which helps me with strengthening my weaker leg ( I had a achillies tendon transplant 10 years ago and spin saved me mentally and physically). Stay well – and thanks to Eric for behind scenes video.

User Photo 1803

Carolyn, Two things:
There is nothing more important to cycling than a long warm-up. When I was road riding, the location of my home was in a valley. No matter what direction I chose to go, the first leg was a climb. I would stationary ride in my garage for 20 minutes, then leave the house and attack the first hill.

Second, thank you so much for mentioning the outstanding work that Eric provides. My “classes” aren’t nearly as well constructed as he makes them out to be. He is an incredible asset for SSoD, so again. thank you for that thoughtful comment!

Great class as always. I just love your style Mike, you are always so relaxed which but I always end up working so hard without realising it!! 😉

User Photo 1803

Katrina, that is perhaps the compliment I receive that means the most to me: “It felt relaxed, but I was really working hard.” It means a lot to me that you said so!

User Photo 1803

Thanks Misti! I try to offer a variety of tips so people can choose the one or two upon which they would like to focus. Appreciate you!

Love it Mike, fun, educational, great music. Thanks for reminding me that it’s OK to accept getting older as well as what my knees tell me!

Thank you for this class Mike. It is good to see you and to know you are doing well. Also I liked the personal touch about your 3 story home situation. Your class was informative as usual. I have a hard time reaching the speeds described in so many classes and you gave me permission to ride MY RIDE. We love you Mike.

User Photo 1803

Thanks Nancy! True story: Years before I started to teach cycling, I took a class. The instructor was shouting at us the entire class and one thing she said contributed greatly to my style of teaching today. She shouted, “Go faster!! Go faster than you can go!!” I immediately thought, “My gosh, this is a horrible way to maintain people’s enthusiasm about riding.” So, yes, every ride is YOUR ride!

User Photo 1803


The funny thing about a cardio workout is your brain senses a constant effort and wants to reduce that in order to allow for fuel sustenance. To me, we offset that by periodic pushes, rather than trying to blast away for 45 minutes. Glad you enjoyed the ride!

A+++ as everyone has already said, your training style is outstanding. I always feel as if they sneak up on me in a good way and leave me energized and satisfied I got a great workout. Thanks Mike!

Cycling with Mike is like being with an old friend…and I mean old in the best way. At 60 now and an ex 40 mile a week runner, I appreciate his knowledge and words of wisdom. Thanks for a great ride Master Mike. .

User Photo 1803


I can appreciate the aging process more and more as I experience it. One good thing about getting older? Less peer pressure. 🙂

I always enjoy your classes, Mike. Great tunes, helpful commentary, so easy to just slip into the zone on your rides. And your subtle sense of humor is a welcome change from all the doom and gloom out there. Thanks for keeping it real.

User Photo 1803


I loved the “slip into the zone” comment! That is a great compliment to me because it tells me my targeted outcome has been achieved by you. Thank you!

Great class as always Mike! Your classes are always so interesting. Love the conversation, especially now when I’m not getting a lot of adult interaction

User Photo 1803

Andrea, love the comment! I feel when some compliment me on the conversation, while others say I have too many long periods of silence, I’ve put together a ride exactly like the outdoors. It’s like riding with friends and knowing the entire ride is not a gab-fest. I appreciate your remarks!

Mike, thank you so much for this class! I missed your wisdom on my rides. This was particularly perfect as I have been doing very low intensity workouts thanks to Austrian spring-induced asthma. It was perfect to start building back up. I use an Evo sway bike, which makes the climbs much more enjoyable – any suggestions for improving form on a sway bike? The “cone of silence” points are so critical – my kiddos (10 and 12) just started back at school on a modified schedule and I forgot how nice it was to have peace in the house!! Hope to see more from you soon!

User Photo 1803


I love the fact that you have been doing low-intensity workouts. I recently had surgery and have been limited to such workouts and to be honest, it originally was driving me crazy! I found out I have become obsessed with “pushing hard” while working out. Being forced to lower the effort has been gratifying. It helps me stay connected with many of the people who participate in SSoD.

As far as your sway bike, here are two tips: Hips and Hands. Allowing you hips to move helps relieve stress on your joints and relaxes your leg muscles. Flexing your hands from time to time, helps keep the upper-body relaxed. I see way too many people over-gripping their handle bars in order to increase effort. That produces the opposite effect. Hope that helps!!

