30 Minute Spin November 12, 2017

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30 Minute Spin November 12, 2017

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“I don’t think I have time to workout today.” Of course you do! How does 35 minutes of “power riding” sound? Hop on your bike and match the foot speed, gear intensity, and cardio output of this awesome, just over 30 minute Spinning workout, and you’ll have squeezed 70 minutes of effort into a 35-minute, sweat drencher of a challenge! Along the way, listen carefully to any number of tips that can help you re-focus your positioning, technique, and cadence. You do not have time to NOT do this workout.

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Amazing Sunday morning spin for me here in the UK. Brilliant teaching style and great music choice Mike. I find it easy to stay focused when taking your classes! Thank you

Drive to 25, #37, thanks mike loved this class, you are definitely one of my favourite trainers, you make rides calm and fun but pushed to the limits with great technique, thanks master mike, beck

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Thank you Peter, Yvonne, and Laura! I like the “calm and fun but pushed to the limits…” That is the ultimate goal of the team at SSoD — helping riders generate intrinsic motivation!

drive to 25. Always love riding with you, Mike. Love learning from you and your music is on point. Thank you, thank you😅

Great class, I always enjoy Mike as my personal home coach. Sweat started pouring at café mocha. I recommend this class to all.

Thank you, Mike! It was my first ride with you and it was awesome! I appreciate all your tips about form and cadence throughout the ride. I will be riding with you again soon!

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Welcome Julia!! It is great to have a first-timer! Make sure you check out our other instructors, if you haven’t done so.

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Loved seeing this class show up in the Newly Released classes list today! I needed some solo time on the bike with Zen Master Mike, it was a much needed reminder of how to ride and how to breathe. Thank you!

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Drive to 25: Master Mike, that was an awesome class. I love your instruction and I work hard! Thank you for doing it for us

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Right? Hard work can be relaxing! Riding should not be a “painful” event — it should produce joy upon completion.

Drive to 25- it was a long, action packed week end and Master Mike’s relaxed style was what I needed, thank you!

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Drive to 25 #28 did Olga’s kettle bell class yesterday & then raked leaves for 2 1/2 hours so my body aches all over. Did Mike’s new class because I knew it would be tough but easier on my joints. Haven’t done a Mike class in a while and Master Mike didn’t disappoint.

Great class!!! Mike explained what, why and how to do the exercises. It was a high intensity class if you made it to be, which gave me an excellent workout in just 35 minutes this morning! I liked it a lot! Thanks Mike! I am looking forward to more of your classes.

Drive to 25, #31. Always love a new Zen Master Mike class. This was an awesome way to ease into Monday.
Heather W

Drive to 25 – Class 37.
Thank Mike – on form with this class. A great ‘outdoor’ feeling ride whilst at home!
Great music and pace to this class – left feeling both worked and refreshed.

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Thanks! If I can replicate an outdoor “feel,” I know the riders are working beyond their capacity because there is one thing left out — coasting. That allows us to condense a 70 minute ride into 35 minutes.

I’ve been waiting for this class since last week when I saw it was coming up. I absolutely love your classes. Really appreciate your technical tips and your music selection is great – Thanks a bunch

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I always appreciate Mike’s sound, technical rides. The cherry on this cupcake is a mindful recovery ride second song from the end.

Keep the new music coming.

Heather Loenen

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Thank you my dear Heather! That song, by the way is by an artist named Matt Simons. The song is “Catch and Release.” It was released in September 2014 and became a hit in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Belgium — but not in the U.S. I don’t know why — it is a beautiful piece of writing.

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“Drive to 25” # 101..Yess..a new Mike class..it’s always a pleasure to ride with you Mike..always a learning curve .lo ed this one and look forward to many many more..cheers.!!

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My first time doing one of your spins (I am kinda new). I loved it!!! The one two one two threes took me above max. I had to slow them down a tad to get me even close to max. I will work at it!

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Welcome Jennifer!! So glad you tried one of my classes. For some, it takes a few times to get used to my style, so I hope you stick with it.

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Drive to 25: I love the 1-2-3 combo! it crashes my legs and makes my heart rate skyrocket….thank you Mr. Mike!

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Annalisa, the 1-2-3’s are a great way to train for “breakaways” — sudden maximum bursts designed to destroy the legs of others while developing your own!

Drive to 25 – (way behind but still spinning) loved this class. Totally different feel but can’t wait to repeat this one

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Driveto25 #53 Don’t let Mike’s calm demeanor fool you. You’re still going to work and you’re still going to sweat! Thanks Mike, great workout!

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I tend to think it’s “experience” rather than wisdom. But, I am flattered by the compliment. Thank you.

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Thank you Karen. I know I’ve connected with the riders when I receive comments regarding the “calm” feeling of hard work. That means a lot to me because it indicates you understand the essence of strong riding.

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Love the class Mike!! you are the cycling guru of Studio Sweat. Liked the drills especially the third one in (slow slow fast one!) encouraging coaching as always too!!

Drive to 25 – # 11. Love the classes with Master Mike! The rides are difficult but peaceful and I truly enjoy them!! Glad you’re back!!

Oops – didn’t think about my choice of words and hope no one was offended. Thanks for having a sense of humor Mike!

Drive to 25 #91 love you Master Mike! Thanks for another awesome class. Thanks for all the tips/reminders. Love the last song.

Drive to 25. #26
Once again, I loved it. I enjoy Mike’s style of teaching. Feeling renewed! Loved the music and the class!

Drive to 25-I always push harder when theres only 30 minutes even though I followed this with another 30min one! Enjoyed it!

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Thank you Corliee. I spend quite a bit of time searching for non-traditional songs that can be blended into the ride. That is part of the “calming” effect of riding. Great music should remove “time” from your awareness. It makes you feel you are “floating” above a linear world.

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What a great class and reminder of how high our mileage gets with you as our legs work more than our wheel! Thank you Mike for a great ride !

Thanks Mike for a short, steady, strong ride. Fatigued and with a torn labrum since August, I wasn’t planning on a ride today, and then you popped up 💖 Your music choices are AMAZING! Focused and ready for my work week now.

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Drive to 25/20 Down to the wire! I am adding this one to favorites! Thanks Mike! I enjoyed the few minutes of recovery ride at the end! I also enjoyed the music. You have a very different style than the other trainers. I always work hard…but somehow the workout feels different. Love the options and variety on SSOD!!

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Thanks for a great Sunday evening ride! Perfect way to end a busy weekend and head into the week on the right track!

Hi Mike
What can I say 😅😊
As always
Riding with you is always a pleasure!
Thanks for the sweat 😅😅👍🏼

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Not only do I get an awesome ride with you Mr. Mike….I learn how to ride better and get more out of my rides!! GREAT!!

Why, why, why didn’t I do this class before? The pace and form cues brought me back to good spinning technique; it’s like a private spin class with the Master. Thx Mike!