Mike – Thank you for the tips for the sway bike. I was mindful of them when I did this spin again today and also paid attention to your guidance on the flips and breakaways. Thank you for being you!!! I think I have nearly all of your classes in my favourites!! 🙂

Hello again! I woke up early and ready to ride! This was a nice well thought out ride. Awesome instructions and pointers as well go, thanks!

User Photo 1803

Thank you Megan! Your comment regarding a “well thought out ride,” means a lot to me. I actually map out the workout I want to do, then search for songs that align with that ride. So, you compliment regarding that is especially appreciated!

User Photo 55044

Love the calmness of Mike’s classes, a great workout and I always learn a lot from you, especially climbing!
Thank you and stay safe

User Photo 1803

“Calmness” Wow, love that description Laura! A perfect ride is when the mind and body sync up into a “steady-state” position.

Hey Mike always been a little scared to do your classes and now I know why!! It was tough but I loved it and learnt loads, please do some more 😊 x

User Photo 1803


So glad you overcame your reluctance and joined in! I like to think all levels of riders can participate in my rides because I continually emphasize, you are building your own “base” at your own “pace.” Try to remember, if a ride has 12-14 songs, maximum effort should be limited to 5 -7 songs, with the others used to control the recovery process for the next major exertion. Welcome!!

Thanx Mike 😁 First time riding with you and it was great! This is my ‘space’ time and love every minute, thank you 🙏

User Photo 1803


That was very kind of you to comment. I am thrilled whenever someone joins me for the first time — and they enjoy it. It means so much to me and I thank you!

User Photo 32678

Mike – loved this ride! Thank you! Keep safe on lock down! Looking forward to seeing you all back in front of full in-person classes in recording in the near future! From Nottingham UK

User Photo 1803

Thank you! I am wishing health and safety for you as well. Just be sure when you complete the ride you do not feel absolutely knackered! 🙂

Thank you! Riding from the Philippines! 🙂 I can relate to the mind thinking that we are 20 years younger! 🙂 im an open water swimmer and I can swim better than i can bike! 🙂

Love your rides Mike! I can always count on getting a great workout in – whether I am feeling good or not at the start of the ride, I always feel great at the end 🙂

User Photo 1803

Katrina, Isn’t it great how we can morph from “Ugh, I do not want to workout,” to “Wow! I am so glad I did that!” Thank goodness for endorphins!

User Photo 1803

Kelly, your comment reminded me of a trip to Portland. It was raining hard and I looked out my hotel window and saw dozens of people riding and running in the rain. I went to the gym and hopped on a bike indoors. I prefer my getting wet to be limited to the shower. 🙂

Mike, Thank you so much for your new class! I enjoyed hearing some of your familiar songs and your insightful words. Exercise has been my only saving grace after being in the hospital seeing and hearing so much sadness, suffering and despair.

User Photo 1803

Ellen, your comments really touched me. I have often found “despair” to be a debilitating position of profound and existential hopelessness. Having somewhere to turn to for inner reflection, is a powerful solution. Riding is a perfect place to do that!

Great straightforward class with good training info. Nice to back off on jumps and fluff items for a change. Jumps are fine but just like this format similar to a real ride for a nice change.

User Photo 1803

Hi Molly! Thanks for the comments. It is a great compliment when people tell me it feels like an outdoor session. I appreciate that very much.

Great class Mike. I really like your instructing. I can keep up.
I try to gauge myself to your tempo. Looks like we may be close to the same age. (Won’t say how old)
My heart rate doesn’t seem to get as high, but that may be my Garmin. I will get Myzone and see if that remedies that.
Added to my favorites.

User Photo 1803

Thanks James! Your heart rate could be due to the Garmin settings, but I wouldn’t worry about the actual numbers. I’m interested in people learning how to create their own “perceived exertion” mind-set. If you can match my tempo, that’s awesome!

Thank a million! Great to see the new studio and the playlist was amazing! As always, thank you for the pointers on form and recovery.

User Photo 41024

So great to ride with Mike again, I look forward to his jokes, his guidance, words of wisdom, and an awesome workout! Thank you this was a refreshing Sunday ride!

User Photo 1803


Thank you! One of the joys of doing these rides is filming on one day, then finding out the residue of that ride is being felt by others days after. I appreciate you kind remarks@

User Photo 120

Always a pleasure to ride with you, Mike. Ah, the cone of silence is so necessary when living in community. When my boys were little all I had to say was, “Bleeding? Fire? Breathing?” and they knew enough self-preservation to come back when my workout was done :).

Heather Loenen

Thank you so much, Mike! Perfect ride for this day at home. I appreciate your guidance and words of wisdom; it’s like riding with an old friend.

Thanks for the great class Mike! I like that there is always useful information about spinning and why we’re doing the moves that we are… so many classes seem to be about spiking heart rates and little else. (SSOD excepted 😉)

User Photo 1803

Martha, I appreciate your comments. There is a perfect world of exercise when your mind is not being terrified while your body is working harder than it seems.

User Photo 1803

“…a rainy Sunday in isolation…”?? Some of my greatest moments in life were rides by myself, through the hills, in the rain, isolated enough to be both frightened and exhilarated! I hope you continue to enjoy a similar feeling!

User Photo 27933

Mike! Love this class. I had a long couple days of farm/yard work but had to do it. You are such a joy to ride with and offer so many great pieces of advice. Happy to see you back on the bike💕. Added to favorites

User Photo 1803


The “joy” you speak of is mine! Knowing I can be a “pause” in the daily mandatory parts of life, in order to allow you to choose an “elective” of riding with me, makes my life so much better. Thank you!

User Photo 195

Thanks to you for riding with us 💜🙏
Love your classes,love your wisdom and your teaching skills! You always makes me feel great about my edge and the way to work smarter rather than harder!
Be safe and come back soon! We missed you😘

User Photo 1803

Thank you Silvia! I am merely the sum total of those who make this “family” possible. You are an incredibly instrumental part of that!

User Photo 22713

Not only this a great spin class.. Its a lesson on good form, an observation on the komrades from Master Mike and life lessons we all need to take onboard.. This is more than just a spin class it goes way beyond that.. Thanks for being true & honest with us Mike.. You’re the best. ☑️

User Photo 1803


My feelings for your support go so far beyond words. You elevate me, before others, far beyond what I deserve, yet motivate me to reach that level because of it. Thank you!

User Photo 1803


I am laughing at myself because when I first glanced at you comment I read, “stay safe from Italy.” I thought, “Why the heck would I travel to Italy in today’s environment…” Then I saw the period that separated the two comments. Thank you. 🙂

User Photo 1803


So good to be “seen!” I love the “not sure what I want to do today,” when it turns into “THAT’S what I wanted to do today!”

User Photo 1803

“…sneakily difficult…” What a GREAT definition of my riding style! I am going to steal that and use it for future rides (if that’s okay with you)!

User Photo 1803

Thank you so much! Too many of us live according to how things “should be,” and lose perspective on how wonderful things actually “are.” Most of the things i my life that would frustrate others, amuse me, Because life defines me far more than it defines the world.

This is the perfect Sunday ride. I love Mike’s calm demeanor and I always learn something new! I really appreciate his style. His commentary kept me engaged and made the time fly! Perfect ride. ✌

User Photo 1803


I love this comment! My “demeanor” was formed by the belief that I need to “Winnie-the-Pooh” riders. Specifically, the wonderful quote, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” If I can distract you just enough, you can crush a ride!

User Photo 1803


Thank you. The “fav move” is part of my desire to teach riders how to get “addicted” to discomfort, without riding in pain. You are on your way!

I love a good challenge and that was one! Excellent instruction! I did a lot it nodding to what you were saying (and I’m a yoga instructor that used to be a spinning instructor and did long distance cycling when I was younger). Thank you from NYC, we’re 2 adults and a 5yo in a 3 room apt and I would die for some alone space but at least we have a tiny bit of space for the bike!

User Photo 1803


Thank you! At the heart of it all, I feel I am an educator, then a cyclist. I’ve always believed we exercise not to solely be in better physical shape, but to allow ourselves to be in better mental shape.

User Photo 1803

Melissa, I love your economy of words. So many of us “nail our colors to the mast” in an effort to stretch from what should be said, to what could be said. Thank you!

User Photo 1803


I love the comment, “don’t be a stranger.” I’ve always been haunted by the concept that eventually, we all become “strangers,” then memories. I love the here-and-now of what on-Demand brings to us all!

Great ride, Mike, thanks! As one who used to do triathlons, marathons, and centuries, and has moved along a few decades, I really appreciate the pacing. Gives me a feeling of success without having to kill myself.Welcome back to the bike:-)

User Photo 1803


Here is a secret: sometimes instructors pretend to do kind things for riders in order to mask their personal issues. Mine is my knees were sore from running too much. 🙂

User Photo 1803

Jaclyn, Thank you! What you call “advice,” my family calls “repetition.” It reminds me of the Emerson quote, “every hero becomes a bore at last.” Your comment is greatly appreciated.

User Photo 1803

In my mind I read, “I’m old like Mike…but I like younger people as well.” I shall take that as a compliment rather than a limitation on where we both are in calendar years. 🙂